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"Hello Pierre,

You say that the soul is the vehicle of emotions. You then say that the body is the outside appearance of the soul.

I am not sure I understand correctly, can you explain more?


@+ Simon"

Hello Simon,

God was, is. God woke up. Spirits that formed God recognized themselves "as being" God, individually and collectively. They started creating the universe and everything that it contains. During these creations they felt joys. The soul appeared instantaneously as being the vehicle of emotions, vehicle adapted to space.

Billions of years later, the "spirits/souls" arrived on the terrestrial plane of existence. For the purpose of experimentation, they manufactured themselves vehicles adapted to earth. It is that that one calls the body. The body is therefore the physical aspect of the spirit/soul.

Take, for example, a person that we will name Jos. Jos dresses to go outside. When he leaves, you don't say: hey that is the garment of Jos! You say: hey, this is Jos. When Jos takes his car to go somewhere, you don't say: hey, there is the car of Jos that is going somewhere. You say: hey, Jos goes somewhere.

Jos in an automobile is the motorized appearance - body - of Jos dressed - spirit/soul - that is the appearance of Jos - spirit -.




Hello l,

> "when I speak of extra-terrestrial manipulation, I say by non terrestrial people of birth..."

Manipulation by non terrestrial people of birth? Impossible. Forget extra-terrestrials as they are described in groups that are interested in such. Forget. There are none. They are wrong ideas of people that only try to mislead people or that have been misled themselves.

No one understood the true sense of all of the apparitions, of immemorial times. Everybody believes hard as iron that there are beings that would come in space ships! Coarse mistake.

What we see, is the outside aspect of spirits/souls (angels and archangels) that are going to incarnate.

I very well know that, by my writings, I say the opposite of the majority. But yet I write what is.

> "Your answer on destiny requires one to have faith, but I don't have any! >
> l"

Hello again L,

No need to have faith to know that there is a destiny. You only need knowledge. You will have it when you start to study your dreams. They will reveal to you your "inner intention", what you came to express on earth, dear soul, since you woke up in God's Consciousness, billions of years ago.

We always express, indeed, the same thing, from one incarnation to the other, under different circumstances with different people so that our lives are always different from one to the other.

> "[]"

Dear Simon, the philosopher's personality stays, even though one refuted his philosophy. That doesn't mean that the philosophy is false. It merely means that the one refuting is not okay with the examined philosophy.

Dennis, philosophers are right, each in his specialty. There is as many philosophies as that of philosophers. Otherwise, why should one become a new philosopher?

> "What would now be necessary, is to develop an universal philosophy that would include all others. "

It is that that I intended to do in my first book "Intimate Conversations with Consciousness" and in my other writings. I develop a unique life philosophy, based on spirituality.

Thus, starting from this premise, the body helps the soul evolve which helps the spirit evolve. How? The spirit (spiritual entity) has an emotional vehicle (soul); the two express themselves in a physical vehicle (body). In this way, the physical vehicle (body) is the outside appearance of the emotions (soul) of the spirit.


The inner intention, Simon, does not change. It is the only "thing" that does not change.

At the time of the Big Bang we awakened. We were God. Individually and collectively, we knew that we were God. With all qualities, before as after. Each among us possessed a particular divine quality. That particular divine quality is our inner intention. It is this intention that we demonstrate all along our lives.

Take me, for example. I am prophet today as I was several times in the past (at least 17 times, among lives of which I remember). I innovated during several of my lives. Prophecy was the heart of my innovations. But it is more than that. Prophecy is the heart of the expression of my inner intention.

Prophecy implies intuition, clairvoyance, and clairvoyance, as well as visions.

Prophecy is my expression. The inner intention comes from my name: Rafael that means: God healed. It is the divine quality that I demonstrate. If it changes, as you suppose it does, I am not myself anymore. However I am my spirit/soul, my name, my inner intention.

I said that the Earth was a place of evolution. That all changed... I add: except the basis of the one that creates. You cannot change the divine quality that you are. This quality is your inner intention and it doesn't change.

Take the Lucifer case, to prevent questions that would come. Did the "Carrier of Light", Lucifer, change his inner intention? No. Only his expression changed because of his pride. His name always did and always will mean "Carrier of Light". When he asks for forgiveness, he will change his expression and will affirm his inner intention that never left him since he is, from always, the Carrier of Light.


> "Why do we say that Patience is the soul's dimension?


Hello Simon,

It is Edgar Cayce that has defined the being's dimensions. He had given 3 dimensions: Time, Space and Patience. Time is relative to the body. The mind to Space and the Spirit to Patience.


Fr. wrote:
> "Hello Pierre,

> Impossible to find my twin soul in my family, Pierre. IMPOSSIBLE. Really impossible. My family has exploded and is faraway. I didn't create one for myself that would be united.. We love each other but we never see each other. I have a faithful mate, no this is not a dog, laugh, but we are good friends, very good friends, that is all.. Of course, friendship is important. As for the rest, I really don't see what I can do!!! I don't him to be in my family. ouininininin, I want it more... I want somebody else. (I know I am a capricious kid).

> kisses"

I answered:

Your family may well have exploded and be far away, Fr., but that does not mean that your twin soul, if incarnated, is not there. Like it or not, that does not change the principle.

We can only recognize or find our twin soul in the midst of our own family. It is a question of interior grain.

When twin souls lived together, in the past, they were not usually informed that they lived with their duplicate perfects. The time was not auspicious to the knowledge of these things.

Now, yes, it is time. You will find him, one given moment. Between twin souls, there can not be ordinary love as one generally conceives it.

People, during centuries, were mistakenly qualifying twins souls as kindred or sister souls. They took the one for the other. They then romanticized the relations. Not knowing the reality, they misled people and this notion passed in tradition. One says to himself, without knowing, that the love of his life is necessarily and inevitably the twin soul.

Not so. This love comes from several lives together. Love sometimes grows between beings that liked themselves from life in life. Sometimes also, it does not get along fine. This always depends on what we have to live.

But, when the time comes to discover our eternal companion, things change. Dreams become our principal source of information and of knowledge.

I summarized this in chapter 11 and chapter 12 of " Intimate Conversations with Consciousness ".


"Simon wrote:

Let's define the mental, the mind, the reason and the ego. I propose, to understand the sense of these concepts, to bring them back to a philosophy of God.

To begin, let us start with this idea: all the reality is God's predicate. In other words: God is the creative topic of everything that is. Thus, one has the sense of the ego concept. Because " ego " means " I " and God is the original " I " of all verbs, of all actions, of all productions of the universe.

The power to be of God, the power that it has to make things be, to make himself be in things, this power is the Spirit. The Spirit is the power to be of all thing. And as the one that " plays " the Spirit is God, everything that is express God.

This explains why Pierre often says: " see, read with the eyes of the Spirit ". He says this so that we recognized God's presence in all thing. Besides, if man has these famous " eyes of the spirit", it is because he is himself a Spirit and it is because of this that he manages to understand all the world, descended of this same Spirit. The Spirit is fundamentally, as theologians say, the Gift of God. Because the Spirit gives or communicates, in all thing, God's presence.

Then, there are souls. Souls are the spirits of the Spirit, which means of the Spirit who has made himself "body", "temple", "angel", "dwelling" and what else to understand this mysterious concept? The passage of the Spirit to the spirit merely means the creation of " people " or "spiritual identities". Souls are God having changed in " individual particular perception," of himself. I use the word " dwelling " since the soul is a particular way to welcome God at home. The soul is the formation of the " at oneself " where everything that is present can be welcomed there. The soul is Consciousness.

We are souls because everything that God made present in the world is not an echo in emptiness, but in the home of our consciousness. It is the interception of the echo in a home, not the simple passage of an echo in the emptiness of the universe that best explains the soul in the sense of "habitation ", of " temple ", of " body of the spirit ", of " spiritual body ".

One has the habit to oppose the soul to the body, whereas in the esoteric science the body is itself the soul. As Pierre says it, " the flesh body is the outside appearance of the soul ".

Why are we souls of flesh? Are we only flesh souls? Does our soul only capture, of God, its biological life?

@+ Simon"


Hello Simon,

When you begin to speak of the soul as being the spirit of the Spirit, I must bring some essential precision.

The soul is first the vehicle of emotions of God's Spirits. When we recognized ourselves to be at the same time God's Spirits, different from one another, and God in its totality, this recognition gave us of " wings ", if I can say. We became known as that that we call angels.

When we started creating the universe, we felt joys. Because of the emotions, the Spirit/angel spontaneously turned into a soul. The soul is a vehicle - which can therefore travel - irreparably indissociable of the Spirit/angel.

It is the spirit/angel/soul that made it/himself a body that one calls either dwelling or body.

" The passage of the Spirit to the spirit ", as you say, doesn't mean the creation of people or identities.

When we woke up, we recognized ourselves as being both God and individuals - Spirits - of God. We already had our spiritual identities, Simon. We already were individuals, and every individual was made of its individual inner intention. Thus, as Gabriel and Ouriel or as that of any other being, each had a name. With the name comes a particular spiritual quality. This spiritual quality is the personal inner quality of each individual/entity (spirit/angel/soul). In other words, each entity has its own inner intention.

Then, you ask: Why are we souls of flesh? Are we nothing else than souls of flesh? Don't our souls capture of God only his biologic life?

We are souls of flesh because, as creators, we created our bodies so that - on the whole of course, there are other reasons - we understood matter and to become spiritual beings again.

We are not only flesh souls. We are first and foremost God's spirits. Therefore, we are spirits/angels/souls beings.

Souls capture the materiality as well as the spiritual, them that are, not only as God, but God. Before as after the awakening.


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