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This page contains links for my site "Gods and Men", links to my other site "Books and words". Also, links to email and my discussion list [French]


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All links to GODS AND MEN:

| Genesis of Life | Alpha and Omega | To defeat the Ego | Souls In Human Clothes | Spirits/Angels/Souls/Bodies | John: this is your mother | No separation | My name is Seth | Arafat and Monique: a link | | Analysis of a verse: John, 1,38 | Bible and Revelation Part 1 | The Tower of Babel | Bible and Revelation, part 2 | Ego | Manou's Law | Antidepressants | Lazarus | Choices | Judas, Book of Wisdom... |

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FRENCH site: Spiritualisation de l'être humain

Liste de discussion francophone : Enseignements Spirituels Personnalisés

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