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Hello Pierrot!

Hello Simon!

Pierre, I see that we have the same optics! And there, it is Simon's that I would wish to address!

You see Simon: I wrote a page to try to tell you that The "mental" or "intellect" help us live in our every day life... but, only "spirituality" helps us UNDERSTAND! Here is why it doesn't serve in anything to be fluent (except when there is an obligation). The main is to join the "laconic" to the "detailed!" It, whatever is the topic that we approached.

In a friendly way,


Hello Pierre,

> [...] intellect doesn't consist of the spirituality. It discusses it, it dissects it, it analyses it, but doesn't understand it. Intellect serves to understand human life. The spiritual life is only analysed thanks to the intuition. As for the intuition, it is not and will never be intellectual. It is divine, spiritual.

Simon wrote: "Pierre, we speak of understanding. One can understand whatever with whatever. Every situation of life is one moment to understand something more besides what we are. Intelligence, like anything else, can help human beings understand something of their spirituality. One can say that intelligence is a tool of understanding. As for the intuition, it is rather the answer following the work of understanding.

Personally, it often happened to me to receive some intuitions while thinking. These intuitions came, in general, to solve my enigmas. In a way, the achievement of my work of understanding. I know that the intuition can be revealed in intelligence.

Also, you perceive intelligence solely in its negative aspect. Know that intelligence can also help to make fructify spirituality, it is participating at the spiritualization of the human life. One uses it, in its perfection, no to dissect the ideas, but to make some ties between things."

@ + Simon

Dustin wrote:

Hello Simon,

you write: "Since you only see the dark sides of intelligence in its report to spirituality, how can you understand what I say?"

I don't believe that intelligence can have dark sides! I don't believe either that it ALWAYS harms the report that it could maintain with spirituality! Intelligence will permit an analysis of the spirituality but intelligence is not the spirituality!

Then, you come with this "how do you want to understand this that I say?"

We understand what you say, we are not merely okay with the association made between intellect and the spiritual! I say it again to you, intellect (the mental) is not the spiritual! The mental helps to live or to survive! The spiritual is guided by the Divine, what comes of God, what comes of Us! Even the most modest among us (to the intellect) can have access to spirituality!

Finally you say: "When you will have made the mourning, you and Pierre, of your bad experiences with the intellect, only then we will be able to try there to give back its spiritual devotion."

For your information, in what concerns me, I never had any bad experiences because of my "mental"; on the contrary, it helps me to live as an ego and I am as us all, constrained and forced to live. But here I believe that you are mistaken, we will never give any spiritual devotion to the "mental", these two notions are contrary one to the other!

Intellect can be GOOD and/or BAD, it can be used to non orthodox ends!

There my Friend!

I understand your gait and your goal, but you will never spiritualise the intellect in extenso! Of the rest, you specify and affirm that "it is necessary to have the intelligence fructify, to find its good sides." However when you find the Spiritual, it proves to have only good sides!

You write: "As for the intuition, it is rather the answer to the work of understanding."

The intuition cannot be the answer to a work whatever it is! Intuition is spontaneous, Divine. It is not the fruit of work! It is merely a "knock of elbow" of the soul!

The only work that you will be able to provide in favor of the intuition is to be attentive and to train to pay attention to it!

You also write: "Personally, it often happened that I receive intuitions while thinking. These intuitions came, in general, to solve my enigmas. In a way, the achievement of my understanding work."

Here you confound intuition and reflection!

You write: "Also, you perceive intelligence solely in its negative aspect, that is a nuisance to the spirituality."

Pierre never said that! On the contrary, Pierre specifies that intellect will facilitate the dissection of the spirituality: to which case it is not a nuisance (if used well) to spirituality.

It CAN, as you say "make fructify the spiritual"; it is this that Pierre said!

You write: "Anything in a rock is not comparable to intelligence."

Alas yes, a rock is intelligent, it associates the elements to become what it is, sometimes same, it arranges them in a very neat way to become a crystal as in a quartz. Or an amethyst! Even though you break it in micro particles... in the microscope you will always see these very orderly crystals.

So a rock can very well be compared to intelligence: in spite of the complexity of its matter and the character commanded of its atoms, it froze forever, it will never reach the "spiritual!"

In a friendly way,


Pierre wrote:

Dear Simon,

I have boxes in which I arrange my things. I am not the boxes. I possess them. They belong to me. But I am not them. I am not of cardboard...

I know, all comparison limits the concept. But your subconscious contains memories, souvenirs. It is not the spirit that created the subconscious. It is the accrual of the memories that did it.

Your soul didn't create your conscience. Your conscience existed long before you had a soul.

"I am" is. It contains, it has souvenirs. It possesses them as we possess objects.

The soul is the vehicle of the spirit. It is not a picture, a thought, a memory, the past or the future nor the present. It is a vehicle. As vehicle, it possesses memories that are as luggage.

Of all eternity, I am a conscience. The soul came AFTER the awakening of the individual conscience. It is once awake that we created what we see. With the creations, we needed a vehicle to transport the emotions that were born of our joy of creators: this vehicle is the soul. The soul is not the memories and the emotions. It contains them.

The soul didn't become a house, a tree, a flower, a butterfly, nature, objects. All is born of the creative consciousness, consciousness that we were and always are. What the soul transports, these are the emotions born of our creations.

On the planet, we are not what we create since we project outside. I am not a car, I drive it. I am not my computer, I use it. I am not my emotions, they move me.

In dreams, a car "represents", but is not I. A mirror returns a picture of me, but it is not I. It allows me to see what I follow. It is an object.

We are God. We didn't create ourselves. We are. After the awakening of the Conscience One, we merely individualised ourselves. We were and are God, individually and collectively. We are ourselves and we POSSESS emotions.

Learn to make the difference between what you are and what you live.

We are not creatures, but creators. We created objects: galaxies, nebula, the planet and everything contained in and on it. But we also created all its laws as we created the laws of the universe.

We created the physical and mental human being and endowed him with what we are: all our spiritual, divine qualities. But the human, while becoming material, forgot it. He forgot that he was divine.
Now only do we begin to remember.

To finish, here is an excellent message :

Believe in your dreams!

Once upon a time there was a race of frogs. The goal was to arrive in top of a big tower. A lot of people assembled to see them and to sustain them.

The race began.

In fact, people didn't believe possible that the frogs can reach the summit, and all sentences that one heard were of this gender: "What pain!!! They won't arrive there ever!"

The frogs began to resign themselves, except one that continued to climb with ardor and enthusiasm and people continued: "... What pain!!! They won't arrive there ever!..."

And the frogs admitted to being defeated, except the same frog who continued to insist.

At the end, all withdrew, except this frog that, alone and with an enormous effort, reached the top of the summit. The other wanted to know how it had done it.

One among them approached to ask it how it had made it to the finish. And discovered that it was deaf!

In short: Don't listen to the people who have the bad habit of being negative... because they steal the best hopes of your heart! Always remember the power that words that you hear or that you have read.

@+, Pierre


The treaty on intelligence

I want to express myself as clearly as possible in this small text on intelligence. I will take into account all your points of view.

It is at the court of Jerusalem, in the time of King Salomon, that the small sapiens community wrote its explanation of the suffering in man. Near the tenth century before Christ, Genesis was written. The author constructs a mythical narration, constituted of many mythological elements of the Babylonian and Greek traditions, but mainly, of elements from the Jewish tradition.

The text sums up in it :

Before: the prototype of man, created good, has for habitat a perfect world (symbolized by the garden), that he has for mission "to work" and "to keep" (Gn 2,15); he can enjoy some, under the condition that he does not to touch the fruit of the tree (symbolic) of knowledge (2, 16-17).

During: tempted by the forbidden object, the prototype of man succumbs stupidly to his desires (3, 1-6).

After: he is tragically injured from his action and decreased, so much in his conscience (3, 7-13) in the concrete progress of his existence (3,16-19. 23-24).

In short, the first intuition that bases the Jewish religion is that, in his reports with man, God takes and keeps the initiative.

In this light, the nature of the Genesis immediately lightens. Seizing the fruit of the tree by force, man pretends to hoist himself to the rank of the gods; it is by his own efforts that he tries to acquire knowledge. Of this fact, he takes the absolute opposite of the dynamics of the alliance, that is the fruit of God's unconditional initiative. He persists to act immediately instead of maintaining the patience that allows the intuition to be revealed [dimension of the soul].

Pierre takes this idea in his New Genesis :

"Then there was man's fall in the terrestrial mentality. In the section "Adam hunted from paradise": She took over little by little during thousands of years. Then, the fallen sons evolved. Many of the sons of Light mingled with them, because "they found that the girls of Belial were beautiful. "

Followed the thickening in matter for the sons of Light; they lost the notion that they were divine beings. Then, about twelve thousand years ago, at the time of the disappearance of Atlantis and the construction of the big pyramids of Egypt, those that had not yet mingled lost the capacity to dematerialize at will. It was then necessary to be born of the flesh, with death as a consequence for these last as for the first. If faunas, unicorns, centaurs and sirens had disappeared, a few animal features stayed in that time, as feathers on the body, excessive hair on the body and other things alike.

And to David who tell us, in short, that people lost faith in what God could change in them.

It is what brings me today to write this treaty on intelligence, more precisely, on the impatience of intelligence.

For, intelligence is fundamentally bound to this knowledge so much wanted by man. It is, in general, the means by which man acquires knowledge.

The "sin" of intelligence is in a way to have lent a strong hand to the impatient thirst that man has the knowledge of the all. Intelligence served man's impatience.
To be just: man put in slavery his own faculty of intelligence in order to demand the knowledge always too impatient of the "too much humanity!"

This is how man created mentalities, laws, logics, rhetorics and judgments having for goal to subtract the thought from the things of the land. Today, the most evident proof of this phenomenon is probably the reduction of that that is the reality in the objective world of science: the reduction of the human being to a thing among things.

If this world is a world of division, it was that the observer had two eyes instead of one. By misfortune, we are not Cyclops! Happily, we have lids that close the eyes that have beams in them.

It is possible for the human being to let go. It is possible for him to abandon the reducing knowledge of the "too much high speed humanity."

I sincerely think that what we considered for so long as "intelligence" can be demolished, and then, rebuild.

What style do we want to give to this house? I think that it would be necessary to make a temple of it, where intelligence would be itself offered in sacrifice.

Let's offer this corrupted part in ourselves to God and let's request him to baptize this faculty rendered impure by man.

We will be able to rectify the big error, that consisted in looking for God without God. Opening the patient door of the spirit that allows intelligence to express itself according to the intuitions, those that hover above waters... intelligence will be purified.

I suggest, at last, to listen to what dreams can tell us on intelligence. We are going to be patient therefore the arrival of a dream.

Nice dreams,

@ + Simon

Dear Simon,

You succeed very well in making yourself understood.

We also have an intellect. We understand. But we give the intellect another function than the one you grant it whereas its function is to seize and to analyse a concept. Intelligence serves to understand the concept.

Intelligence will only be spiritual when the Spirit that enlivens you will be master of your life.

Jesus' intelligence, for example, had a spiritual flavor because Jesus understood and knew that he was "I am." He lived in full possession of the means that he had acquired during numerous lives (32). He had accepted his role in his least meanders. He lived in full agreement with God's Wills.

Only then will we be able to say that intelligence is spiritual. Not before.


There is a lack of knowledge in the library of the university because the Church doesn't have all the necessary documents to really illuminate people. Nor is it interested in doing so. The mistake belongs entirely with the Church that refuses to see the whole truth.

Your judgments and your texts are therefore skewed and incomplete. Not your mistake. But to write the truth, you have to have all knowledge of your topic.

Definitions: 1 - intellect: capable to seize and to analyse a concept.

2 - intelligence: capable to understand a concept. (After it was analysed)

You write: " In short, the first intuition that bases the Jewish religion is that, in his reports with man, God takes and keeps the initiative. "

So much that man won't know, as Jesus knew it, that he is God, an external God - in appearance - will always take the initiative.

Simon: In this light, the nature of Genesis immediately lightens. Seizing the fruit of the tree by force, man pretends to hoist himself to the rank of the gods; it is by his own efforts that he tries to acquire knowledge. Of this fact, he takes the absolute opposite of the dynamics of the alliance, that is the fruit of God's unconditional initiative. He persists to act immediately instead of maintaining the patience that allows the intuition to be revealed [dimension of the soul].

Pierre: Vision entirely mental of the situation.

The divine descended in matter and wanted to leave. For this, he must know. By his efforts, yes. The human will hoist himself to the rank of the gods because he is one of them!


To kill the mental

Following a private dialogue, I decided, on the suggestion Simon, to place on the list some of the teachings that I give to him.

Therefore, here is a manner to kill the mental, without committing suicide.

1) We don't generally see it, but intuitions never come alone. If you are attentive to these, you will hear the arguing that comes with the main intuitions.

To that, Simon answered: "There was a moment where I read an intuition and it proved itself to me with another intuition. It argued itself by another intuition."

2) Start with the principle that human beings are first and foremost spiritual beings, accept it and hold that thought, all the time, in all circumstances. Your intuitions will immediately be there, at your disposal, and will show you how to construct an arguing that will be without fault.

3) When we accept like an act of faith a fait accompli, a situation, intuitions get immediately in place and all the arguing with them. When you accept a situation of fact, all the gearing, the equipment and the inside context change immediately. You see, you know.

I added: It took me of years before understanding the principle. In the beginning, when I read the Bible the first time, I didn't understand a thing. Years later, after I had accepted that we are spiritual beings, I also accepted to think in these terms, the whole time: "I am not a plain man, I am a spiritual being. My intuition comes from the truth, from the Spirit." In all the texts that I read, since this moment, another text superimposed itself in my thought, the truth, as it has to be understood.

I finished while writing: My friend, it is this way that you are going to educate the mental... while giving it the smallest possible place whereas the intuition will take more and more place.

To that Simon answered: But you know the method so well! It is a pity that nobody else can read this. Is it necessary to publish it on the list for Dustin and the others, okay? My friend, your intuitions are very sharp! It is not ordinary, that.


Marvelous Experience

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