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Find of Monique, my mother:

In what sense is it necessary to understand Jesus' speech who, on the cross, said to John and to his mother: "John, this is your mother" and to Mary: "Mary, this is your son"?

There are two interpretations to this speech. I give you the first, I ask you to think about the other and to share your suggestions.

In the first, Mary was Eve. John was Abel.

Your suggestions as for the second interpretation?


Were you Abel in a previous life and Mary was Eve, therefore you were the son of Eve, unless it is necessary to interpret in the spiritual sense? Were you, before your first incarnation, the archangel Rafael?


Hello Marisa,

Yes, Marie, I am Rafael. My dreams reveal to me this nearly incredible enormity. The significance of the Rafael name is " God has healed ". However, according to my dreams I was born "so that others live". By my I writings therefore heal, which makes that others, reading them and adhering to tea stated principles, will live... spiritually and will be able to discover their own spirituality and, starting from there, their divinity.

"John here is your mother, Mary here is your son".

> You were Abel in a previous life and Mary was Eve, therefore you were the son of Eve, unless it is necessary to interpret in the spiritual sense?

Yes, Marisa, interpret in the spiritual sense. How can Mary be John's mother as well as his aunt? One could believe this to be impossible! Mary was Eve, Abel's mother. Abel became John.

If you look at the symbolism, you will see that Mary represents the intuition par excellence. Jesus confirmed to John that he - John - possessed the necessary intuition to continue his task, because Jesus knew that John was going to write.

Remember what I already wrote. John and Jesus knew how to interpret dreams, them that had followed a course on the interpretation of dreams that holy Anne - their grandmother - had given them.

So then, John could write the Book of Revelation that Jesus send him through his dreams.


> Said otherwise you inherited Mary's intuition, and for this reason you become her spiritual son?

First, we are intuition's spiritual children when we let ourselves be guided by it.

Secondly, I did not "inherit" Mary's intuition. John - I - developed my intuitive quality. Mary "represents", among other things, Intuition. In this sense Jesus told John that he possessed this quality.

> This question entail another: do we become the spiritual sons of those that transmit us the Knowledge?

Yes, Marisa; just as we are the spiritual sons of our other masters. In this sense I am the spiritual son of Cayce, Jesus, Monika and other authors who influenced my thought.

But as I was saying, I did not inherit Mary's intuition. I developed my own. Mary "represents" intuition.

And it is thanks to this faculty that John, through dreams that Jesus sent him after his Ascension, could write the Book of Revelation.


> In other words, since you possessed this intuition from birth, you were Jesus spiritual son and this for this reason that Jesus wanted Mary and John to be like mother and son.

> If this is not so, I give my tongue to the cat.


Hello Marisa,

You would better give your tongue to the cat!

The mother of Jesus REPRESENTS intuition. Mary is the SOURCE, symbolically, of John's intuition, as she is the source of all those who looks for the truth.

Jesus simply told John that he too possessed the necessary intuition for the task that would follow. As for being Jesus' spiritual brothers we all are, since we are ONE, remember!

Jesus did not tell John that Mary was his mother so that they would be as mother and son! Jesus said these words so that John acknowledge that he had the necessary intuition to go ahead with the task that was sure to follow: dream of and write the Book of Revelation.

Remember Marisa: symbolism. The Bible, part of being the life of people, it is also symbolic.

Through dreams that Jesus was going to send John, he could write the path - that Jesus Himself followed - that all peoples had to follow to discover their own divinity and to arrive to immortality in their own flesh.

When you attempt to interpret a dream and that you have difficulties, ask for Mary's help. She will inspire you. It is in this sense that she is the source of intuition and inspiration.

Today more than ever, she helps me to understand so many things! She will help you if you ask her.

Do you now understand? These words: "John, here is your mother, Mary, here is your son" merely mean: "John, you have the capacity to pursue your task if you use intuition. And you, Mary, you are going to help him. "


> Thank you Pierre for your answer.

> Yes, I understand and I am going to ask Mary and let her inspire me.

> Marie

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