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Earth: Super Laboratory for Spiritual Beings

Planet Earth: formed 4,500 billions years ago, according to scientific studies.

Apparition of "human" life according to the recent studies by anthropologists: 30 millions years ago (heard from a report on radio the morning of May 12, 2005, on a Radio-Canada station during the early broadcast of René Homier-Roy). According to them, the human being would have come of a near "brother" who walked upright. Human beings would therefore not have descended from the monkey, that is still hanging in trees.

10 millions years ago: here begin the true questions.

According to Edgar Cayce, the fallen angels arrived on Earth. Angels, nothing less! How were they? Spiritual, invisible, visible? Physical, ethereal? The angels, are spirits, no? Do they have bodies or are they of simple apparitions or, of manifestations?

The fallen angels were the first "spiritual" beings to appear on Earth. Cayce said, in a trance, that these (Lucifer and his minions) were exiled on Earth after having lost their fight in Heaven. They therefore "appeared", against their will and fell on their head, as Cayce said. They lost the memory of their divinity.

What did these beings do? They created, being creative spirits. They create their bodies, while using the surrounding elements. Cayce says that Earth saw, at this moment, the manifestation of that that he called the "Things": sphinx, centaur, siren, fauna, etc.

I will come back later on the notions of appearance and manifestation. But first, let's talk about Amilius.

Still according to Cayce, Amilius and his group of volunteers appeared on Earth, by choice, 200,000 years ago, to teach to the then so-called Things what they had lost. As the fallen angels, these pure spirits were "angels" and archangels. Their "evolution" from Pure Spirits to human beings lasted for a long while, until after Atlantis, early Egypt and Mesopotamia.

As a matter of fact, the Pure Spirits appeared on Earth. They did not have a body. They were as light clouds, one could say. What did these spiritual beings do? They started their task by projecting their thoughts into matter. While doing this, the spiritual "bodies" took substance. From apparitions (they appeared on Earth), the beings become manifestations (spiritual entities with a body).

This "evolution" lasted until Amilius took the name of Adam. The change of name is to mean that Earth is a place of spiritual change. To accelerate "the evolution of the specie" [Amilius/Adam came with more than 300,000 volunteers], the being to have appeared and henceforth manifested separated in his two poles: the positive and the intuitive. Amilius/Adam (the example) became Adam (positive) and Eve (intuitive). As he did this, all volunteers also separated themselves in their respective poles. The "Adamic race" was born, as a manifestation of the divinity on Earth.

Amilius became Adam at about 28,000 years ago (? Cayce is not clear on the dates), in Atlantis. During a period of about 14,000 years, from 28,000 years ago or so to 14,000 years ago, approximately, Adam and the Adamic race are the spiritual representations of the manifestation of the divinity. These are spiritual entities where each has a visible body, that one can touch.

A new point of which it is necessary to speak and that will explain the "birth" of the human being as we know him today. All manifested beings were vegetarians. In Genesis, God says: "… you will eat the wild herbs… you will eat bread…"

Therefore, when will the manifestations become solid with a physical body, completely "humanized"?

Until the Deluge. In the time of Noah, after the deluge, there is not a grass anymore, nor fruits, nor cereals, the land being all covered with water. Almost everything perished. Some animals survived, in the elevated peaks of mountains and a few in Noah's ark. In order to survive, the manifestations must now eat what food there is: meat. It is when we began to eat meat that the manifestations became solid, thick. Meat thickened our bodies.

By the same process, we became mortals. We began to die. The Wheel of Samsara started to turn. Incarnations (born of flesh) started for the brand new human race.

How can we do this that Jesus did, to spiritualise the body?

2,000 years ago, Jesus was born, of the sect of the Essene. These people were vegetarian. Jesus' grandmother, Anne, was an Essene and a vegetarian. She gave birth to Mary (future mother of Jesus). Mary was an Essene and a vegetarian. Jesus was born, an Essene and a vegetarian.

All along his days, Jesus taught that we were, like himself, gods. Then, there was the Passion, the death and especially, especially, the resurrection. Jesus became again a manifestation: a spiritual entity with a body. Visible, one could touch him. Visible, but spiritual. During his teaching, he said, among other teachings: "What I do, you can also and even more." That means that we can do as much as he and more even… if we try.

What are we to do, then, to become again spiritual entities with a body? First thing: to become vegetarians. Second? To know, to accept and to demonstrate that we are gods. To do things and to think divinely.



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