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Hello Marisa,

I went to the site ( I found, after some research, writings of this Swedenborg you talked about.

I don't agree with what he says. For example, he writes: "There are two worlds, the spiritual world where angels and spirits are, and the natural world where men are. "

"Until now one ignored entirely, even in the Christian world, that there is a spiritual world where are angels and spirits, distinct of the natural world where are men; because no angel descend to instruct men and that no man went up there of its living. "

Actually, there is only one world, but in two demonstrations, physical and spiritual. If he had read the Bible and Jacob's history well, he would very well have seen that, according to the dream of Jacob's ladder, angels descend on earth and that men go back up to the sky, as angels actually.

Besides, if the two worlds were really separated, we would not see the disembodied (as I saw my grandmother a few weeks after her death), there would not be of clairvoyants. And no dreams.

He says again: "The spiritual world exists and subsist by its sun, and the natural world by its own. The sun of the spiritual world is different from the one of the natural world, because these worlds are absolutely distinct one of the other..."

Here also, I say no. We are spiritual beings expressing ourselves through a spiritual dimension (dreams, and psychic talents) and physical, in a body of flesh, where the mental faculties express themselves.

The sun is a symbol of light. However, light can illuminate everybody and the two worlds are not distinct one of the other. If they were so distinct, we would not have any means to know that effectively exists a world other than the one on which we live.

Example: We would be as beings with two dimensions: length and width. We would not have any means to imagine that it could exist a height.

Contrary to what Swedenborg says, it would be necessary to reconcile the two physical and spiritual worlds and admit that we are at the same time physical and spiritual beings expressing ourselves in the physical world and in the spiritual world.

The world of angels is ours. The spiritual world is ours. On earth and on the other side of Life. Only the human mind separates. Besides, it is said so in the Bible: "Let not man separate what God has united". However, it is precisely what man dies. He creates subjective separations where there are none and believes that they are real.

A proof: several years ago, I was part of a research group: "A search for God". Our group met every Tuesday of every week. Our group was formed of ordinary citizens and prisoners. We met in a room of a jail especially provided to this effect.

One evening, a man named Claude came toward me and asked me: Pierre, is it true dreams or not? I answered to him: tonight, ask your subconscious.

Meeting ends. We came back the following Tuesday. Claude hastened to come toward me and told me, jolly: Pierre, I dreamed. " I dreamed that I didn't dream. What does that mean?

I made him tell the dream repeatedly, hoping that he would see. But no, he didn't see the significance of his dream. I then told to him: if you dream that you don't dream, therefore it is that you live!

Do you see? There is no a real separation between the physical world and the spiritual world. The only idea of separation is artificial, mental, to all that don't know or don't accept that we are spiritual beings.

Yes, he creates two completely distinct worlds between the one of spirits and the physical world. I think that he was a medium and that he expressed himself according to teachings of spirits, although he forbids himself of it. It is maybe the problem of mediums, their spirits speak according to their own beliefs. In dreams it is our soul that is our principal Guide. I notice that more and more everyday.


It is precisely it, Marisa. And as beliefs don't have anything to do with the Truth, spirits - as in spiritism - deceive, in spite of them, unconsciously, all mediums. All spirit that respect themselves and respect others will never use a medium to express themselves. They will wait to be reborn again to learn and to make their own experiences.

> In dreams it is our soul that is our principal Guide.

Yes, you are right. The soul goes to look directly for its information in the Akashic Records. Or it receives the needed information from Jesus and Marisa who are with those that look for the Truth.


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