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To defeat the ego

A friend wrote me to tell me he was tired of being an ego. I answered him in these terms:

Tired of being an ego, hey ! My friend! Then, friend, show what you really are. A spirit. And think in spiritual terms.

Here is how.

Act in all as if you knew that that your spirit requires of you. What it wants is simple enough. It wants to recover its divinity, in your flesh. Do everything that you normally do, but with a dose of love. Give with love. Receive with love. receive with love. Write with love.

In this and in all else, think peace. Alleviate your fears, alleviate your desires. Alleviate your demons. Bring peace to your pains, your mistakes, your shades.

Be a light for yourself and for others. Think light. See the light in you and in others.

You are God. See him in yourself, see him in others.

Even though the others ignore this, even though they don't know that they are God, see God in all, in each. And when they don't see this reality, teach it to them.

You are One. With me, with Monique, with all and all things.

Your ego in there? From this avalanche of spirit it will disappear, it will take its hole gradually.

And Monique to add: You have an ego. Me too. It is the human nature. You must acknowledge the divine nature and not take the ego for the source of knowledge.


Love and Peace,

Very pretty, very true!
Bravo !

A passage to RECORD and to GIVE for DISCOVERY, to teach all.

Sincere Regards


> I have 3 questions for you: 1- What is ego? ; What, in man, is ego? 2 - What, in man, is Spirit?

> Stephen

The ego: designates, since Descartes, the ME as thinking topic. Synonymous of the ME. To not confound with the I AM (YHVH) that is spiritual, therefore of the Spirit.

Everything in the human is ego (what I call the Nab, as described in my first book: Intimate conversations with Consciousness (ICwC: when man does not think in spiritual terms.


> But how do we distinguish in oneself the ME and the I AM?

> Are they opposed to one another?

The answer to these questions, Stephen, in the email that I sent you, already, when you had written that you were tired of being an ego, do you remember?

> I remember. But it is hard for me to understand! Questions constantly need to be asked anew so that I can recognise answers in my life. As I already told you, answers are not sufficient. There really must be a process of recognition in the spiritual training. And it is very long. I discover a few each day, and that is rejoicing.

> Stephen

Easy, Stephen, to distinguish the ME of the I AM. The ME only thinks about itself while satisfying its desires like "live to eat", "live to make money". The ME live to make something entirely different than what the spirit (I AM) wants. The spirit "eats to live", thinks about the other for their well-being, to help them. In some words, the ME lives for itself being an egoist while the spirit lives as an altruist, to help others.


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