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A short reminder: in the beginning, there was Infinite Space. In It, there was a Mass. This mass was God. Nothing else existed. God was pure Energy or Pure Spirit. God is all that exists and nothing that exists is not Him; Love, Beauty, Goodness, Spirit, Intelligence, Law, Wisdom, Life, ect. All exist at the perfect level because everything is God.

This Mass is like a square of asbestos. Suddenly, there was an inner stirring inside this Mass. This movement was the awakening of Consciousness. It provoked the separation of all the fibers that were composing the Mass. Each fiber was Pure Energy or Pure Spirit or God in Its totality. Nothing changed in their nature. These Pure Spirits, these sons of Space recognized their individuality and their identity, because Consciousness brings one to recognize self. We call these Spirits: angels. I became conscious of being one. The angels are thus ourselves, us, all of humanity, present, past and future. We were and still are God with all the powers and all the responsibilities that this state entails.

This consciousness of being gave a soul to the angels we were. The soul is the divine vehicle of our emotions and feelings, a thing that is inside the Spirit. If we can know and give Love, it is because we have a soul.

Ideas started to form within us and the creative forces were activated. We kept thinking and we created the universe and all that is in it. Happy, we delected ourselves of what we had created and we sang in the universe.

Long after, Lucifer decided he would take Godís place. That was the sin, the first mistake. Man did not make the first sin, but an archangel did. He and his friends battled against other angels and archangels and lost.

They were exiled on earth. Here on the planet, they evolved after having created their own bodies. In the meantime, the loss of consciousness drew the dark angels out of the presence of God. It made them lose the memory of their divinity.

Seeing what was happening on earth and the sorry state of the fallen angels embroiled in matter and exhibiting queer bodies (mermaids, fawns, unicorns among others), the archangel Gabriel took upon himself to rescue them. Known at this stage as Amilius, he elaborated a plan. Other archangels sided with him again. It was decided that we would all come down on earth to remind the rebels of their divinity and to show them the way back to the glory of God.

Angels landed en masse in five different places and created for themselves perfect spiritual bodies as models for those beast-like fallen souls. With Amilius, the group of which I am manifested in Atlantis. Nobody knows about the other groups. After some time, Gabriel-Amilius had the idea of separating the sexes so as to evolve faster. Gabriel became Adam and Eve.

Time went on. Gradually, we all lost our innocence because of the human knowledge we acquired. But the way back home was also starting. - Twelve thousand years ago, completely encased in matter, we lost the ability to get out of it at will. All but one: Gabriel-Amilius-Adam who was then the God Hermes, the architect of the great pyramid.

Gabriel manifested later many times in his spiritual body. At the time of Abraham, He was the High Priest Melchizedek (who was without father and mother). The first time that Gabriel took on a physical body was as Joseph, the interpreter of dreams, son of Jacob and Rachel. His mother Rachel, on her dying bed told him not to forget the goal of his mission: to bring humanity back to God.

Later on, the archangel Gabriel incarnated again and again. He was never alone. The other archangels always accompanied Him. He inspired many prophets, through their dreams and meditations.

Then came the time of Jesus. Gabriel is Jesus. Were there, all the archangels who had accompanied Him all through his incarnations. It is in that experience that Jesus became the Christ. The game was over for him. He had won mastery over human nature. He had shown us THE WAY, becoming also THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE. With Mary his twin soul, he has ascended to the status of "Throne" in the angelic hierarchy.


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