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Oye, Oye, Oye !!!

Antidepressants are excessively consumed in France and in many other countries, and in the United States they also bombard children! Let's put everybody to sleep!!!

Over activity, especially in children, is caused by meat. Stop eating meat and you cut the medicines. You therefore save on two fronts.

The antidepressants are sold and excessively consumed because the sellers of meat and other lobbyists only try to sell their products. From this fact only, ignoring that meat kills, they are automatically in war against health.

And the physicians and the food specialists have been lured by untrue studies - I really say untrue, yes - of the producers of livestock products. It is not all. The pharmacologists know that. All this "beautiful" world - producers, pharmacists, dietitians and physicians only think about profit. Not important, if people are sick. They will sell more pills.


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