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Saturday, October 9 2004, 3:15 in the morning.

In a dream, George W. Bush and I had a conversation.

I told him everything that I knew about cancer and illnesses. I said, among others things, that milk and eggs are the cause of arthritis; that meat causes cancer.

Bush was saying: “But studies demonstrate…”

“Lies”, I said. “Lies paid for by the producers”.

Osteoporosis : milk. Breast cancers: chicken. I was also telling him all the rest of what I knew about what causes sicknesses.

He said: “You know everything, is it not?” Not to seem condescending, me that knows everything, I answered: “I’m getting there, I’m getting there”.

I told him: “If only you knew how to listen! Indeed, if you could just listen, really listen, you would know! To read the Bible like a parrot, this is not listening. Listening is to act according to the suggestions in dreams.”

He spoke a bit more about cancer in children. I told him: “That is caused by cigarette smoking or second hand smoke? They all smoked these children who died of cancer? Their parents too?” He didn't, couldn’t answer anymore. I told him: “If you knew how to listen, you would know. Knowing, you would act! “

I added: “Cigarette will complicate an existing situation, an illness already present. It is NOT the cause of cancers.”

The dream is self-explanatory. The soul, divine, knows.

To corroborate this dream, so as to prove it, here are a few links that might convince you that pollution and meat are a deadly combination. First, a paper by Monique Gaudry, on a virus and tobacco. Then, this link on the truth about smoking and cigarettes. In my site on health, there is a Tableau of sicknesses, and a page on Beneficial herbs.

Finally, a link on the Dragon and the Beast from the "Book of Revelation". After having read all these, you will understand that everything is intimately connected.

Pierre Fortin

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