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Message 2059

Object: Judas

Good evening,

Here it is how it would be necessary to see this episode of Jesus' life.

Jesus has a mission. Besides, he has several psychic talents, of which clairvoyance. He knows what must arrive. He warns Judas that he must be going to find the Jewish priests who look for Him and tells him to make that of which they already debated. Not a treason to the clean sense, but a "delivery." Because Jesus knows that he cannot teach anymore. He gave everything to men to understand.

But He had a task to finally accomplish His words. He said, in the court of the temple, that the Temple would be destroyed and that it would rebuild in three days. He had to be taken, convicted, to die and to revive. To arrive to this end, only one means: to be delivered by a buddy. Only a buddy could know where would be Jesus at a certain hour.

Therefore Judas did what was agreed between the two men.

What can we say of the 30 pieces of gold? Why 30? Why not 50 or 100?

The number 30, in numerology, symbolizes the finished work, a celebration. The project on which we worked reached its full expression.

Jesus had finished his teaching. Judas had understood, in part, Jesus' task, even though he wanted something else, him that had followed Jesus because he waited for a war messiah. It is following Judas's dissatisfaction that Jesus chose him to be a "deliverer." So that Jesus' words and teachings came true.

Judas didn't betray, nor Jesus, nor his mates. He did that for which he was asked.

Jesus told Judas to make quickly because he knew what came himself of it, he knew that the suffering would be enormous and He didn't want to change idea and to flee. Besides, the apostles say it well in their writings: Jesus wanted to move away the "chalice", but chose to do the Father's Will.


Message 2060

Object: Thoughts on Judas

Some thoughts on Judas's history:

"Jesus and his friends discuss, eat, drink a little when Jesus tells Judas to be going to do what he has to do and to do it quickly. Judas rises and part. We know the rest..."

"Did he betray indeed?"

There is a controversial history in theology. It is a question that made some drool. To know: Does Judas have indeed betrayed Jesus? Certainly, the gospels all say that Judas betrayed. But what is worth an act of treason if the one that is betrayed order himself to the one that is going "to betray" him?

What is the symbolic value of the 30 deniers given to Judas?

With regard to the number 30, the 30 pieces of silvers that Judas gives to the sacrificers. This number is instituted by the Jewish law for a slave's price. (Exodus 21, 32) It is slave's number.

"But why did these events arrive?"

It is enormous and very symbolic. To the temple of Jerusalem, one sacrifices beasts. However, Jesus comes as if he himself is the temple, sacrificing his own human nature. He has, in it, completely revolutionized the sense of the Jewish religion in him, giving back an even more authentic sense.

"What is the symbolic value of Jesus' demand?"

There is a man who speeds along toward his destiny. There is so much to say on all reasons that could push Jesus to formulate such a demand to Judas... Maybe he tried to adjust his karma... Maybe he tried to prove to everybody that divinity prevails over death... One sees in the gospel that Jesus gets ready for death, as if she was one test for the initiate... I don't know the truest answer to this question. Judas, in my opinion, can represent the Jew people in general by the symbolic value of his name. Judas, the only man, is not the only traitor. These are also all Jewish that opposed his ministry.

It is true that one sacrificed some beasts in the temple. What one killed was what was sacrificed. The beast, symbol of the human nature, was what it was necessary to kill, according to the Jews, to join God. Because the human nature was, according to them, fundamentally a sinner.

However, they understood upside-down what the word "sacrifice" means to say. The sacred is, in other words, the divine. To sacrifice a thing doesn't mean: to kill what moves away of God. But rather: to make it sacred. When I sacrifice myself, I make sacred, therefore I recover my spiritual dignity. However, it doesn't have anything to do with the murder.

One commits a mistake when one says: "Jesus has been sacrificed on the cross." In this business, the, sacrifice is not Jesus' murder. The sacrifice is that Jesus made divine - he has recovered his spiritual dignity, and that, not solely on the cross, but in all his life. People keep the murder in this history. It is true that we remain shocked by this murder.

But on the other hand, it is necessary to see that, according to the true significance of the word "sacrifice", what was indeed Jesus' sacrifice. Jesus didn't certainly come on the earth so that people keep seeing the sacrifice of a skinny cadaver on a cross. It is rather all the sacred that enlivens it that is essential in this business. What we really must look at is the sacredness that animates this story of the cross (as well as all the other themes of the life of Jesus) while seeing how, at this place and time, expressed itself Jesus' sacrifice. One sees how one can apply in his life what Jesus did 2000 years ago.

@ + Stephan

Message 2071

Object: Guardian angels

Marisa wrote


> Who are our guardian angels and what is their role?


> Marisa

Our guardian angel is our twin soul. Normal, since two souls form one Spirit. As for the role of the twin souls, it is to bring comfort and support.

That the twin soul is on earth or "elsewhere", the souls communicate between them to help one another. The disembodied soul will help, by telepathic emanations - thoughts -, its twin. The incarnate soul will help the other while accomplishing in his/her life the received suggestions, either by telepathy or by dreams.

The principle of the trinity - on earth - functions thus: the body helps the soul evolve which helps the spirit evolve. However, an individual can only evolve if the s/he hears the telepathic emanations of its twin and applies them. While acting on your dreams, for example, while doing what they tell you to do, you evolve. Therefore the twin soul, the guardian angel, also evolves.

The role of the two is to arrive to the being's spiritualization.


Message 2108

Object: Interpretation Book of Wisdom (or of Solomon), 6, 1-11,

Stephan wrote:


> Hello to all,


> I must make the analysis of a part of the Book of Wisdom (it is a book in the Bible, also nicknamed: Solomon's wisdom).


> I would like to know your intuitions on this text :


> 6,1. Listen therefore, oh kings, and understand; learn, judges of the confines of the earth. 2. Lend the ear, you that govern the multitudes, and you that you please in the crowds of the nations. 3. Because the power has been given you by the Lord, and strength by the Most High, that will interrogate your works and that will probe your thoughts; 4. because being the ministers of His kingdom, you didn't judge fairly, nor kept the law of the justice, nor walked according to God's will. 5. He will appear to you in an awful and sudden manner, because those that order will be judged with an extreme rigor. 6. Because the small are dealt with mercy; but the powerful will be tormented mightily. 7. Indeed, God won't except anybody, and He won't respect the size of that that it is; because He made the big as the small, and He also takes care of all. 8. But biggest are threatened of bigger torments. 9. It is therefore yours, oh kings, that address my speeches, so that you learned wisdom, and that you didn't fall. 10. Because those that will have observed the just things exactly will be justified, and those that will have learned that that I teach will find what to answer. 11. Want my words therefore ardently; like them, and you will find your instruction there.


> Any ideas?


> @ + Stephan

Hello Stephan,

If you read my first book, you know.

The nations are the memory cells of the body of the thought. In other words, the being's physical/mental strengths. The kings are the human beings, in their mental, their ego.

The peoples, the nations, the languages and the kings are our ways to react before the situations that are presented to us, that that we bend the knee, wrongly, that that we abdicate from.

That the kings, the nations and other concepts come in the book The Wisdom of Salomon or Revelation or anywhere else in the Bible, the significance of the symbols doesn't change.


Message 2110

Object: Bible, Devil and God

Stephan wrote:


> Hello to all,


> Here is a reflection on the devil in the First testament. Who is he? About what is it?


> This reflection begun with the reading of Job's book. In chapter 1, 6, God is in the sky accompanied by his sons. It is whereas the "adversary" joins them. God addresses him, while asking him from where he comes. He arrives to examine the men on the earth. God asks him if he noticed the exemplary life of his servant Job. And the adversary to plot with God to feel the faith of Job.


> It is not the history of Job that interests me, although that very passionate. It is rather the adversary, the devil. What hits me in first in this narration, it is the presence of the devil, among God's sons. I believed that this one didn't have the permission to frequent this place. On the contrary, he plays a role. The Hebrew text doesn't say that it is "Satan", but rather: "the satan." It means that the author use the expression not as if he/it was a person, but rather like a function. In fact, the text tells that he/it examined the earth. The book of Job only presents some functions when it calls "the devil." One can count them. There are three of them :


> 1 - he/it examines people

> 2 - he/it puts some doubts

> 3 - he/it feels people


> What of individual has, it is that God also accomplishes these three functions. I can give an example of the Bible for these three examples:


> 1 - Jeremiah 11, 20,: "Almighty Lord, you that govern with justice, that examines feelings and thoughts [...]"

> 2 - Genesis 18, 23,: "The Lord approached and tells Abraham: 'You go indeed to suppress the justice with the guilty party? There are fifty just maybe in the city! Are you going indeed to suppress this city, without forgiving him because of the fifty just who find themselves of it?"

> 3 - Genesis 32, 25-31,: "[...] and Jacob remained alone. A man rolled himself with him in the dust until the rising dawn. He saw that he could not prevail over him, he knocked Jacob at the curve of the thighbone [...] Jacob called this place 'Peniel' - that means Face-Of-God - because 'I saw face-to-face God and my life has been saved [...]"


> So God and the satan exercise the same functions, there is ground to think that actually, the satan designates some functions of God: faculties to examine, to doubt and to feel people.


> In fact, I feel regularly in myself the exam, the doubt and the test. These things take place when I am lost, when I ignore. Often in the Bible, the devil is associated to the blackness, to the darkness. It symbolizes ignorance. The complementary symbol of blackness is certainly the one of light: one is illuminated, now, one knows, one sees, one doesn't doubt anymore, the test is finished.


> See them: the test, the doubt, the exam, and apply them to God. In relation to God, a lot of humans are in doubt, exam and the test. The word that the Bible use to describe this spiritual situation is, exactly, the devil, the adversary, the satan.


> People don't know if God exists. They have a difficulty to feel his presence. There is the "adversary's" aspect of which, in my opinion, it would be necessary to treat. The devil describes an existential situation important in the life of numerous people.


> It would be necessary that people take the time to meet, to stop nourishing the doubt on what they are: gods.


> It is been not easy, when one is God, to notice that one is God, to achieve it indeed.


> @ + Stephan

My dear Stephan, your thoughts are interesting. In fact, we are ONE, God. It is even more true when we become conscious of the fact.

The devil is the human nature that doubts and loses itself in the meanders of his mental. It is the ignorance of our true nature.

Bravo for your text.


Message 2179

Object: Karma

Marisa good evening,

> What is the dreams of the soul?

The dreams of the soul, Marisa, are to spiritualize the matter that it became, this matter being the body. The soul looks for by all means to show us see its grandeur, its spirituality, its spirit and, leaving from there, to make us achieve our divinity.

The rest in the text.

You are wounded, you are healed.

By whom was he killed? By those that he killed in his other past. But his death on the cross also had at least another reason. He had to prove his statements. He had said that the temple would be rebuilt in three days. So that the temple is rebuilt in three days, it was necessary that it was first destroyed.

> What you write there means that even the Christ should have paid for his karma because he was as us. Some people can be shocked because they are convinced that Christ is God's incarnation of the Father, that he would be God come to be embodied on earth.

Many people will be inevitably shocked by what I say. Why do you think that I will be excommunicated? There will even be a price put on my head, according to a Pakistani friend. Does it mean that I lie? No, Marisa! It only means that several people don't know the truth, nor accept it.


The christic quality can be developed by every human that follows the traces of the divine spirit. Jesus is the first to have developed this spirit, this divine quality. And, He said: "what I do, you can and even more." This means that we can do at least as much as he and more. I always add: if we try.

The Christ are not embodied, Marisa, they develop themselves. Jesus was not born Christ. He is the first to become a Christ.

For not to have a karma, Marisa, it would have been necessary not to incarnate, ever. But even then, Lucifer never incarnated. He still has a karma.

> Yes, but in this case, one would live as thoughtless persons.

No, Marisa. We would not live as thoughtless persons. We would still be pure spirits, without terrestrial experience. Be reminded that we are gods, with or without bodies.

Message 2226

Object: Possession

The cases of possession are very rare and of very short lengths. Only one case of real possession has been talked about by Edgar Cayce, in his readings. A girl of 14 died. She took possession of a child 5 years old. The possession only lasted 14 days.

The problem of possession especially comes from the subconscious of people. Yes, of their own subconscious mind.

Frustrated people, for whatever reasons, enter, in spite of themselves, in their subconscious mind and get to talk a kind of "nonsense" about a lot of subjects.

As this woman, in the United States, that drowned her children, thinking and saying that God had asked her.

God would never ask for such an ignominy. As he didn't ask Abraham to kill his son either. That for which he was asked, was to kill his materialistic ideas (sons). Who doesn't understand the meaning of the symbols cannot understand God's demands.

The supposed "masters", who speak by the mouth of mediums, are false ideas deeply anchored inside the very individual.

It is astonishing to note the whole rage, the cruelty and the disinformation that the subconscious of these people can take and succeed in making believe.

Take, for example, automatic writing. It comes directly from the subconscious. In the same way, all [supposed] communications of the spiritualistic or of elevated "masters". Subconscious. In the totality of the cases. The mediums? Subconscious.

How many times didn't you send me, Dutch, a text to ask me for my opinion on the texts of supposed mediums? Every time, I noticed the mistakes in these texts. Do you see? If the communications were indeed of superior spirits, there would not be any mistakes!

To answer the other question that you asked: A same body can be it "squatted" by several souls at the same time!

No, Dutch. Except in the case reported by Cayce, no spirit - nor many - squat a body.


I speak to you of spiritualism and of cases of possession, to put you in guard against these and to tell you, precisely, what is in question here.

Several people, during several years, told me their nightmares, the disastrous experiences, the dreams, the odd stories, squalid and unhappy. Several others would apparently have been contacted, removed, bruised.


Definition of spiritualism: occult science that has for object to provoke the demonstration of immaterial beings or "spirits", in particular those of deceased souls, and to enter in communication with them by occult means or topics are in a hypnotic trance state (mediums).

That is the current definition. But it is not a science. It is, however, a process that has for object to provoke the demonstration. It is here that that complicates itself.

First let me tell you that the spirits that the mediums and other "channels" receive, that exists, but these entities are not as evolved as one wants to believe.

Every " medium" or "channel" can only receive these "disembodied" entities that have the same knowledge that the medium that receives them has. All, I say all, manifestations come of the beliefs and the desires of the medium. Starting from there, the imagination comes into play. The supposed spirits are: 1 - manifestations of the person's previous lives and, 2 - manifestations of the person's imagination.

There can have there, through these so-called spiritualistic "communications", true, judicious and some beautiful things that are given. But don't you be deceived there. They all come of the previous lives and the person's imagination that take to these practices.

The unappeased, unavowed desires, the reading of novels or looking at science-fiction movies will greatly help a person who decides, often unconsciously, to be the topic of these practices. Dreams, even, will help, when the person takes her dreams for the reality, without trying to interpret them correctly.

An example: a woman believes that Jesus, in a dream, asked her to be his wife. At the time of her wakening, the woman believes hard as iron that it is true. Would Jesus have asked her to be His wife?

No. It appeared that this person had unavowed sexual desires. Starting from there, she manufactured for herself a circumstance in which she would have liked to have some sexual intercourse with Jesus. Once taken care of, psychologically, and the dream interpreted, it appeared that the dream meant that Jesus asked her to be as him: perfect, healthy, spiritual.

Case of possession

No one is possessed, if it is not by oneself.

The "spirits" who possess people are fabrications of the possessed. The thief spirits (poltergeists), the harmful spirits, those that "possess" people, that only exists in the imagination of the living and these are those manifestations, our own thoughts, that make us do, think and say things.

All means are good to reject the cause of the misfortune of our lives on others. Let's therefore make ourselves harmful "spirits" and let's give them all power over us. Thus, we will be cleared of all responsibility.

But this often happens unconsciously. We are so tired from suffering, that we abandon the struggle and that we let life react while accusing it of rendering our life difficult.

La personne, inconsciemment possédée par ses propres peurs et par ses désirs, se met des idées dans la tête. Elle s’imagine être possédée par l’extérieur ou par un " esprit " qui aurait pris le contrôle. Mais, en réalité, c’est elle-même qui a abandonné le contrôle de sa vie à ses instincts, à ses peurs, à ses incompréhensions, à son imagination. Cette personne n’est possédée par personne d’autre qu’elle-même.

The person, unconsciously possessed by its own fears and desires, puts ideas into the head. S/he imagines to be possessed from the outside or by a "spirit" who would have taken control. But, actually, it is herself that abandoned the control of her life to her instincts, to her fears, to what she does not understands, to her imagination. This person is possessed by no other than herself.


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