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Hello people,

This is the start of the second part of my site on Gods and Men.

We start with saint Paul, the first theologian. Then, we discuss one of Nietzsche's aphorism; then Origen, one of the Catholic religion's fathers. We will continue with why the Jewish ministers always denied the divine dimension of the human being. Then, the nature of God. Near the end of this page, dreams of healing and of past lives. Lastly, I will talk about specific dreams that confirms what I know about myself.

Paul was what he was, ugly, true, hated of the women, true, hated the women, true also. It is necessary to understand that the women were not appreciated to their fair value in these times, by the Jewish as by the men in general, of the past, and of the present.

But it is nevertheless him that put Christianity on the map. Him that permitted that it becomes an accepted religion.

First theologian, okay. Thought slightly twisted, yes. Constructed a religion full of dogmas, true also.

But what did the priests do with it? They taught the "exoteric" science rather than to teach what was ordered them: esoterism, that they kept for themselves. Not teaching it, this science got lost, during the centuries. They don't know it anymore, them that forbade the human to think that he could be a spiritual being.

The sectarianism of the Church came from those that tempted to interpret the words of Jesus and the prophets while denying people their spiritual nature. The Bible has not been understood by these priests because the spiritual dimension - starting with intuition represented by the woman -, has been banished.

It is not the disciples who interpreted badly, but the priests of the institution we call the Church that was born 300 years after Jesus' departure.

One says of Origen that he is one of the fathers of the Church. It is AFTER him that was banished, at the human level, the spiritual dimension. It is after him that one taught badly and taught not the true values and that the manipulations of words and ideas started.

Mary-Magdelena was one of Jesus’ disciple, not his girlfriend. Since the age of 16, Jesus decided that he would not know a woman. Not because he didn't like them, but to give all His life to His mission, that he already knew, since the age of 7.

Several apocryphal gospels attempt to demonstrate that Jesus was only a plain man. Jesus had some detractors, men who didn't want to accept that that he said. Several attempted to demolish him... while humanizing him, while removing from him his spiritual dimension.

Irrationality is comprehensible. The human forgot so much! The human nature forgets. But, when you finally discover that you are a spiritual being and that your dreams teach you things on yourself, you rediscover the essential values and the real teachings.

You received it, this esoteric teaching. Remember it. You can, thanks to your dreams, and, maybe, thanks to what I write. Some things could seem familiar to you. When that arrives, tell yourself that your memory awakens. You know. The teaching is in you. Remember it.


Simon wrote:

Paul, Jesus and the others

Hello to all, I bring some knowledge to what you say:

Nietzsche's aphorism:

"In Paul the apostle is embodied the type opposed to the one of the good "messenger": the genius in hate, in the visionary hate, in the implacable logic of hate. That doesn't he have sacrificed to hate, this "Dysangelist"! In the first place, the Redeemer: he nailed it on his cross. Life, the example, the teaching, the death, the sense and the justification of all the gospel, - of it didn't have anything anymore to do when this forger by hate who understood that that only could serve his ends. Not the reality, not the historic truth! ... And, once again, the ministerial instinct of the Jew committed the same big crime against history, - it erased what was the "yesterday" and "the day before yesterday" of the primitive Christianity. More again: he falsified the history of Israel, so that it appeared as the prehistory of his acts: all Prophets spoke of his Redeemer... Later, the Church went as far as to falsify the history of the humanity to make it into the prehistory of Christianity… The Redeemer's character, his teaching, his death, the sense of his death, even what followed his death, nothing has been saved, nothing even kept the least report with reality. Paul simply transferred the center of gravity of all existence after this existence, not in life, but in "the beyond." At last, he didn't need the Redeemer's life - that of which he needed, was his death on the cross, - and of something else.

To hold for sincere a Paul of Tarsus, whose homeland was the center of the stoic rationalism, when it arranges a hallucination in proof of the Redeemer's "survival" or merely to lend him the faith that it tells that he had this hallucination, here is that would be pure silliness on behalf of a psychologist: Paul wanted the end, therefore he also wanted the means... What he didn't believe, the fools among which he spilled his doctrine believed it. - His need, was the power: in Paul, there was again the priest who longed for power, - everything that was necessary, these were the ideas, the teachings, the symbols, thanks to the fact that he could tyrannize the masses, to form some herds. What is the only loan that Mahomet later did, to Christianity? Paul's invention, his means to sit the tyranny of the priests, to form some herds,: the belief in immortality - meaning the doctrine of the "judgment."" (Antichrist 42).

One sees that Nietzsche didn't much like St.-Paul.

Pierre: "But it is nevertheless him that put Christianity on the map. Him that permitted that it becomes an accepted religion."

Simon continues: In the time of St.-Paul, there was no Christianity. It was at the time about thirty small sects scattered almost everywhere in the Roman empire. Paul of Tarsus visited each of his sects, proclaiming itself the one that Jesus dictated to his commands with the help of his vision of Damascus.

It is only later, under Constantin, in the 4th century, that Christianity is officially born, with its churches.

Pierre: "First theologian, okay. Thought slightly twisted, yes. He constructed a religion full of dogmas, true also."

Simon: Indeed, one speaks of Paul like the first theologian. As Nietzsche told it, his homeland was Tarsus, the center of the stoic rationalism. It is because of him, of his thought, that the theology today is so detached from reality. What is more anti nature than a stoic? What is less real than a spirituality of the reason?

Pierre: "But that did the priests do with it? They taught the "exoteric" (outside appearance) science rather than to teach what was ordered them: esoterism, (inner teachings, symbols) that they kept for them. Not teaching it, this science got lost, during the centuries. They don't know it anymore, them that forbade the human to think that he could be a spiritual being."

Simon: It is a paradox. The stoical reason, anti naturalistic, was not able to name everything that was esoteric. It was not capable of it. It then needed an exoteric science to name God's knowledge. Looking for an exoteric science, they didn't have any other choice than to become naturalists. As much as they were naturalistic, they were against the natural instincts of man, those that encourage the growth of life. I badly explain this paradox. The Christian, anti naturalistic, were the promoters of natural science. They even invented the theory of the Big Bang! There certainly is a tie with Aristotle. This last considered the natural creation like a place from where one could reach the divine knowledge by the reason.

Pierre: "The sectarianism of the Church came from those that attempted to interpret the words of Jesus and the prophets while denying the human spiritual value. The Bible has not been understood by these priests because the spiritual dimension has been banished from the teaching."

Simon: The Jewish ministers always denied the divine dimension of the human being. To pronounce God's name: "I am" is a very big blasphemy. Many priests are simply not capable to like the human body as far as making it, as we make it, an "Emmanuel", meaning to say a place of presence for God. I am irritated by all these priests, philosophers, rabbis, who taught the contempt of the body, making so many people ashamed, feeling unworthy of all divinity! That that, in man, makes him hate the body, is resentment.

Pierre: It is not the disciples who interpreted badly, but the priests of the institution that one calls the Church, that was born, truly, 300 years after Jesus' departure."

Simon: That is so.

Pierre: "One says of Origen that he is one of the fathers of the Church. It is AFTER him that one banished, in humans, the spiritual dimension."

Simon: Origène so hated his body that he castrated himself! However, his school was platonic. We know that, for Plato, the body was a jail and not a blossoming. From that particular angle, Plato was right. When the angels thickened in matter, matter became for them a jail. But now, the body is the opportunity to blossom, to surpass ourselves, and for glory.

This is not Jesus' teaching? We integrate in our bodies the spiritual nature, because we find in our bodies the dignity to receive God's presence as in a temple.

All the same, Origen was OK: he taught reincarnation. But he taught it amiss. For him, reincarnation is a slavery. For me, it is the way that I chose.

"It is after him that one badly taught and taught not the true values and that the manipulations started."

@ + Simon

F. wrote: In the gospel of St.-Jean, where the apostle "entered, saw and believed", the translation of the ancient Greek on what John saw, can be false as the hellenists Don Giovanni Persili of the Catholic Church demonstrated. What did he saw to go in and to believe?

Hello F.,

Your question seems to indicate that he saw something before entering. But in reality, it was necessary that he first enters before seeing and to believe.

Three days before what you relate, Jesus had died on the cross. All disciples and the apostles believed Him dead.

But that morning, Peter arrives at the tomb having been preceded by John. John is not the first to enter Jesus’ tomb. Peter first entered in. Then John enters, sees the empty tomb and believes Jesus' words. He knew henceforth, out of all doubt, that Jesus was Christ. He understood His words. He believed.


Hello F.,

We are not born of the birth of the universe, F. It is the entirely the contrary!

We were always. ONE. God. What I call in my book Consciousness. God slept. One given moment, It woke up. God IS all his/her/its parts. We are his/her/its parts, his/her/its minds. We are ONE. God. We woke up and we recognized ourselves. Individually and collectively. Spirits or Individuals of God. ONE. Before as after the awakening, we knew that we were God.

The fact that we recognize ourselves, individually and collectively, gave us wings, if I can say. We were known then under the name of angels.

Then, we thought. We used our creativeness. We created the universe and its laws. In the beginning, our thoughts slowly solidified, they materialized, following the laws that we had dictated.

Creating, that gave us intense joys. The soul developed itself instantaneously to store these emotions. From Spirits/angels, we became souls.

Henceforth, we could travel in the universe, the soul being the vehicle of the emotions of the Spirits/angels.

After a lot of peregrinations in the universe that we had created, and that we continue to create (the universe, according to the scientific community, continues to grow and in an accelerated pace), we arrived on the terrestrial plane. We projected our thoughts in matter that we had previously created and that was then materialized.

Later, after having become humans, the Wheel of the Samsara started its rounds, the one of the incarnations. It happened 12000 years ago, for most humans, because there are always exceptions.

People are embodied, in a general way, inside every period of 150 years, if the life is long. Make the calculation: since 12000 years, therefore, most people had at least 80 lives; more, if the lives were short. There is generally a time of 25 terrestrial years between two lives.

What determines, now, the fact that a person has more or less lives than another person?


Usually, the people who have less forgotten their divine nature don't need to be born as often as the people who forgot everything.

It took Jesus 32 lives before recovering his divinity. 32 lives are the minimum necessary to recover the divinity for one self.

I am at my 41th and last life. I don't have forgotten much. In fact, because of my inner intention of being [special and individual divine quality that each of us expresses in life, from experience to experience], I could not forget a lot because I chose not to forget. In fact, I accepted to accomplish my missions. That is how we don't forget. During my lives, I expressed the same intention, in different circumstances.


During the night of the 12 to April 13, 2003, I lived a strange experience. All night long, I saw some things as in a dream, but not a normal dream, nor besides my night was it normal. Every hour, I woke up speaking and lulled myself to continue the bizarre experience that I lived. Let's call this experience a dream:

"I went for a walk, Rue St Denis in Montreal, direction North, on foot. I entered, like that, in an apartment to help people, then in another, to help, again. This time, I handed to a woman a child that I held in my arms; she/it was lost, I recovered it. I got ready to leave when I saw the weakness of a pregnant woman that sat down laboriously on the steps of a staircase.

I went toward her, sat down to her side and placed my right hand in her back to give her some energy. We remained thus, without speaking, a long time. Sometimes, I placed my hand where she hurt, following her needs for energies.

From nowhere, arrived a few boys and girls, students all, they sat down before me and asked me one question: "Why? "

I knew then that I was going to tell my life as lived since 1970. It is at this moment that I woke up for the first time telling the main of my life. While continuing to speak, I lulled myself back to sleep.

I also knew that I was going to enumerate my previous lives, those I remember to the moment, and that I was going to build another web site, containing this dream and my answers.

I got ready to wake me again up when I received another question: "Why? " I knew then to what question I had to answer again. The first: Why Mahomet? The second: Why Armageddon?"

I thought a long time that my main book would be the one that I began to write in 1986. But it seems to be that it is not the case. I thought a long time that I would not have, strictly speaking, of public life. But it seems to be that it is not the case. I thought a long time that my theory of spirituality would be too unattractive to be understood and accepted. But it seems to be that it is not the case.

To answer the question, I must first specify some things. It is necessary, to understand from where I come.

It is necessary to know, first of all, that exists an "intention to be" behind every life, in every person, different for every person. This "intention to be" was ours since our awakening in the Conscience, before even the moment that we commonly call the Big Bang.

We recognized ourselves, individually and collectively, as being God, and we exploded with joy. In the "beginning" - not that God had a beginning -, there was the infinite divine space. In this Space a mass floated. It was God. It was pure Energy or pure Spirit. God is everything that is and nothing exists without being It: Love, Beauty, Goodness, Spirit, Intelligence, Law, Wisdom, Truth, Life, etc. All exists in a perfect state because all is God.

Imagine! There was a sudden occurrence, a movement inside this mass. This movement was the awakening of Consciousness. It made that the mass separated in as many elements that composed it. Each was pure Energy or pure Spirit or God in his/her totality, before as after. Nothing was changed in their nature. These pure spirits, "sons of space", recognized their individuality and their identity. Because consciousness brings recognition. One calls these pure Spirits angels. We have all been conscious of being one. Therefore we were these angels. We were God and we are, always, with all the powers and the responsibilities that such a state includes.

It is during this fantastic event that each among us, "sons of space", recognized in ourselves the divine quality that we expressed. To each "intention to be" was associated a name. Every name included a description. Michel, for example, mean: "who takes himself for God?" Another example, Rafael’s. This name means "God healed." Another example: Gabriel’s means "God is my strength."

We were and had [and are and still have today] each of us, our name and our intention to be.

Then, after 60 billions of years of creating and travelling in the universe, we came closer of the terrestrial plan. We invested it and we became men.

After millennia and centuries (120 to 200 thousand years), the Wheel of the Samsara started turning. The cycle of incarnations started. We were embodied, from time in time, from character to character. From a life to the other, from a character to the other, a main idea was put forth by the people, during each of their lives, always the same, under auspices, different circumstances. This main idea is what I call the "intention to be."

As everybody, I expressed my particular intention, from centuries across centuries, from lives to lives. You will see this intention in the induction that I will make my lives. It is an indelible filigree expressed by the spirit. Every individual life is intimately impregnated with the same "intention to be."

I am going to do what I did in the dream and tell my life, in short sentences, starting from 1970, year where I put God back into my life.

At this moment, I recovered from an attempted suicide. "The Amazing Laws of Cosmic Mind Power" was the book that influenced me to the point to put back this God, then unknown, in my life. Following this book, I read, in five years, more than eighteen hundred books, one each day.

From 1970 to 1979, I continued to read, I traveled, I worked. From my first reading on spirituality, I started talking of God to everybody, at work, in my house, at school, and everywhere my steps led me.

As in the dream, I went in houses and apartments of perfect unknowns. There, I said that God was coming or that he had heard the scream of despair and that help was under way. The same days, I received confirmation that my actions had changed something in the life of people that I had contacted.

A healer, I often lay my hands on people, as in the dream. I completely removed many pains when I practised as a healer. Some more beautiful things occurred too. A class mate told to me one day that when I spoke, he saw some flowers coming out of my mouth.

1972. I had a dream that was going to influence a part of my life. "I was born to be in the lounge of others. " I therefore went in the living room of my friends’ parents, to speak of God. I quickly got tired, the parents not wanting to hear what I had to say. It is only later than I was going to understand than I was to be in the lounge of other people through my books. The dream announced to me, without saying it outright, that I would become a writer.

In 1979, my mother suggested that I write down my dreams. I did it, without discussion. I remembered dreams of my last years and I wrote them all.

This same year, always following my mother's suggestion, I joined a group of study titled "A Search for God". Such groups of study had been created since Virginia Beach and exist through the world. As I already did for the past nine years, I read everything that I could find, this time on Cayce and his ideas.

It is Cayce that has influenced my thought the most. I accepted, thanks to him, the principle of reincarnation, principle that I rejected completely before knowing Cayce. As soon as I had accepted the concept, I dreamed of a previous life. It is to this moment that I knew that the study of dreams would be important in my life. I followed a first course on dream interpretation, even though I already interpreted dreams of others since numerous years and that my interpretations were right on the dot.

In 1986, following my mother's other desire, I began to write on my dreams. Since then, I wrote four books. The first, "The actor and the unknown", is not yet finished. This book is filled with dreams that I wrote between 1979 and 1985. It contains some of my previous lives and confirm "The Armoured Key", of its author, Monique Gaudry, my mother.

My three other books are "Intimate Conversations with Consciousness", published in French, in 1995. It contains the answers to universal questions. The second, "the Rafael", is a history of love between a space ship and a woman, born from a correspondence [by electronic mail] of eight months between this woman and I. Published in 2000, also in French (not translated).

The third, "Genesis Revisited", is only published on the Internet. It contains the score of texts published on my sites. These texts are read, appreciated. Rare are those that reject my ideas.

What else? A discussion list. Born of a friend's suggestion with whom I discussed, every Wednesday evening (chat). He said that I had helped him so much, that I should create a site where I could give my teaching in order to help others. The discussion list "Personalized Spiritual Teachings" was born, in December 2002.

Now to my previous lives. First, a text in which we find a prophecy of Edgar Cayce, considerations of analysis and a dream confirming who I am.

Many among those that read Edgar Cayce wait for John Peniel. One man even changed his name in John Peniel to appear to be this messenger. Since, thirteen people per year present themselves at the A.R.E. in Virginia Beach under the pretext that they are John. They have all been unmasked.

But they won't be able to unmask the one that comes.

"Who will proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord in him that is born in the earth in America? Those from that land where there has been they regeneration, not only of the body, but the mind and the spirit of men, they shall come and declare that John Peniel is giving to the world the new order of things. Not that these that have been proclaimed have been refused, but that they have made plain in the minds of men, that they may know the truth, the life, the light, will make them free." Edgar Cayce’s Reading 3976-15, 1/ 19/34

I wrote the word regeneration in italic for a very specific reason. The regenerated people are two and they are from the present Quebec province in Canada.

Here are my sources:

- Edgar Cayce, that established the particular migration of some groups of souls, stipulate that the spirit of the Jews of the time of the Exodus met in Greece (450 BC), then in Palestine in the time of Jesus, then in France in the time of the Revolution of 1789.

- This same spirit, according to a Canadian clairvoyant, is now in Quebec.

Those of this region are therefore Quebecois.

- Edgar Cayce said that John and Jacob were the same person. W. H. Church, the author of "Gods in the making", says this fact in his chapter "His name shall be John".

- However, according to the deepened analysis that I made my dreams, I am Jacob and John. Monique Gaudry, in her dreams, also associated me to John.

- To the morning of March 11, 2003, I woke up early enough with this dream, that confirms my deductions.

"I had been invited, by people of Virginia Beach, to give a conference to announce "The Day of the Lord. " I presented myself before thousands of people while saying: my name is not only Pierre or John or Michel [of Notre-Dame] or Gregory (a pope) or Jacob, but all those. I am John. Peniel is a place where Jacob [me] and God had a very interesting "chat". I am here, now, to announce "The Day of the Lord. ""

I am the messenger of which it is question in this prophecy of Cayce concerning John Peniel.

Here are now my incarnations, those of which I remember and those that I was revealed :

In heaven, I am Rafael, "God has healed", the "helper" par excellence. On earth, I was known as Apollo. I also was…

Abel and Seth, second and third son of Adam; one of Noah's sons; Jacob; Samson; Caleb; Tobit; Toutmose II, Pharaoh who greatly contributed to maintain the size of Egypt; (saint) David, king; Hector; ToutHankAmon, Pharaoh; Daniel, prophet; LiSi, Prime minister of the Qin dynasty; St- John, apostle and prophet; saint Bacchus, Roman officer converted to the new religion; Merlin, prophet; saint Aubert d'Avranches, the one that constructed the Church of mount Saint Michel; Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, prophesied, in all probability, under the name of "Jean of Jerusalem"; Saint Louis (Louis IX); Gregory XI, pope; Charles VII, king of France; Enrique, Amerindian Taïno, shaman, prophet and warrior; Nostradamus, prophet and healer/doctor; Gustavus II, king of Sweden; Degandawida, Huron prophet; Marie Waleska, mistress of Napoleon; Rimbaud; and very probably: Arthur Lammers, the one who introduced Cayce to reincarnation.

Do you see the intention of being (intention to be)? We can help and can heal while showing life as discerned by the spirit, as Apollo made it, him that was the god of divination. Later, during my incarnations, I was several times prophet: Jacob, Samson, Tobit, Daniel, John, Merlin - not at all a simple legend -, (...) saint Bernard of Clairvaux [that prophesied under the name of Jean of Jerusalem], Nostradamus, Enrique, Degandawida.

One can also help people while healing them: saint Jean, Enrique, Nostradamus.

How did Marie Waleska help? While asking Napoleon that Poland be sovereign. By her implication, Marie permitted that all a people recovers its identity. What recovery!

I will now answer the two other why of the dream.

- Why Mahomet? The tribes of the desert, before Mahomet, worshipped hundreds of gods. Who a tree, who the sun, rain, the animals... A spirit came to unify the tribes of the desert to make them know the unique God.

A plan between Rafael and Gabriel had been finalised. Rafael had to come and Gabriel had to tell him, through his dreams, the premises of the new theosophy, the one of the unique God. As Rafael knew dreams, him that had been Apollo, David and John, to name those only, the plan has been accepted.

Toward the age of 40, a man of the name of Muhammad had a first meaningful dream. He told it to his wife. She immediately saw what it was about and believed in him.

We know the rest. Islam was born. An unique God for all tribes. The goal was reached.

What did men do after that is another story that looks strangely like the story of Catholicism and other religions of the world, all transformed by the ignorance of the intrinsic spiritual value of the human being.

- Why Armageddon? Because humanity failed, Armageddon being the conflict between materialism and spirituality. This conflict exists since Abel.

How? Why?

To answer it, it is necessary to know what the names of Abel and Cain mean: Abel, in Aramaean, means "the soul and the idealized human nature. " Cain, in the same language, means "the body and the human materialistic desires. "

Abel is essentially a vegetarian, him that made the sacrifice to eat meat, while Cain is an eater of meat. The lesson to keep, when Cain kills Abel, is a serious warning. The significance of Abel's sacrifice? He demonstrated, by it, his desire to exalt the soul and the spiritual qualities.

Cain, on his side, only wishes to be a man. He abandons and kill his spirituality, represented by the sacrifice of vegetables.

The whole message is therefore the next one: if we don’t take care, our human and materialistic nature can kill our spiritual nature.

It is what happens in the present. The conflict between the human nature and the spiritual nature has a name: Armageddon.


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