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Choices made by north american governments

Governments - and doctors - are hiding facts behing a huge smoke screen. For many years now, governments have hidden some facts concerning the responsibility of our health, of cancer and the pollution of our air. The battle against tobacco and what it does to our health started about 25 years ago when the big polluters - oil and coal companies to name a few -, were being accused of polluting our air and environment, and of creating the warming up of the planet.

It took money

Enormous amounts of money were invested by these same companies to blame someone else for their misconduct towards the environment and health problems. They did not want the public to criticise them. The culprit had to be someone else. That someone was to be blamed for the environment failures and the increase of the sickness that is the most feared: cancer.

The polluters went to the religions fundamentalists and falsified the parts about pollution. It took a lot of money. The fundamentalists, their pockets full, went on to accuse the cigarette companies - and consequently the smokers - for causing pollution, environmental disasters, and cancer. As I said, money was no problem.

Intolerance and lies are now institutionalised. Smokers are guilty, they say; huge amonts of money were invested to prove their fear. And they succeeded. They said in a television show I saw a few years back, that they will not stop this attack, not until one child remains in a house where parents smoke.

The real causes of cancer

Cancer already existed in Egypt, thousands of years ago. Scientific and archeological studies prove this. Nowadays as in the past, many factors cause cancer.

1- A few years ago, the American Society for Cancer went to China and conducted a ten year study on the cause of cancer. It was discovered that Beef, mainly, caused cancer of the colon. We heard this only once. It must have been the cattle industry that shut this finding out.

2- Cancer is also caused by emotions, those that we keep inside. They eat up our energies when we have negative thoughts which in turn attack living, healthy cells and transform them into sick, cancer cells.

3- Propaganda is also a factor. Edgar Cayce - called the sleeping prophet - said: "Mind is the builder". MIND. Every time the eyes read what is written on cigarettes packs, every time the ears hear the ads on TV or on the radio, the words unconsciously hit home, our minds. What the subconscious does with those words, if we believe them, is awful. It creates conditions into which cancerous cells multiply to eventually affect the body.

4- Docters tell people to stop smoking. What will people do? They will try to stop smoking. Immediately. They fear what ads and propaganda may cause. People are taught to fear.

Facing fear and the doctor's advice to stop smoking, they will need some kind of support to ease the pain and the urge. Guess what! Doctors will tell them to buy pills. Exactly what pharmaceutical companies want: augment their profit. For doctors and pharmaceutical go hand in hand. No tobacco, so more pills. But what they do not tell you is that tobacco is a natural product that calms. Yes, it calms. Tobacco has a soothing effect on people. Remember the fundamentalists studies? They are false. They were done to prove smokers are the bandits.

A friend of mine saw her daughter die at age 25. Irene could not take the death of her first born. She wept all the time. She resented her daughte's death. She accused fate of being unfair. Two years after, Irene had to go into surgery for cancer of the left lung. Sad thing is, she NEVER smoked. Nor was it due to secondary smoke, no one smoked in her environment.

The cause of her cancer? Emotions. Irene could not deal with the pain.

Cigarette's and secondary smoke cause cancer?

Wrong. Pollution from the air we all breathe causes cancer. Government officials, particularly federal officials in the case of Quebec, are saying that if quebequers are more prone to cancer it is because they smoke more than other canadians. Simply not true. They forget one thing: Quebec (with Ontario in a lesser portion) is on the pollution path that comes directly from the United States industries. This in not the case, for example, in Vancouver, B.C.

A growing number of doctors think our attitudes have a great part of responsibility in sickness as well as in healing. Placebos can sometimes heal as good as real medecine.

Sometimes, we hear people say: "My father died at age XX of such or such malady. I will depart the same way".

Positives experiences are also reported: "I laughed so much, I stopped aching and the sickness never returned".

What will be your attitude?

Your life and your health depend on your attitudes. I'm not talking about karma here. That is an entirely different matter. Do you believe in the ads that you see and hear? Or don't you? Are you the master of your life or the slave of propaganda?

If you think the studies on tobacco are true, you will probably live a miserable life, even more so if you smoke. On the other hand, if you think your attitudes can make a difference, there are many chances you will live free of sickness.

A reminder

The American Society for Cancer went to China and conducted a ten year study on the causes of cancer. It was discovered that beef caused colon cancer. MEAT.

Every other week, on american television - news channels -, sicknesses are reported being caused by meat products. Companies recall thousands of pounds of meat that is reputed not good to eat. People get sick from eating their meat. People die.

Cigarette smoke DOES NOT cause cancer. If it did, myself and my whole family would be awfully sick with cancer. Many are vegetarians. This is no bragging but we are in perfect health.

Cigarette smoke can only make an existing situation worse WHEN SUCH A SITUATION IS ALREADY PRESENT.

If you think attitudes can do something, choose the joy of living.


Among the many attitudes we can experience, which will be yours?


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