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" And how to release our anger whereas we must see God in a sadist who mistreats a child? How? You Pierre, you forgave everybody. How did you find the way to forgiveness? Especially to those that feels no remorse, none, and that are ready to restart, anytime. "

I read a lot. I often arrived to passages, in books, that spoke of forgiveness. I tried. I forgave.

I confess that it was first, I believed, an intellectual forgiveness. But, between intellect and the heart, there is only a very weak space, since God is everywhere. HE made clear the steps to me. While forgiving, even mentally, HE told me that compassion was the following step.

Compassion is unconditional love. When I see the spitefulness of humans, I always have a prayer for the people who suffer. The forgiveness becomes then, every time, total.


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