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Message 1893

Object : something new in my life

I address this special message to my friends, to all those that research their divinity.

This morning, I woke up. Nothing extraordinary in that, will you say ! Everybody wakes up on mornings, no? Of course there are people who awake at odd hours, but, generally, one wakes up in the morning.

Thus, I awoke. But, where am I going with this?

Heu! Just that. I am. Awake.

Funny!!! Something to say Pierre?

Nine (9) years ago, one morning, I awoke after someone told me, in a dream: "Pierre, you do not believe anymore. You know."

A few years later, in the morning of September 22, 2003, I heard, saw and said along with someone, two words, ever said with the sweetest sensible voice and on a perfectly affirmative tone.

The two words were:


Said and seen in capital letters.

Since this morning, I feel so light, so happy, so... so... Impossible to completely express what I feel. I believe that I was inside the purest of all Joy.

Hurry, dear friends, hurry to discover your own spirituality, or even your very divinity and share with all, of the such happiness, like the one that I live in the present.

I love you


Dear Pierre,
I am happy for you.
I think taht "I AM" is your entity as BEING.
Whose turn is it ?

Marisa wrote
> Dear Pierre,
> I think that "I AM" is your entity as BEING..

Yes, Marisa. It is the angel who said ever so lightly these words. It seems I joined his dimension.

> Whose turn will it be?

Yours Marisa, and Dustin's, Simon's, Mateo's, and all, when you start on the spiritual quest to discover your own divinity, for, when you discover your true self, you also discover God.


> Kisses
> Marisa


The head of the snake is crushed