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A "dream", kind of, like so many of my dreams that do not need interpretation. They are self-explanatory.

September 30, 2004.

" I saw souls clothed in human clothes, man and woman. But it is the souls that I clearly saw. They showed through the "clothing".

"I saw the life of several people, always the same, in the same families, generation after generation. Children are born; parents and grandparents take care of them. Everybody ages. Children become adults, then grandparents who take care of the newcomers… members they knew before… like… a grandmother, after her death, becomes the child of a second generation niece or grandchild…

"I saw different karma and their life lessons.

"I went for a walk along a path of earth. I saw Amerindians change race, become colonists, settle themselves, cultivate the earth.

"And I cried on this road. I understood. All mistakes committed against individuals are repaired, one way or the other, through karma. No need to kill people when they do wrong. The death penalty goes against God's commandment: Thou shall not kill. That goes also for the Justice department of every nation. Why should they be crueller than the cruellest?

"I travelled a lot on another path to arrive in a small town, along a river where another past took place. I saw the old inhabitants, natives and other inhabitants; then, I saw other lives of people. Of families torn in the past, that met to tell themselves their pasts and to forgive themselves, to understand themselves and to finally live love.

"Then, I saw adoptions. It is also like that that families progress, evolve, develop, change and live more love ".

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