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Hello people,

By fits and starts, some ideas.

A few people say so many things, some even think that the truth cannot be known!

Mark Thurston wrote, in Edgar Cayce's Millennium Prophecies (Barnes and Noble, 1999): " Only those individuals who are willing to think in terms of the reality of the psychic and spiritual realms will be aware of and understand what is going on in the world around them. (…) Having some understanding of the purposes of what is unfolding, they must share this insight in a form that would make sense of these events for other people. "

Monique Gaudry wrote an exposé on a virus and on tobacco. She also speaks, in her text, of the pollution as being the main reason for the cancer of lungs. Pollution and meat. The scientific world - in Quebec anyway - begins to realize that the atmospheric pollution is the reason behind cancers. People speak about this more and more. However, it already has been more than 10 years that Monique has been saying this, and more than 10 years that no one believed her.

End of the world.

A number of people thinks that the end of the world will arrive in 2012. Several get ready to this effect. The clear-sighted think it, as well as "mediums", and "channelers" and everyone that imagines to know a bit on the prophecies, said the same thing. But one is mistaken, and, that making, one deceives people.

The solar Aztec disk expires with the Fifth Age. It is the present age. But the legend says that there are two other ages to come. The first will be age of "the spirit of the things that live", a time in which we are going to regain the conscience of the true nature of life and the cosmos, its celestial nature.

2011: period between two eras, end of one, beginning of the other. The Sixth Age will begin to the surroundings of December 2012 with the era of Pegasus, date to which the Mayan time table ends.

The Indigo.

Some individuals whose mission is special began to be born 4 or 5 years ago, but this new race will be born in mass from 2004, at the time of the alignment of the Polar star (Polaris) with the Great Pyramid. These beings will be informed of the spirituality. They will be born vegetarians. Their bodies will be lighter.

The Indigo will form the members of the fifth root race. With it, we will see the resurgence of the psychic talents.

The people who will accept the new vibrations of these events will earn in conscience; they will know the relations that exist between the universal creative forces and the way to use them in the human and physical environment.

We are under way toward the recuperation of our psychic talents. The racial divisions are going to change, to reduce, to disappear. The curve of change is at its last stage. The fifth root race will be spiritual and will take the rest of the world to its continuation that is, mark my word, the spiritualization of the human being.

The two witnesses.

Revelation 10 :10-11: I took the small volume from the messenger's hand and devoured it; it had the taste of the honey in my mouth and, as I swallowed it, it became bitter to my stomach. Then the messenger told me: "It will be necessary for you to prophesy again on a number of peoples, nations, languages and kings. "

Chapter 11 :3: I will give to my two witnesses time to prophesy.

Chapter 11 :6: They have the power to close the sky so that rain doesn't fall to the days of their prophecy.

Chapter 11 :7-8: When they will have finished their testimony, the beast (…) will make war on them.

The two witnesses are Monique and I. The "end of the world" cannot arrive before our writings are known throughout the world. Our books and thoughts should be known throughout the world "on a number of peoples, of nations, of languages. "

A dream of a few months ago: "I must translate - in English - the most important messages of the list because the English speaking people must also know the truth."

A few months ago, Marie P decided, spontaneously, to translate my texts in Spanish, as well as Monique's book, and mine.

The truth cannot be known? Grave mistake to think that. It is known. Monique and I dream about it; we write it and I distribute it, via the Internet - that is the big stream of Revelation (chapter 12, verse 15).

Choices and responsabilities

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