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Two questions for you.

1 - by what principle could Jesus have revived Lazarus?

2 - why did Lazarus die a few years after he was resurrected?

I wait for your ideas.


Hello to all,

I attempt an answer :

First, Lazarus is the abridged Eleazar's name meaning: "God helps him."

Then, according to John, Lazarus is sick. To Jesus' eyes, this illness must not bring to the death but rather to demonstrate God's glory.

Besides, Jesus considers Lazarus' death like a sleep. He speaks of Lazarus as a man sleeping.

Another important feature, an obvious parallelism exists between the narration of the birth of the blind man healed by Jesus and the one of the resurrection of Lazarus. Indeed, in the two cases, the miracle of Jesus must serve to demonstrate God's glory. Not to mention that in John 11, 37, the correspondence is underlined with a lot of evidence. However, we know that the blind of birth is blind because of his karma, of his previous lives. This blind's recovery can explain itself by the fact that Jesus made this blind understand the existence of his karma and that he dictated to him how to act to heal himself.

In the case of Lazarus, because of the verse 37, St.-John introduces the idea of a karmic recovery. The disciples think that even though Jesus has succeeded to heal a blind of birth, he will be incapable to heal a dead man. And yet! Jesus has Lazarus relive from death, then, he requires that one frees Lazarus of these old bandages.

What is it? By what principle could Jesus could revive Lazarus? Lazarus descended into death. Under Jesus' teachings (probably about the dreams since he is to his eyes one

man who sleeps), he recovered his previous lives and, therefore, is freed itself from death.

> 2 - why did Lazarus died a few years after the resurrection?

According to John, the priests made Lazarus die because a lot of Jews believed in Jesus. Indeed, when the Jews saw this Lazarus that Jesus had revived, they began to believe in Jesus. So Lazarus died after his resurrection, it is that in his case, it was maybe about the resurrection of his previous lives and not of the one of his physical body. The resurrection of the physical body will be taught later by saint John in the gospel, with Jesus.

Am I right?

@ + Stephan

The first question, Stephan, was not by what principle Jesus had "made" Lazarus revive, but how could he revive him.

If Jesus "had made" Lazarus resuscitate, it would mean that Lazarus had himself, by himself, resuscitated.

When you change "been able to" by "had made", you change the question automatically. While changing the question, you don't answer it. While coming out of the setting of the question, mistakes slip.

When you say: "... Under Jesus' teachings (probably about the dreams since he is to his eyes a man who sleeps), he recovered his previous lives and, therefore, freed himself of death", you are mistaken. Lazarus didn't free himself from death since he died some years after the resurrection operated by Jesus.

Redo your work, my friend.


> The first question, Stephan, was not by what principle Jesus has "made" Lazarus revive, but how could he revive him.

By what principle does Jesus can revive Lazarus?

Jesus says: "what I do, you can do it and more." Jesus is revived, Lazarus also.

So Jesus conformed his Will to the one of God, he could teach it to others so that they can follow his traces. In it, Lazarus was able to, as Jesus, revive since the resurrection is the climax of the adequacy between the human will and the divine will.

@ + Stephan

Lazarus didn't receive Jesus' teaching. You still don't answer the question. Lazarus didn't revive himself. It is Jesus who did it. How?

And if Lazarus had revived himself why would he have died of the same illness of which he had died the first time?

Eric, don't try to be logical. And don't use what you learn at the university.

Besides, Jesus had not died, nor resurrected, at the time of the resurrection of Lazarus. Your argument doesn't hold. think, my friend, think! Not with your mind, but with your soul, your intuition!

All right, then, I am going to give the answer.

To revive Lazarus, Jesus used the principle of Isaiah. This principle says this, in three points:
- I am already healed.
- There is but one of us here.
- We are in resonance, synchronized to our world.

This prayer allows a direct access the bodies in presence (the sick and the healer), one to the other and to the creative forces that govern the universe.

What did Jesus do? Him that knew to be ONE with God (absolute faith based on knowledge), and the creative forces, he used this principle to bring Lazarus back in a healthy body ("I am already healed").

Why did Lazarus die, again, a few years later? Because he didn't understand the work that he had to do (karma) to come out of the problems that he had caused at the time of previous sojourns.


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