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F., you will know a man's love when you will put your confidence in God. He didn't tell you that you were not capable or ready to love a man, but that you were not ready to accept HIM, as being part of you.

The errors of dreams interpretation make us make the things that we would not have to.

Everybody has the right to love. God will never tell to you that you cannot love. HE knew that you were not ready to accept HIM, to drop your human desires to follow Him on the way of the spiritualization of your being. Marisa says truly when she tells to you that you make an error in this abstinence that you imposed on yourself. This abstinence is against nature.

""""... but I don't have the right to the love since the dream was about it. I am not ready to "to love" a man. I went in abstinence following this dream... """

> I told a dream where a very beautiful hand, oval, all luminous, took mine and, immediately, I experimented what was God's love. I saw myself like a white ball. I only had eyes and I was all illuminated. No physical body, but I existed and I immediately knew of what spoke the big mystics when they spoke of the love of God. It is a physical and non mental experience. When I hear all these mediums speak of love, God is love, they are in truth, but I ask the question to know if they experimented it, and if they are not content with repeating what they stupidly read.

These "mystics", F., only tell what they read, as you say. I experimented God. HE made himself known to me. He is all. HE is Life. HE is everywhere. HE is you, me, Eric, Françoise,

David, and the others, George, Thomas, Valery... HE is everywhere on the Internet, in all people of all cities, the regions, in the nature, the clouds. He vibrates everywhere. In addition, HE comes to speak to us in our dreams.

To describe the emotions that I lived is difficult. I can only use words that look like emotions. He is all, all joys, all desires that are worth something. He is forgiveness, love, understanding. He is fascination and wonder.

> It seems to me that it is for 2004 and not before. It seems to me that I am yet ready, I want to be ready but I lack something unspeakable. It is why I put 2004, because I sense that it won't be before. I don't know how I know it.

You can believe there, but I repeat, doesn't remain static and accept life of every day as it comes to you. What you lack, it is what misses us all and that is written clearly in the New Testament: We must become Man/Woman.

You say: "I sense that it is this statement that means to reach the 4th dimension and beyond."

I say: Forget the fourth dimension. We are able to live them all, now. It is about the spiritual dimension toward which we stretch every time we accept, consciously or not, to breathe, to live what life is giving us to live.

To become man/woman, unite the right brain to the left brain. Unite the masculine qualities and the feminine qualities. Accept to be a spiritual being living in materiality. And becoming, gradually, spiritual beings having defeated or about to or under way toward to defeat matter, to become again ONE with ONE, in ONE, by ONE.

The musketeers had it, in their motto: "One for all, all for one". That is God. Het is ONE. HE is in us. We are in HIM.

Marisa says :

> You say that work doesn't please you. How many times did I do thing I did not like? Accept it like a proof that is going to fortify your will. Ask Pierre if all the jobs that he had gleamed were pleasant?

Pierre: Among the 56 different jobs that I had, only one pleased to me. It is when I taught. But I was fired because I didn't teach what was at the time acceptable to the priests. I told the pupils to throw away all their religion books. I taught that we were God, that the sin was an invention of the Church and that the Bible all well as the apocalypse was the path to follow to rediscover our divinity.

Marisa :

> I must work toward universal and unconditional love.

> I have a lot of pain to work for the "unconditional" love. When one shows me here, on TV, a small girl of 5 years raped in horrible conditions. Her aggressors had made her swallow her underwear and entered two sticks in her nostrils. While she was being raped, a pregnant woman watched to warn them of possible visitors who could surprise them.

> I saw also children of 4 years old tied up and enclosed in bags trash can whereas they were still living. It is this cruelty that stops me from forgiving without condition humanity and maybe that is going to hurl down the arrival of the Grand Monarch.

> Marisa

Pierre: Dear friends, what you see on TV is only a weak reflection compared to what will happen. The human, this idiot of the worse kind, didn't touch the bottom of the barrel of the horror yet. And when he will be there, to the bottom, he will scrape again to deprave themselves more.

How, indeed, to speak of unconditional love? Impossible, you think! Error. Not impossible. Feasible even. Difficult, yes. But we can arrive there.


God, among other things, is forgiveness. I already asked perfect unknown to forgive me for the things that I made to them, in previous lives. Have I been forgiven? I don't know. It doesn't matter. I forgave those that wronged me. I understand the karmic dynamics.

The man who tried to rape me, a long time ago, I forgave him. The Saracen who killed me, in one previous life, I forgave him. I forgave Cain his gesture against Abel.

Jesus forgave the priests and the Romans... because they didn't know what they were doing. Would you not like that one forgives you your mistakes, the horrible and the not so big ones?

All reasons are good - to the being to become - to forgive. Be divine. Forgive. Don't stay in this human mentality that doesn't forgive. Change. There is an exceptional opportunity to show God that you are serious, my friends, when you say that you would like that he speaks to you or that you would like that he counsels you. Do you want to do His will? Forgive.

The thing that he requests of you, it is to be divine. It is Jesus who said: Be perfect like my Father is perfect. Which means that we are perfect, since God is ONE.

Be Love as the Father is Love. Be Forgiveness. When we advance on this path of fullness, of joy, of virtue, while following the divine LAWS, we understand these things.

To change the human, it is necessary to love him. To love him, it is necessary to understand him. To understand him, it is necessary to know him. To know him, it is necessary to know God. To know God, it is necessary to listen to Him and to make what He requests us. To forgive is one of the ways to understand and to love. Unconditionally. Universally.

'''''''''If I dared, I would ask you how the soul can transcend our body, although I expect the answer, it is for it that it intrigues me.""""

When you embark on the path of spirituality, your spiritual qualities develop. Your conscience grows and you start thinking in spiritual terms and love. You become more and more intuitive. These qualities are spiritual. You express them in all knowledge. What you - spirit -expresses in the flesh, you become. The flesh spiritualizes itself, for the same reason as the thoughts, the actions, the words. What the spirit/soul wants, the body actualizes it. Spiritualizing itself, the spirit/soul/body becomes one. The soul transcends the body.

"""" But if the body follows the soul, the body manages it, there is only if one rebels that the body suffers. It is why it is necessary to have a period of adaptation, of other habits in relation with its sensitivity. Work to be done. """"

It is not it. The body doesn't follow the soul at the time of the spiritualization. The body manages it... otherwise. The soul literally transcends the body. The body spiritualizes itself, its materiality disappears completely. The soul takes the place of the body while taking "the appearance" of the body, only the appearance. Look at Jesus. After His resurrection, one was not able to touch Him. His outer appearance was physical only, an appearance. HE had become again a spiritual being, HIM that had manufactured, while projecting his thoughts in matter, the first physical perfect body. This body, as I already wrote, was "the physical appearance" of the soul projected in matter.


God never requested whoever to subject to abstinence. Ever. It is madness to think that. It is especially due to the untrue teachings of the Church. What the priests would have had to teach, that for which God asked them to teach, they kept for themselves, then lost it. The mistake of the disrupted behavior of the human gender, especially since 2000 years, comes back to them entirely.

Forget the untrue teachings of the churches and the priests of all sort, from all religions.

The best religion, the only one that will bring you the truth, my friends, is a personal search for God.

In your dream, F., it absolutely was not about not loving or not to be ready to love. Your dream told you that you would be ready when you would come out of your problems. It is what you lived at the time. These are your problems that forbade you the fullness, God's conscience. He was already in you, HIM that spoke to you in your dream. He didn't lack any love for, nor did he asked you to forbid the desire to be loved. One only thing lacked you: to recognise the fact that him - God - was there, in you.

""""(...) but I don't have even right to the love since it was about it. I am not ready to "love" a man. I went in abstinence following this dream, it inspired me to stop deceiving me, to stop looking for in all senses, to stop making whatever. """

Well, friend, I tell you to stop deceiving you. You have the right to love. God never asked you or said to abstain yourself. You concluded it yourself, following this dream that you didn't understand.

If you trust God who is in you entirely, you will know that this happiness and this contact exist.

Then, F., you answer Marisa again in these words: * * * * exact Marisa, I remain abstinent until my unity with God, even though I bother my family and friends, it is my decision and the one of God, he asks me.

Not true, F.. Not true of the all. HE didn't ask you, nor will request you a similar thing ever. What he said, really, was that you were not ready to recognize Him in you, already, because of all these problems that you lived. Your situation took, in appearance, the whole place. But HE was there and waited that you want to recognize that he was in you. The union that you research so much is already made. HE IS IN YOU. Of all eternity. As you are in HIM.

> I must understand with my heart and must not mix with sex. Nothing must disrupt me for this experience of the unity.

Sexuality, my friend, is first and foremost, spiritual. Humans have made it an animal thing. Not God. The humans, the priests, all circumcise of the planet and all others that believed in the untrue teachings of these coward full of shit that absolutely don't want to face the truth.

F., my friend, you say farther in the message: * * * * yes, I let the important things, as Pierre's words to get settled in me and to make their work for the rest.****

I tell it to you then, my friend, accept my interpretation and my advice. Love. God is in you. HE was there always. The union that you want so much, achieve it while knowing that he never left you. It is now that he waives to you. Since you are on this list, you receive the signs, the messages, the words, the teachings.

The unspeakable thing that you lack is this: to accept that God already speaks to you. Through these dreams that you learn, now, to interpret correctly.

If you don't believe me as for the interpretation that I make of your dream, ask to receive a confirmation. That for which you ask God, HE gives it. You lived this experience when you looked for work and you found precisely that for which you were looking. Even more so God will answer you if you ask for confirmations of that that I say.

Marisa wrote:

> It is this cruelty that stops me from forgiving without condition the humanity and maybe that is going to hurl down the arrival of the Grand Monarch.

F. wrote:

****Personally I would be delighted to see him come, whatever is the way, I would be happy. ****

What follows, most people don't know it, imagining all sorts of madness, due to the untrue teaching of the Churches and their henchmen. I give you here an esoteric teaching.

The Grand Monarch is coming. But he won't present himself under traits of nobility as many think. He won't be the warrior the world awaits. He won't govern a big empire as the one of Charlemagne, as people think.

His kingdom is like the one of Jesus. His message also. One says that he will reign with a scepter of iron - announced by John in the apocalypse -. It is true. But what is this scepter?

It is, my friends, a book that titles itself, understandably, "The Sceptre de Fer" [the Armoured Key"], already written, already published, as a test, ten to twelve years too soon or so its author thinks. Presently in the process of being rewritten, entirely. It will contain all precision that didn't appear in the first draw.

Essentially, the book speaks of the love relation that God maintains with humans. The Sceptre de Fer penetrates the mystery of previous lives and reveal to us that we are gods acting in God.

The one that will personify the Grand Monarch is, presently, 7 years old. When he was 4, he already knew his alphabet. At 4½ , he wrote his first book... some pages, hardly, but for him, meaningful. He is born to write.

But, it is necessary to say that the Grand Monarch is presently two people, twin souls, incarnate on land. One, as I have just said, will have 7 years old in July; the other, that is 20 years older than me, discovered her previous lives and most those of her twin soul. The Grand Monarch, in these two people, will only appear when the boy is ready to face the world and to to speak. And believe me, he will speak, him that was Dante. His Beatrice, his twin soul, will be with him.

But the Grand Monarch is again more that that, more that these two people. The Grand Monarch is the rider of the era of Pegasus, era of the spiritualization of the human being. The Grand Monarch, by The Sceptre de Fer [The Armoured Key], will teach, as I said, that we are God, ONE. By my books, my writings, my ideas, I confirm The Scepter de Fer, the one that must grazed all nations.

Understand, in that "grazed" that one hears 'spiritually.' As have must been used and understood the Bible and the Apocalypse (Revelation). It is the Grand Monarch who is going to unite all nations, all religions in one only: a search for God.


You can experiment God in several ways, the two main being in spirit and in the physical. I also know that the sensations are different, that they don't have the same quality or intensity.

It is as "to say" that God loves us and "to know" that he loves us, to have experimented it. As to know that some people "tell us to have seen" God (as Confucius, for example) and to say that one personally "saw" God. The differences are enormous.

God expresses himself/itself everywhere, in the human and by the human, in the nature and by the nature. In dreams also and it is especially there that he speaks to us best.

God’s love contact with us is both spiritual and physical, since he is everywhere, in all, the whole time. We understand this according to what we lived and, important, if we understand the language of the dreams.

The contact between God and the soul is constant, eternal. The soul is one of God's spirit. There is never, never ever, had of separation between the soul and God.


f. wrote

> Hello Pierre,

> Hello everybody,

> Yes you are right. The dimension of the sudden thraumatism is worthy of the uneasiness of some people. And if there was only that...

> Yes Jesus invited us to follow his trace. To live in goodness and the love of others, of oneself, of humanity. He wanted that every time we are in contact with others we think that he gave his blood, his life for us and that in memory of what he did, we must share, live in the neighbor's love, to share meals, and share dreams. Jesus didn't invite us to drink his blood and to eat his flesh to be the strongest. But on the contrary, to become humble before the other, to love them, to serve them. Jesus said something marvelous: What you will do to the smallest among mine, it is to me that you will have done it.

> I believe that it is W.R. who also said: If you can identify to all human beings whatever they are, you understood what "human" means.

> Jesus asks us to see us in every human being, to recognize us mutually and to love each other.

> I hope that there is not trace of old negative beliefs in my message. I clean, I clean...

> in a friendly way

> f.

Hello F.,

Maybe this is going to be kind of a shock what I am going to write, but it is nevertheless true. What you write supposes that Jesus was a sweet guy. However, he is not. Jesus spoke mildly to the sweet and to those that listened to that that he had to say. But in many opportunities, He was a tough guy, Him that treated people of hoary sepulchers, of henchmen of Satan. Ferocious also in the temple when he hunted the merchants out of it. He even was violent, some people say.

The Church made a sweet guy out of Jesus whereas he said Himself that it had come to bring war. Of the war that he brought had to be understood in this manner: He wanted that we make violence in ourselves and that we destroyed our personal Satan and our demons. This does not happen without inner violence.

It is a sweet guy who waits, whereas he knows his friend Lazarus is dying, to return to the village of the aforesaid friend to heal him? No, F., not a sweet guy, but a man with a mission. A soft would immediately have hurried at Lazarus.

Every time that we are in presence of someone, Jesus doesn't say that he wants that we thought that he gave his flesh and his blood for us and the other. He says to love the person, unconditionally. Dot. To love him/her, it is also to understand and help when s/he needs help. It is to tell him/her the truth.

Truth exists. It is for us to access it.

The Last Supper is a teacher’s message that tells his pupils to follow him, that is to say, to do what he did.

Jesus doesn't ask us to see ourselves in every being human. HE asks us to see God in every being human.


Queen of the South or the Queen of Saba

You may have heard about the Queen of the South or the Queen of Saba! Saint Matthew says, in one his gospels, that Jesus said that she had to come back at the end of times to condemn this adulterous generation.

Even the theologians, I have learned, don't mention this person. They don't know what or whom she is nor what she represents. For this reason, they don't speak of her.

Why speak of this now? Monique Gaudry, author of Le Sceptre de Fer, suggested to me this text: "When this queen of Ethiopia went to find Salomon, it was to ask him some questions about dreams. The whole story on the way to recover the Path back - the Way - has been revealed to her. The accent of that life had been placed on dreams and memory. It is by studying our dreams that we give the change to God to speak to us. From there, we can understand why Jesus said that he was "The Way, The Truth and The Life. " He also added: "The Truth will free you. " The Way is the one of dreams that leads to the Truth and the recognition that Life is eternal.

When we learn that we had several lives on the terrestrial plane, we can understand it. Dreams are the way and the key that will allow us to recover the Path toward the Father's house.

The Church is guilty, by its absolute refusal to teach the concept of reincarnation and the way of dreams, to have led us in error and to have forbidden to the humans to think that they could be spiritual beings. Alive today, the Queen of Saba had to come back and had to demonstrate - by her dreams - The Way. By her work, she remitted, by the same opportunity, people on this Way. The condemnation that she makes, the one of the guilt of the Church, doesn't come of her daily reality, but of the dreams themselves that reveal the Truth. "


Now, some misunderstood words, of Jesus, where the Church made the dogmas or sacraments with them. By its real teaching lack, this institution falsified the range of Jesus' words, completely removing the ignorant human of his spirituality. The Church says that we are only made of earth - dust -, that only Jesus is the son of God. However, Jesus Himself said: "I told you that you were gods. " He repeated the psalm 82 while referring at Jeshua, one of His previous lives, that already said at that time "I told you that you were gods", while referring to what Melchisédek had taught before. Proofs of the principle of reincarnation that the Church always refuses to teach.

The Church says that Jesus is God's unique son, without understanding the range of it. Why would Jesus be thus called? That he is born of a virgin is not sufficient as explanation. His grandmother Anne, a widow, became pregnant of Marie. Daughter of Anne, Marie was conceived by the transaction of the Holy Spirit. Fourteen years later - according to my dreams -, she received a divine visit. We know this event as the immaculate conception. Jesus is the only child, in all the history of humanity, to be born of a virgin, conceived immaculate.

It is for this reason that Jesus is considered like being God's unique son. Which absolutely doesn't mean that he is God's only son. It is only his conception that is unique, Him that is born of a woman, virgin and immaculate.


Let's speak of the Eucharist.

Bread and wine turn into body and blood of Jesus. This phenomenon is called the transubstantiation. The Church, ignorant is it of the symbolic and spiritual values, was mistaken in its interpretation.

I heard, one day faraway in my childhood, one professor say that someone, to see if this history of flesh and blood of Jesus was true, had taken a host and had planted a knife in it. According to the story, blood had left from it, as if it was a real wound.

After this story, we are went to confess us before receiving communion. Poor small nervous people we had become! The Church had us well, it that really didn’t understood anything from that last lunch.

Jesus said to "do this in remembrance of Him... to eat his flesh, to drink his blood... " The detractors of the Catholic Church said that the priests and their flock were cannibals. We believed, because of the wrong interpretations of the Church, that we ate and drank the flesh and Jesus' blood. But what the Church transformed in a sacrament was only a parabola, a picture.

Jesus said, actually, to do what he did. It consisted in following His trace, His path, that is the Way of the dreams by which we discover the Truth and Life. To eat his flesh and to drink his/ blood meant to eat at the source, meaning to acquire the knowledge, thanks to the dreams.


Let's speak a little about the "catechism" that those that are more than 40 years old studied in their youth.

First question: Where is God? Answer: God is everywhere.

Second question: Why can’t we see Him? Answer: God is a pure Spirit. He cannot be seen by the eyes of the body.

The priests who wrote the Small Catechism forgot, a long time ago, many things. First of all, since God is everywhere, He is in nature, is He not? HE is also in water, the clouds, the land, the trees, people, no? And in the things that people construct!

The priests also forgot what Melchisédek, Jeshua and Jesus said: "You are gods. You will die as men, you will fall like any prince... " according to the phraseology used in the psalm (Psalm 82).

As for the creation of the human being by God, HE made the man - male and female - in His image and resemblance. HET therefore created it spiritual - to his image and resemblance -, since God is Spirit.

According to these parameters, we can see God who is in nature, in water, the clouds, the land, the trees, people also and what people construct, God being everywhere. Besides, we can see God in a manner entirely special, according to His desire. We can see Him in all His/her/its beauty, His/her/its vibration, His/her/its love.

It is not necessary to be a Catholic nor a saint to see God. Some authors learn that Confucius revealed to have seen God. Monique told me her God's experience one day. She saw It during a whole day. Even me, I saw it! He was, for me, extraordinary vibrations, pure joy.

The body being the physical appearance of the soul, the eyes of the spirit or the eyes of the soul, that is the same thing. With those eyes, we can see God.



People believe to know everything about Lucifer, Belzebuth, Satan, the devil and demons. Billions of people think that these were born of the popular imagery and the biblical symbolism. In the beginning, they think, there was a snake who brought Eve to crunch an apple that, in fact, represented knowledge. One associated this snake to the devil, the tempter. From there, one gave him a name: Lucifer or Satan and one imagined him with horns, a red jacket, hooves in lieu of feet and a pointed tail. Belzebuth, the name used in "the gospel of the Peace", of John - apocryphal gospel -, is not considered in the literature like an angel but like a demon.

In reality, Lucifer, whose name means "Holder of Light", is the one that, the first, committed the first error [Saint Thomas of Aquinas confirms this fact] and not man, as 2,2 billions of Christian believe it. Here is the how of the reason :

Before the fight of the angels, in heaven, Lucifer was part of the community that we call God. "One day", by pride, he wanted to capture a perfectly pure spirit, of the name of Amilius-Gabriel. Michael immediately rose against this attempt of corruption and said no. He would not let this monstrous act happen. The angels/spirits arranged themselves in two camps, the one of Lucifer and the one of Michael. We knew, there, the fight of the angels, fight to the price of which Lucifer and his friends lost. These "fallen angels" as we call them, were exiled on the land that we know if well: Earth.

Thus, Lucifer arrived on Earth. With him, his friends, beaten. Contrary to the other angels, Lucifer never incarnated in matter. Here on Earth, he influences the actions of people. When we accept Lucifer's ominous influences, we become as him. We are our own Satan, we embody it.

When Jesus, speaking to a man, demand to Satan retire, He speaks to two distinct beings. First to the man, so that he stops giving the power to the ominous influences that infest his life.

Jesus also speaks to a Satan invented by man, a Satan of his own thoughts. We know it as being cases of "possession." In these cases, the Satan is an unhealthy "spirit" semblance that has been manufactured entirely by the person who believes itself possessed.

As for the demons living in us, we invited them there. It is about the mistakes and errors that we commit. This principle is clearly expressed in John's words, drawn from his Gospel of the Peace: "(...) if the man's son recognises his errors (...) and renounce these (...) he frees himself of Satan's signatures and resist his temptations, then the Mother, the Land, will receive his son who had got lost (...)

Don't believe that we underwent these things. Oh no! We live them, because we choose them. The work of renouncement belongs to us. No external strength can free us. It is our turn to say no if we want one day to free ourselves of our silliness.

Hello to you, Marisa,, ;-)))

You ask this question: Who would "Satan therefore be an incarnate or disembodied man would have made alliance with Lucifer?"

No, Marisa, Satan is Lucifer's other name. If you reread my text, you will see: ""One associated this snake to the devil, the tempter. From there, one gave him a name: Satan and one imagined him with horns, a red jacket, of hooves in manner of feet and a pointed tail.""

When I say ""In this case, the Satan would be an unhealthy spirit that would have taken possession of the being in which he got settled", I say that a thought materializes in an individual. Lucifer creates some suggestions. When we accept them, we give them a shape and a consistence that infect our lives.

You finish while saying: "I think that we get on well with those that are in harmony with us."

When we let ourselves deceived by Lucifer's suggestions, we get on well, indeed, with Lucifer and we give him the power to manipulate us.

Lucifer tempts Jesus, in the desert, whereas Jesus gets ready for His mission. Satan is not a person, but a thought that Lucifer showed before Jesus to tempt him.

Lucifer is absolutely not in harmony with Jesus. The two are diametrically opposed. Besides, Lucifer is that one that tempted, those billions of years ago, to bribe the perfect soul,

that was Amilius/Gabriel, that one we know, since 2000 years, as Jesus. Lucifer's attempt resulted in the fight of the angels, fight that Lucifer lost.

Before Jesus' extraordinary mission, Lucifer employed extraordinary means. He appears to him. Don't forget that Lucifer - that was never embodied - stayed, in spite of the centuries and the millennia, a spirit, an angel, even though he is and stays the fallen archangel. He always keeps his creative powers.

An example of apparition for a different case, lived case, myself. In 1969, I wanted to die. I prepared my suicide. The morning of the my f day (f for fatal), I went to the place I had chosen, to finish my days. Some seconds before the fateful instant, a 5 or 6 years old child came close to me and looked at me.

It was absolutely impossible that he be there at this moment and in this place and yet he was there. A very short tome passed. My means of death had also passed. By the time that the means pass, the child had disappeared. I returned home, to read and to put God back in my life.

My spirit had chosen a child who looked at me to stop me from committing the irreparable. To the big pains the big means.

In Lucifer's case, we are able to see him coming. If our normal thoughts are of love and compassion and a thought tries to infiltrate us to suggest the opposite, we immediately know that we are tempted and that Lucifer is at work. We can say from that time on: no.

Good morning F., Marisa and the others,

f. wrote :

> Yes Marisa, God sent his son

Pierre: One of His sons, the one that could make humanity understand what God is.

> on Earth to show us that he had created us in his image. Jesus and the living God. Jesus shows us the road, he tells us, I am as you, made with flesh and blood and have the commands of my father. The commands have been given before, of course, but God wanted to come to show us that he was true, God's son, God makes man for our understanding, our small brains it was easier to believe.

Pierre: We are all God made man - male and female -. We are all, not merely sons and daughters of God, but God's spirits. It is not easy to believe for the majority of people, them that are still impregnated of the material and physical gangue and whom, of this fact, can’t believe we are God incarnate, individually and collectively.

> The Eucharist, is the commemoration of Jesus' death, the last supper by which he asks us to continue his teaching until his return. By which he asks us to live in God's love, and to love our neighbour, to live in his laws.

Pierre: The teachings of the Church supposed that the Eucharist was the commemoration of Jesus' death, but they were mistaken and, by being wrong, they deceived billions of people. The last meal constitutes Jesus' teaching. He truly told us to do as He did, not to make a sacrament of this meal, but to pursue what he had taught. His apostles became teachers. They had to teach what Jesus had shown them, them that had received the esoteric teaching.

To eat his flesh and to drink his blood, was, no more no less, to work on oneself to recognize that we were ONE, all, individually and collectively.

An example: my mother began her work on the interpretation of her dreams, the discovery of her previous lives and her spirituality, 20 years before me. I am on her way and I eat her

flesh and drink her blood, in this sense that what she writes becomes my food.

The Eucharist is not the commemoration of Jesus' death. The Eucharist, as practiced by the Church and its supporters, should not even exist. Why, indeed, continue to perpetuate a mistake?


Hello people,

How can I know that that, that I write, is true? In my case, two things: my dreams and my mother.

Between November 2002 and March 2003, my dreams told to me that I should rewrite everything that I had written and placed on the Internet since 1994.

I worked. I rewrote everything, repeatedly, during these months of winter. When I wrote something that was not in conformity with the Truth, a dream came to tell it to me. I rewrote the text in question, that I submitted to my editor, my mother.

A few months ago, I wrote my new site, the one of which I spoke to you and that I published on this list (Speak of Eucharist, the devil and the other texts). But before publishing it on the list, I had my mother read it. She didn't feel comfortable with the words I used. Then, during the night that followed, I had a dream that I had some difficulties to understand. It took me two days to understand it.

The dream said that I played with fire and that I risked to burn my house. During these two days, I thought to arrive at the conclusion that I had to change some terms of my new writings. It is only after having made changes of phraseology and terms that I had my mother reread my text. She approved it, her that is my editor and my professor. Then, I published the text on the list and on the WEB.

Dreams and intuition tell us what is true.


Intellect versus Spirituality


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