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 Greetings everyone,

On a Saturday morning, October 16, 2004, a dream told me, first, that I had to translate in English the answers I give to members of my discussion list, because English speaking people too must know the truth. And I was to write a new Web site which would consist of the most important messages.

Monday morning, October 25, 2004. I woke up talking in English. I was saying things about the human races, Genesis and a few other things, among them: the symbolic story of Cain and Abel and explaining what the story meant.

In Genesis, Cain kills his brother Abel, because God did not like his offering.

What really happened? What is the significance of this story? To understand, one must know a few things. First, the names significance:

Abel, in Aramaic, means the soul and the idealized human nature. Cain, in the same language, means the body and human materialistic desires.

Abel is essentially a vegetarian, him that made the sacrifice to eat meat, while Cain is an eater of meat. The lesson to keep, when Cain kills Abel, is a serious warning. The significance of Abel' sacrifice? He demonstrated, by his sacrifice, his desire to exalt the soul and the spiritual qualities.

Cain, on his side, only wants himself a man. He abandons and kills his spirituality.

The whole message is therefore this: if we don't think hard about it, and do something, our human and materialistic nature will kill our spiritual nature.

Why does God preferred Abel's offering instead of his brother's?

Abel, while sacrificing meat, sacrificed his human nature. This is the important message of this story. We must sacrifice our human nature. For we must eat to live, not the opposite.

The following pages are the result of my translation of the messages from my discussion list which was created in 2002, because one of my friends, from the Unites States, told me that I should help others, like I helped him with my answers. Thus, I created the list. Slightly more than 2 years later, more than 5000 messages were exchanged. You will read, in the next pages, many of the discussions.

A number of people participated. Of course, their names have been changed.

You will read a few concepts that may look to you as if they were taken from the New Age literature. Some will be totally different from anything you have already read. Many may be incredible. But everything is true. Everything.

So, dear readers, do clic on the link below. There are so many discussions, that I decided to put only one link per page.

Yours truly,

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