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Pierre Fortin, modern prophet, writer and teacher
Pierre Fortin
presents a book:
Intimate Conversations with Consciousness,
first written in French
along revolutionary ideas
on spiritual topics, dreams and prophecies.

Before you read anything, you probably ask yourself who I am. And since you came to his page, you are probably on a spiritual search, for nobody comes to this page without such a purpose.

So, who am I?

I am many [people]. I am a prophet now, a writer and a teacher, as I was a few times in the past. Today, thanks to the Internet, my students are from Pakistan, the United States, France, Quebec, Africa, Belgium, Brasil and Bolivia.

The purpose of my writings is to show that you are a spiritual being experiencing matter on the way to become, again, One with God. In these pages, you will read a true story which started at the very beginning of time.

How I came to write this particular site? During the first week of December 2002, I had a dream in which I was explaining to 3 people what Jesus had come to do and the way He did it.

Everything you will read in the pages comes from 40 years of studies in topics such as spirituality, dreams, meditation, parapsychology, esoterism and History.

Some concepts may look as if they came directly from the New Age literature. Some will be totally different from anything you have already read. Many will seem controversial. But everything is true.

So, dear readers, explore yourselves and do clic on every link.

Yours truly,

First, a link to Intimate Conversations with Consciousness, first published in French in 1995.

First set of links to BOOKS AND WORDS:
| From a publisher | Controversial findings | A messenger from God | Genesis | There Was Consciousness | The Truth | Pegasus | Cancer, Pollution, Tobacco and You | A conversation with G.W. Bush | John Peniel |

Another link to: GODS AND MEN. This site was asked of me through a dream, so that all might know the truth.

A link to my FRENCH site: Spiritualisation de l'être humain

Another to my French discussion list: Enseignements Spirituels Personnalisés

Write me : Pierre

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