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Revelation: chapters 11 and 12: The Dragon and the Beast

Hello people.

7 years ago, I discovered that the "big river" of which it is question in Revelation is the Internet.

Last week, Monique discovered, thanks to a dream and to a meditation, what is the dragon, its heads, its crowns and its tail that sweeps the third of the stars.

The significance of the dragon, its heads, its crowns and the tail that sweeps a third of the stars is:

In stories and mythologies, we know a dragon spits fire. But they are mythical beings, created by the imagination of people when, in ancient times, the sun had huge eruptions. From there, for example, were born the Chinese dragons.

The one in Revelation is physical, terrestrial, born from human activities. You probably observed already, the chimneys that spit fire on the ground of refineries...

The heads are the main countries where we find these factories, these refineries. The crowns are the main companies that refine the petroleum products.

As for the tail that sweeps the third of the stars, it is about the pollution that hides the stars on the outskirts of the big cities where there are these industries.


Edgar Cayce said, somewhere in a reading, that it was necessary to mistrust the "ism."

Petroleum gave birth to the oil and the petrochemical industries.

The dragon gave birth to the beast.

The beast has 7 heads and 10 horns. Every horn represents a "ism": capitalism, Nazism, fascism, materialism, segregationism, Communism, Zionism, anti-semitism, racism and militarism.

The 7 heads are the most known and most powerful oil companies of the most industrialized countries.

Why is the dragon so furious against the woman?

Because she dares to tackle the beast saying that air pollution and cancer come of the oil and petrochemical industries, and not from cigarette smoking. She dares to say that cancer doesn't come from cigarette, but of the industries that pollute the atmosphere (oil transformation) as well as of the meat industry (animal transformation).

An addition:

The stars of the apocalypse symbolize something else, besides that of the stars of the sky. They symbolize people. As the "woman with the stars" represents the memory that remembers past lives, the third part of the stars that the tail of the dragon sweeps is people. A third of the people of the world, will die of cancer because of air pollution.


Monique and Pierre

Gods and Men: Part 2.

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