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Tableau of sicknessess, their respective causes and the corresponding remedies
[Many amoung the remedies will not seem right, but they are nonetheless. All are true.]




Importante note : cigarette does NOT cause cancer or other maladies.
It only complicates a current situation or problem.
Same thing with second hand smoke.


Karmic cause: the person suffering from it spilled blood of others in a previous life.

Give time to others, take care of others. Forgive oneself of past wrong doings.


Result of a desire to control others' life.

When a person is subject to this desire, the individual wants everything to go according to her/his will and becomes angry when things do not go the way s/he wants.

The person who has this desire will be mean to others, stop talking sometimes to mark her disagreement and will do everything to let others know s/he is disappointed. S/He may revert to manipulations to get what s/he wants.

The trembling has two causes: a) the envelope around the nerves grows smaller; b) the spirit tries to get out of the body. But, since the person absolutely wants control, the person refuses to give the freedom the spirit needs.

Give power to others, without saying so or showing it.

Accept delays, changes, even that people are not ready, without showing displeasure. Learn patience with others.

Help others with kind words instead of hitting people with harsh words and angry actions.

All forms of cancer

All meat
Non accepted emotions, emotions not lived adequately.

Eliminate all meat.
Take care of emotions.
Become a vegetarian or a vegetalist.
Eat as much grapes as possible until not hungry anymore, every day.
Cut all fried foods; no food must be cooked in oil or butter; also, cut the use of margarine surrogate of butter, more prejudicial than butter)
Eliminate all meat
Meditate daily on Health
Help others; Edgar Cayce said that it is while helping others that one can heal oneself
Eliminate dairy products (milk, cheese, ice cream and yogurt)
Exercise, softly, just enough so that the heart functions a bit more. It helps to eliminate toxins.
«Castor Oil packs» treatment; fold a piece of cotton cheese 4 or 6, moistened of Castor Oil heated to 100 Celcius degrees (200oF); apply bandage directly on the adbomen (wherever is the cancer); this «pack» will eliminate the pain. Cover the pack with a cellophane layer and place over a thick napkin to keep the heat as long as possible. Do this during 15 days, according to this order: 3 days with, 3 days without, 3 days with, 3 days without, 3 days with.
Eat 3 almonds a day, every day; with 3 almonds per day, no one fears cancer anymore. If cancer is already there, there are chances that it can regress and that it can possibly be eliminated.


Not being able to forgive something that had been done to the person or unable to forgive a deed done in a previous life.

Forgive what was done or said in a previous life, even though one does not know exactely what there is fo forgive.

Talk about and live Unconditionnal Love.

Breast Cancer


Eliminate Chicken

Colon Cancer
Prostate Cancer


Eliminate Beef
Eliminate Chicken

Cardio-vascular troubles






Eliminate all meat

Otitis and Flu


Replace cow milk with other kinds of milk, not animal milk.
Eliminate all foods made with animal milk, including ice cream, yaourt and cheese.


Milk and eggs

Replace cow milk with other kinds of milk, not animal milk. Eliminate eggs.
Eliminate all foods made with animal milk, including ice cream, yaourt and cheese.




Eliminate egg.
Massage parts that hurt with Castor Oil.



Eliminate beef.


Inactivity of the brain

Read more, as much as possible to keep the brain alert.

Muscular aches

Causes may be many:
fatigue, élongation of muscles, hits, etc.

Castor oil Compresses.
Fold a cheese cloth in six. Pour on it some Castor Oil. Heat at 2000 F.
Apply on hurting part during 20 minutes. Repeat operation 3 days in a row.
Exercice to limber up.

Head aches

Allergies, like the gluten contained in breads, cereals and pasta.

Watch what you eat.
Do some experiences to find what causes the ache.
Replace ordinary bread with bead without gluten.

Kidney and liver stones

Yaourt and cheese

Eliminate yaourt and cheese.

Cardiac arrest

The grease contained in all meats blocks the arteries

Become a vegetarian


In a past life, one did not listen to others sufferings or mocked them or was disrespectful or spoke words and ideas to hurt people.

Listen to those who hurt, be compassionate. Be kind to others.

Compresses of Castor Oil on ears.

Or 5 drops of Castor Oil in ears (one ear at a time, then, another day, the other, alternatively.)

Tumer (brain)

A part of the brain stiffens because the person does not make the necessary research to understand that s/he is a spiritual being.

Research to find past lives through a serious study of one's dreams.

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