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Eric wrote:

Hello everyone,

I had a dream where God said that it was necessary to dream to live. One puts the condition of dream thus so that there is life.

In general, the dreams are like deep intuitions spreading out as algaes in a sea. Tangled visions, our looks only see rare things of a water split by a ray of spirit. Submarine man is we, the spirit shows us the gleams of the intuitive plant aqua, the one that pushed in a man's thoughtless person. For, is not the dream "shot" in the unconsciousness? Even more so, it is necessary that it be a "spreading of the intuition" right in the middle of the night!

What does the earthman do when he wakes up with the memory of a nocturnal algae?

When in the morning, I have a dream, I write it. Later, I read it. With the passing of my reading, some pictures appear in my mind. These are those of the dream. Then, I discuss in myself the interpretation of the dream.

I think. With the passing of my thought, the conscience that I have of the dream will change. Later, my thought will reach a deeper understanding about the intuitive picture: the sense. It will be a symbolization, which means, a marriage of the human conscience to the spiritual conscience.

Why is it so important to dream to live? To allow the human conscience to get married to the divine conscience. For, what is divine in the biologic life, is the divine conscience that leaves from it and that reaches the peaks of the human thought. This is my vision of a perfect symbolization. That is the reason God tells me to dream to live: since we are "God of the materialistic exodus ", we must instill in our physical bodies the intuition of God's ascension. For that to be, the divine chooses among the elements of the biologic life expressed in the unawareness (instinct for example). He assembles the thoughts that he collected to create a thought-form expressing, to the precise moment of the paradoxical sleep, his will. It will only last a few minutes, or even, a few seconds. As the male nurse who gives an injection, the man is pricked to receive an intuition.

I noticed that the intuition had, in general, the pretension of an ascension. Indeed, my thought must dive in its discussions with itself until the apparition of the intuitive thought-form in my human conscience (sometimes too human). It is the contact of the divine intuition with my human conscience. From the point of view of my human conscience, my model intelligence hardly understand the sense of its "moving pictures" since it is too human, that is to say, rational. But since, as God, we are not solely rational, it would suit man not to look solely for a rational view of a dream. Therefore, to take to be a more lyric intelligence, that is to say, more free. That, to give more liberty to the multiple expressions of the divine to be understood by the human conscience.

The free intelligence goes to the free thinker. In fact, the most beautiful way to differentiate the free intelligence of the too human intelligence is the following: the thoughts that come in our conscience when we are sitting down come of the too human intelligence; the thoughts that come in our conscience when we are standing come of the free intelligence.

It is therefore about an intelligence (free) that doesn't engage in any determined reflection process. The understanding coming from this intelligence doesn't have - for a goal - to rationalize, that is to reduce the divine intuitions. Because of its liberty, it is rather in its power, in its goal, to understand the superhuman sense (that surmounts) of the intuition since it permits to let enter in the human conscience the elements that surpasses the human life, for example, God. It is why, to understand a dream, I need a free intelligence.

Why did I notice that the intuitions had the pretension of an ascension? Because I noticed that the human effort permitting to understand an intuition revealed in dreams demanded that the intelligence hovers like a leaf of marijuana in the man's brain. That, to take God out of matter: to take us out of matter: to live.

When one surmounts matter, we have need of intuitions that proposes superhuman things: "Breathe under water!", the algae tells me. To be able to understand these superhuman things, it is necessary to drop the too human intelligence.

This is why God says: "It is necessary to dream to live"; because the intuitions contain the "things" that encourage the growth and the rise of the divine life instead of reducing it. The liberty of intelligence is a first example of it.

What do you think of it?

@ + Eric

This dream confirms the studies on dreams started in 1953. Indeed, the scientific community that began to study the phenomenon of dreams realized that if one stopped a man from dreaming, he developed serious psychological trauma and that his/her/ behavior changed radically.

We have need to dream to live healthily.


Worse than that Pierre! If you stop a man from dreaming... he dies. Man cannot LIVE without dreams!

In a friendly way,