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Dates that marked History.

Jehovah's witnesses tells us that the world was created about 4500 years ago and that Adam has been created of earth and a little divine breath 4000 years ago. This disproves all scientific facts. Faith doesn't explain everything.

Not many clairvoyants and/or writers, in spite of biblical studies of learned people, arrived at a certain consistency, nor did they really research the question. Jehovah's witnesses made their calculations, they tell us, from the Bible's Book of Numbers.

What are, precisely, these events? When did they happen?

Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet, spoke of these events. Some researchers, while studying his readings, looked at dates, places and characters that marked history.

Here is a very short summary.

- Caveman = 10,000,000 BC. This was before the LAW of ONE. The scientific community, anthropologists first, place these beings to about 6 to 7 millions of years BC. They were the first fallen angles to appear on Earth.
- Apparition of Things, as Cayce called such mythical "beings": sirens, sphinxes, satyrs, centaurs, etc. These were "created" by the fallen angels who were still, after all, creators.
- Amilius = 200,000 BC. Atlantis; (manifestation of Jesus) - spiritual entity with a body; Amilius instituted the LAW of ONE. More than 330,000 volunteers - hermaphrodites - came with Amilius.
[Note: A manifestation happens when an entity comes to Earth and talks like a man, dresseS like a man and generally acts like a man. In all ancient mythologies, these beings were called "gods".]
- Rama = 103,000 BC. India; (manifestation of Jesus) - spiritual entity with a body.
- Adam = 12,000 BC. (manifestation of Jesus) in Atlantis or the actual Irak (between the Tigre and Euphrates rivers); Cayce is not clear on the location of this event; - spiritual entity with a body.
- Enoch = 10,865 BC. Egypt; (manifestation of Jesus) [also known ace Hermes, constructor of Great Pyramid]; - spiritual entity with a body. [After this event, all beings, all "souls", - except for the entity known as Jesus - will incarnate through the womb of a woman and thus acquire human bodies.]
- Elie had a body of flesh. We do not know when this event occurred.
- Noah = 9600 BC. [Noah was Enoch's great grandson.]
- UHJLTD = 9000 BC. Persia, today's Iran; (Incarnation of Edgar Cayce), was the father of
- ZEND (manifestation of Jesus]; spiritual entity with a body.
- Abraham = 6000 BC. (Incarnation of the archangel MichaŽl); Isaac's father (archangel Ouriel); Isaac was Jacob's father (archangel Rafael). [In the time of Abraham, lived
- Melchisedek (manifestation of Jesus) ; - spiritual entity with a body; it is said of him that he had no father, no mother.
It will be necessary to wait for the arrival of
- Jacob = slightly less than 6000 BC, to see the first incarnation of the Amilius entity. As a matter of fact, the eleventh son of Jacob,
- Joseph, the one that had been sold by his brothers - is Jesus' first incarnation. He had, for the first time, a physical body, since he was born of the flesh.
- Moses = 1300 BC.
- Joshua (incarnation of Jesus) = same period as Moses.
- Salomon, David, Asaph (incarnation of Jesus) and the Queen of Sheba = about 1000 years BC.


And now this, that closely resembles my theory.

[Text adapted from ANCIENT MYSTERIES, September 2004, A.R.E. Press, Virginia Beach. ]

The Ages of Humanity

The Mayan, Aztec, Toltec, Inca, Hopi, Navajo, and other peoples of America have detailed legends concerning the Ages of Humanity. They all had different names for these Ages - the five suns, the five worlds - but legends are similar.

First Age was not as physical as the one we know today. People and places existed in thought [my theory: Amilius and his friends - volunteers - arrived]. The Navajos explain that all represented the "conception" of being, but all was not imprinted in matter. Even though all was merely in its essence, in mind, the First Age was a period of power and grandeur, but also of blackness and chaos. As in the biblical Genesis a mind of negativity appeared in the created. This spirit was in opposition to the normal order of Creation, creating disorders and misfortune. In some of the legends the strength of life destroyed the first Age; in others people of good intent searched for a best world, a surer place, and constructed the Second World. But the discord made that the created took more substance, shapes becoming clearer, making it stronger and more physical. The Forces of Life gave them a "sky", of which one could see a vision of all the creation and the other levels of consciousness: the sky, the earth and the other world (astral).

The Third Age tried to improve. The plan for this Third Age consisted of "to plant and to grow", [Genesis] in order to become the best that we can be. During this Age another race was created, according to the Mayan. But difficulties persisted, and a vain mind was the reason of more than disputes than before. The created had power and free will, and several badly used these strengths. Others became sad; they wanted another room, another place, another race, another Age.

During the Fourth Age, all the magic and powers that beings then possessed disappeared [12000 years ago, according to my theory]. Humanity became physical among animals with only its thought to guide it. Humanity was now strong, in a physical shape, using a body alike the one of the big apes. In this Age we really are terrestrial beings, losing a lot of our divine nature, indeed as well as our knowledge, from then on imprisoned in a nature in evolution.

But in the heart of many stayed the desire to become better, so that, in the Fifth Age - the Age of Movement, according to the Mayan, and the one of light (of the sun), according to the Navajos - we began to rise up (elevate), undergoing several tests on the path, to see if we had progressed, if we knew how to use the power of freedom in harmony with the Forces of Life.

The Aztec solar disk expires with the Fifth Age. It is the present Age. But the legend says that there are two other ages to come. The first will be Age of "the spirit of things that live;", a time in the course of which we are going to regain the consciousness of the true nature of life and the cosmos, its and our celestial nature.

The Sixth Age will begin around December 2012 [Note], date at which the Mayan calendar ends.

The Final Age is called, by the Navajos, "the Era where we are going to melt in ONE". In this last Age all life will regain its sense of unity and will be united with the original Source, from which all is. [Nostradamus predicts this Age for the year 3000 or so.]

My theory finds confirmation in these legends.

[Note: Pegasus era, not that of Aquarius. In many ancient prophecies, a Great Monarch is supposed to rule the world before the coming of the Antichrist. He would rule over an empire as big as that of Charlemagne.

A smaller number of prophecies add that a great pope, a Pontifex Maximus, empowered with many psychic talents, would reign over the Church during the time of the Great Monarch.

On the astronomical chart, between Pieces and Aquarius, there is Pegasus, a constellation that is not on the ecliptic, but slightly over it; it will influence the next thousand years. Pegasus is the horse, Cabale in French (monture) or mount of the next era of spirituality. The earth is under the influence of Pegasus since the end of the nineteen century until the year 3000, approximately.

To every sign, Small Year, corresponds a civilization and a prophet, an Emmanuel. The Emmanuel for the Pegasus era is THE LORD OF THE WAY.

We are at the end of the Pieces era. The point of entry of the Piscean era was in 148 BC, according to Heraclitus. According to the map from the National Institute of Geography, we leave the current era at around 2010 or 2011 to enter the era of Aquarius in about the year 3000. The interval thousand years are represented by the Pegasus constellation.

The next civilization will be spiritual. It will live at the era of the Indigo, the fifth root race. Its prophet will be the archangel Michel or the Grand Monarch ]


Here is another text that I wrote in 2003, following a reading of the Cayce material.

Unity in Diversity

A 5th race? Indigo children? Many talk about this but what is one to make of this? Why a fifth race? What are its goals and qualities?

The colors of the races and where they incarnated.

The red race was incarnated in Atlantis (very near North America) in the middle of the Atlanteans. The white race incarnated close to mount Ararat, the Caspian Sea and Iran. The yellow incarnated in the region of the Gobi desert (present China.) The black race in Africa (the present Sudan) and the brown race in the Andes and South America.

The color of skin didn't have the importance people grants it today. It was not a criteria of selection or segregation. Colors symbolized an interior law, a shape of thought that put to contribution one of the five senses. The sense affected in the yellow race was sound and hearing. The one of the white race was vision, the way things are viewed, the one of the red was sensations through the touch. For the brown and black races, the affected senses were, respectively, the olfactory and taste.

The contribution of the five races is important and each being would have (or did) incarnate in each of the races in the goal to know the spiritual ideas associated to the corresponding senses.

The Indigo race is considered to be the fifth root race. Some individuals whose mission is special began to be born 4 or 5 years ago, but this new race will be born "en masse" starting in 2004, at the time of the alignment of the Polar star (Polaris) with the Great Pyramid. These beings will be more spiritual than the present. They will likely be born vegetarians. Their bodies will be lighter.

With this new race we will see the resurgence of psychic talents as lived millions of years ago by spiritual beings.

People who will accept the new vibrations of these events will win in consciousness; they will the know relations that exist between the universal creative Forces and the way to use them human and physical environment. It appears therefore that we are, as humanity, under way toward the recuperation of all our psychic talents. Racial divisions are going to change, diminish, and disappear. The curve of evolution is in its last stage. The fifth root race will be spiritual and will bring the remainder of the world to its continuation that is, no doubt, the spiritualization of the human being.


Stephen wrote:

Hello Pierre, :-)

Pierre: Moses wrote Genesis, as well as the first five books of the Bible. Jesus, during a previous life, rewrites it, when he was a scribe at King David's court.

Stephen: There really was a major rewriting of Genesis in the time of King Salomon. In a doubtful context. At the end of his life king Salomon succumbed to his earthly passions. His life was sprinkled of good and bad things. Men of his court were tempted to institute a mythical narration constituting of the fruits of their reflections on the reasons of their misfortunes. My sources are historians and theologians who read the historic documents on the topic. It is a professor of the "University of Quebec in Chicoutimi" that demonstrates it.

It is true that Moses wrote the Book of Genesis. 10th century BC, one rather proceeded to a rewrite, with additions and things that were taken out. Among the added elements are Adam and Eve eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge. It is probably the novelty of this second Genesis.

Pierre: As long as man won't acknowledge, as Jesus did, that he is God, an outside God - in appearance - will always take the initiative.

Stephen: Alas!

Pierre: The divine descended into matter and later, wanted to leave. For that to happen, man must know through his efforts. The human will hoist himself to the rank of gods because he is one! " Like begets like ", said Edgar Cayce.

Stephen: I know that there is an effort to make to get out of matter. What I told is not what I think personally. I wrote the interpretation the way the Jewish scribes tell it. I have the document describing this.

My interpretation is different: The divine descended in matter. Its will was divided [from the beast to the mind]. From this the man/God tried to get knowledge. But, because of the division in himself, his knowledge killed that that was spiritual in him.

@+ Stephen

Pierre: My friend Stephen, you are partly right. The divine descended in matter. But this is not its will that was divided; it is its being. Divided in two complementary parts: the intuitive and the reasonable, so that the evolution toward a new consciousness is accelerated. Knowledge did not kill the spirituality, but forgetfulness. Indeed, while materialising, the human forgot its divine nature. The coming down into materiality did that.


Here is the New Genesis.

But first, a few words on why and how I came to write this.

Every morning, I come down to the kitchen for breakfast. Nothing extraordinary in that. If my mother is already there, she asks me if I had any dream. Usually, my answer is positive.

Every morning, mother and I tell each other's dreams. That morning was no exception. What was exceptional was the dream I had on that morning in October 2002.

According to the dream, I was to rewrite Genesis. Just that: rewrite Genesis, the Bible's first book.

This task seemed, for a moment, impossible. Where was I to start? What was I to write? Since Genesis recounts the beginnings, I decided to start at the very beginning, the beginning of all beginnings: what was, before God.

I will define the very nature of God. Most people know, or think there is one, or deny there is a Something called God that created the universe and all else, but no one know Its nature. This is the start, the very beginning.

Without further ado, here is




In the beginning, there was Infinite Space. In It, there was an infinitesimal Mass. This was God. Nothing else existed. God was pure Energy or Pure Spirit. God is all that exists and nothing that exists is not Him; Love, Beauty, Goodness, Spirit, Intelligence, Law, Wisdom, Life, etc. All exist at the perfect level because everything is God.

To understand, let us use an example. Let us say this Mass is like a square of asbestos. Suddenly, there was an inner stirring inside this Mass. This movement was the awakening of Consciousness. It provoked the separation of all the fibers that were composing the Mass. Each fiber was Pure Energy or Pure Spirit or God in Its totality. Nothing changed in their nature. These Pure Spirits, these sons of Space recognized their individuality and their identity, because Consciousness brings one to recognize self. We call these Spirits: angels. We, each of us, separately and collectively, became conscious of being one. The angels are thus ourselves, us, all of humanity, past, present and future. We were and still are God with all the powers and all the responsibilities that this state entails.

This consciousness of being gave a soul to the angels we were. The soul is the divine vehicle of our emotions and feelings. The soul is one with the Spirit. If we can know and give Love, it is because we have a soul.


Ideas started to form within us and the creative forces were activated. We kept thinking and we created the universe and all that is in it. Happy, we delected ourselves of what we had created and we sang in the universe.


Long after, Lucifer decided, with his minions, to take advantage on other angels. That was the sin, the first mistake. Man did not commit the first sin, but an archangel did. The rebels thus lost their innocence. They were then called "sons of Belial". A battle was in the making. It happened between these "sons of Darkness" and the others that stood true to their first purposes, the "sons of Light. The sons of Light won. The Archangel Michael (Michael) was their chief. Because of their relative loss of consciousness, the sons of Darkness could not maintain themselves at the same level as the sons of Light. This was their downfall.


It is in this manner that a number of these rebellious angels were exiled to Earth. There was life on the planet, with all kinds of animals. These angels integrated with these animals and, since they were still creators but without a clear consciousness, they found the way to create new life into which they integrated themselves. Earth knew then the appearance of "mermaids", "centaurs", "sphinxes", etc. They found themselves prisoners of their own creations, theses beasts like creatures. The absolute joy of being was gone. Because of that, the loss of consciousness drew the dark angels out of the presence of God. It made them lose the memory of their divinity.


Seeing what was happening on earth and the sorry state of the fallen angels embroiled in matter and exhibiting queer bodies - mermaids, fawns and unicorns, among others -, the Archangel Gabriel took upon himself to rescue them. Known at this stage as Amilius, he elaborated a plan. Other Archangels sided with him. It was decided that we would all come down on earth to remind the rebels of their divinity and to show them the way back to the glory of God.

Amilius saw the great apes, Earth's products, and decided to create a model that would fit an angel: a human body. The fallen angels, still possessing a creative mind, could get inspired by these new beings. Amilius and His friends thus created spiritual human like bodies for themselves.

Angels landed en masse in five different places and created for themselves perfect spiritual bodies as models for those beast-like fallen souls. This was the origin of the five races.


Amilius took a human name: Adam. He understood that evolution would be a very long process. In order to accelerate it, he split this spiritual man into its two separate emanations, the positive and the receptive, as there was already two sexes on Earth among the animal kingdom. The first man thus separated into its two sides became Adam (positive) and Eve (receptive). Every angel and Archangel who came with Amilius went through the same process. From this separation were created what we call twin souls. Even separated, the (twin) souls remain one in spirit. On Earth, each human being is one half of an angel having somewhere on earth or on the other side (living or dead), its unique and eternal counterpart.


Time went on. Gradually, we all lost our innocence because of the human knowledge we acquired. We fell into a terrestrial mentality which took over, over the length of millions of years for many (the fallen angels) and thousands for others (for the adamic race).

In the meantime, the fallen angels learned how to evolve. A great number among the "sons of Light" mingled with the "sons of Darkness" and found out that their daughters were beautiful.

What followed was the encasing in matter. We lost the knowledge that we were spiritual beings. But the way back home was also starting. Twelve thousand years ago, completely encased in matter, we lost the ability to get out of it at will. We then had to die and be born again (reincarnation principle). Only one of us could still escape Earth at will: Gabriel-Amilius-Adam who was then the God Hermes, the architect of the great pyramid.


Gabriel manifested later many times in his spiritual body. At the time of Abraham, He was the High Priest Melchizedek (who was without father and mother). The first time that Gabriel took on a physical body was as Joseph, the interpreter of dreams, son of Jacob and Rachel. His mother Rachel, on her dying bed told him not to forget the goal of his mission: to bring humanity back to God.

Later on, the archangel Gabriel incarnated again and again. He was never alone. The other Archangels always accompanied Him. He inspired many prophets, through their dreams and meditations.

Then came the time of Jesus. Gabriel is Jesus. Were there, all the archangels who had accompanied Him all through his incarnations. It is in that experience that Jesus became the Christ. The game was over for him. He had won mastery over human nature. He had shown us THE WAY, becoming also THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE. With Mary his twin soul, he has ascended to the status of Throne in the angelic hierarchy.


Spiritual communication is a constant between the 2 separated emanations of the spirit or angel, but not often perceived by the rational being we have become. It is this other part of us that we look for without tiring. Adam, when he became Jesus in His last incarnation, found his twin. It was Mary, His mother.

Twin souls almost always find themselves inside a family. Because the spirit is the same.


Because there are twin souls, there are also soul mates. We all come for a reason that often remains unknown to us. All through millions of years and hundreds of incarnations, man established affective links with a certain number of people. This number can be between 18 and 35 souls, in general, depending on the task at hand. Everything is determined in advance, even before we incarnate. Because the primordial idea remains, always, the same for the angels we are: return to the glory of God. Our first innocence will be enriched by everything we have acquired on our long voyage. The people that compose these groups are all (or almost all) soul mates. We find them in affective and emotional situations, from incarnation to incarnation. It is often in the middle of families that we find them.

Of course, there are other associations. It so happens that sometimes, at first sight, we feel something for someone even if we think we see this person for the first time. It is as if we always knew the person. And that is true. The love that we once felt can not die. This love can not have been a happy one. But it does not lie. Over the purely physical attractions that can be short lived, profound love built over ages stays, eternally.

End of Part One.


The text that follows is a compilation of two regressions I conducted many years ago. I use these texts because they perfectly answer the needs of this new version of Genesis.
By a simple technique, I (Conductor) brought the Subject to the alpha level of consciousness. Then I send the Subject to the Akasha (the akashic records or God's Big Book). There, the Subject took the book I was referring to. We began...



Conductor: You will tell us the first stories. What were the first interests of the entities? How did they manifest and/ or create them? The book that you have chosen recounts these, step by step.

Subject: I see a king. We are here to make a plan. Each has its specialty and takes its sector of exploration. I see a king. King of spade. It represents the Great Monarch. We all are dressed in white, kind of like a sport attire with no density at all.

Conductor: The king is organizing something?
Subject: He is there, like an image. We think about his plan.
Conductor: Is the plan about the earth's organisation?
Subject: Yes. We put our books away. We are going on a mission.
Conductor: Are you from the adamic people that will create the 5 races?
Subject (she does not answer the question, but something else): Everyone went to different places; we were not many at the time. About 10 people.
Conductor: You were like a vanguard?
Subject: Yes. I travel in nature. The forest. There are no people. We build a boat. We left a place where there was sand. There are palm trees. We study the fishes close to the beach.
Conductor: Why?
Subject: Maybe to find a cure. To study.
Conductor: You are from a group of scientists?
Subject: Yes, truly, because we have our papers with us.
Conductor: Turn another page.
Subject: We will go into the forest. The great apes.
Conductor: You study them too?
Subject: Yes. We are 3 or 4, not more and we take notes. One of our companions is gone to visit a volcano. We are going toward a city. There is a concentration of people. Everyone is like ethereal. This is a very brilliant city, like it was made of thoughts, like glass. It was like this: many were thinking about it and were taking the decision to build it. But not me. I am interested in something else. There... I see flowers; the beach; the storm.
Conductor: The storm that we speak of before dinner? (this storm that made us forget all of our divine nature)
Subject: Wind and sandstorm.
Conductor: You are in a desert?
Subject: On the fringe of it. I see people, a small village, children.
Conductor: Ethereal people, like you?
Subject: They are not like us. They look like "Things", you know? Mermaids, centaurs, sphinxes... Parents give advice on plants. How they should eat these. Oh! This part is over.
I go someplace else. I meet people that I know. Many decide to get into matter and to get the job done. I do not want to... but... I accept a very difficult job and I must come into this world, become like those we studied...
They are dense. I will loose my freedom, loose the freedom of my white garment, of my garment of pure light. It is cold, humid and heavy. But, also, the only way to understand earth's misery. I accept but not right away...
Already, our clothing is not so white. The whiteness has disappeared. It is light green. I still have my papers. Don't know what to do with them.
I go back toward the sun, over Earth. I know I will come back. I am with people I know; friends and we have some fun. We will come back to teach.
Conductor: It is not enough to know things, we have to become them?
Subject: this is not a demand on us, but an agreement. We go, by two's, trees'. One stays behind. He will come.
Conductor: What was promised to us? What will we gain from this?
Subject: We will find again our clothes of light. We will acquire emotions. We will live into and conquer our own matter, that that we will become. Some of us are teachers. We gave life to the matter that we became that we now are. We will make this matter grow and flourish. It must reach the light. We will do it so that human nature becomes spiritual. Everyone will be happy. Those who do not come to Earth will not know. They will not feel. They see it but do not feel it.
Conductor: You first manifested or you were born? And, if we manifested, how did we become dense?
Subject: I manifested. I was not ready to be born. As to how, here is the answer: we were like ethereal clouds. We slowed down. We looked around and then, near Earth, we felt the desire not to go farther. But we did not touch Earth at once. A Ray of Pure Light talked to us and told us that we should go. We accepted. I walked in the woods. I looked at the people. You see people, you talk. It is as if you become grounded. It was like a game. While playing this game, you accomplish your destiny, your mission.
I had the impression I was putting on armor. It was heavy. This armor was gluing us to the ground. This was a strange environment. Our natural state was space and the fact that we could fly.
Conductor: How did we get so dense?
Subject: It happened slowly. The armor was strong. The more we came down toward Earth, the more the armor took on weight. We came down slowly enough and the armor built itself.
We created ourselves.
Conductor: How long did this process take?
Subject: It took a very long time. Longer that a falling feather.
Later on, I saw a sad woman. Sad because she saw the small people prisoners of matter; they could not grow. They were the small people of the forest, the very big forest, too big for them. This woman was sitting on a throne. Its base was already sinking into matter. It is in this manner that she chooses to incorporate. I thought she was the Great Priestess (Tarot card). We did not speak in those times. But she invited me to do as she.
It is all right. She became like the small people...
Conductor: What are you doing among the small people?
Subject: I prepare vegetables, some cooking; I did not forget about my papers. I hope to accomplish what I must. Now, our preoccupations are different. I must survive. There are many people, dressed in green. Small cabin made of straw.
Conductor: Turn the page.
Subject: I am speaking with the woman: " This is not funny. But it is this way that we learn to feel ". She too has a big job. This woman, she loved the small people so much so that she wanted them to be able to grow too. We talk to them and tell them of what is overhead, about the trees, in the sky, in space. We will give them the desire to go beyond Earth. They look interested. They will eventually understand.
Conductor: Who are they? Where do they come from?
Subject: They usually do not come near people. They live in the forest. This was a curiosity for people. They were not from the sage generation of souls. Two distinct creations, two very different races. These, they fell on Earth. And, because they fell, they lost most of their consciousness. I see the elongated head of one of them.
Conductor: Why did they disappear from the face of the Earth but not of human memory?
Subject: They could not survive. Could not follow evolution. A few, more cunning, came our of the forest. I see them in the sand looking at people. Some were adopted. I see a woman who wants to adopt one.
Conductor: Turn the page
Subject: I went back to my papers. I must give a report. Everyone talks about the experiences. We now know that this is a full-time job. We will come back and back again. But it is not without hope. There is a possibility that this will one day stop.
Our clothes are not so white as before. They have a greenish colour in the light.
Conductor: Our clothes will change colour as we go along?
Subject: Yes. I see orange now. This is more encouraging.
Conductor: What happened?
Subject: My king of spade, a Ray of yellow light is happy, It dances. Says we worked well.
End of Regressions





There is no original sin as that described in Genesis and explained by supposedly learned people. Adam and Eve did not eat an apple. What separated us from God is our incorporation. We were spiritual beings, souls, and we became humans. In our human armor, we, step by step, forgot our true origin. That and only that fact constitutes the so-called "sin".

Humans have forgotten the specifics of creation and this loss of memory of our true nature is named "sin" by ancient writers and prophets who did not know anymore what had happen. It is not a sin or a mistake. It is the result of our immersion into matter, which became the basis of our apprenticeship [in and] of materiality.


Did Cain kill his brother Abel just for a plate of meat? The circumstances of this drama are thus: Cain, to please God, offers some vegetables. Abel offers meat. His sacrifice pleases God. Not that of his brother. Jalous and not understanding why God prefers his brother's offering over his, kills his brother.


To answer this question, one must know the significance of the first names.

Abel, in Aramaic, means "the soul and idealized human nature" , while Cain, in the same language, means "the body and all materialistic human desires"

Abel is essentially a vegetarian while his brother is a meat eater. The lesson to learn here when Cain kills Abel is very serious. Abel's sacrifice demonstrated his desire of exalting the soul and spiritual qualities. Abel's sacrifice also means that he will not eat meat.

As for Cain, he demonstrated that he thought himself to be of the Earth. Plain and simple.

The whole lesson is thus: if we do not acknowledge our true nature and take this into consideration in our daily activities, our human nature will kill our spiritual nature.


Where did this woman come from if there were only Adam and Eve and then Cain, for his brother was dead? Classical Genesis says nothing on this matter. It does not mention at all that there were other humans on the planet. Hard to believe that the whole human race came from one couple and murderer.

We have to know that the words of the "Subject" in the Regression and those of Edgar Cayce are true. There were hundreds of thousands of people on the planet divided in 5 races established on 5 continents.

Cain took his bride among these people.


Many pages of Genesis enumerate the number of years Adam lived, the numbers of years his children lived and their children. Many lived close to a thousand years.

Genesis, Chapter 6,1: the adam (meaning man) became multitudes on the surface of the Earth; to these multitudes are born daughters. The sons of the gods see the beauty of the girls the adam had and they make wives of them and all those they desire.

From this practice was born the "tradition" that permitted that a man took many wives. Man had already forgotten his spiritual heritage; he had already forgotten that he had one perfect companion. Because of this lapse in memory, he gave himself all kinds of permissions forgetting the LAW: one man, one woman. Two make one.

These practices against [the] [divine] nature became traditions. In this, man was wrong, all through History, to take more than one wife. That is true for all religions.


Before the flood, man was essentially a vegetarian. God had given, for food, to the adam -man- and to all animals, every grass, fruit or root. After the flood, nothing grew anymore. Everything had been washed away.

Man still had to eat. God then gave Noah and his family all the beasts and all vegetable as food even if we were made vegetarians. God said: "Everything is in your hands".

In the next passage from Genesis, God explains to Noah the principle of karma.

Genesis 9, 5-6: "I will ask your life to the one who spills your blood; I will ask it to the beasts, I will ask the life of the adam to the adam and to all the blood of his brother. The one who spills the adam's blood, his blood will be spilled.

This last sentence explains the principle. There is but one adam -man- here. If you kill by the sword, you will die by the sword.


Genesis, Chapter 22: "Abraham's God asks: take your son, your only child, Isaac. Go and make him a holocaust..." What exactly did God ask Abraham?

Because of the principle said by God previously: "I will ask your life to the one who spills your blood", man, the analyst, the learned person who try to explain the Bible and all sacred texts should have understood that God absolutely did NOT ask Abraham to kill his son!

What did God actually ask of Abraham? We must understand that God is not an entity separated from us. A proverb says that God is nearer to us than our own skin.

God is all spirits, souls and matter visible and invisible known and unknown. God is every fiber of the primordial asbestos in the example given in the beginning of this version of Genesis. Every fiber is Pure Energy or Pure Spirit or God in its totality, before as after. Nothing changed in our nature. These Pure Spirits, "sons of Space" acknowledge their individuality and their identity. Consciousness brings one to recognize self. We call these Spirits: angels. We, each of us, separately and collectively, became conscious of being one. The angels are thus ourselves, us, all of humanity, past, present and future. We were and still are God.

God is our spirit, our soul, ourselves, collectively and or separately. [This notion explains the trinity.] God in us ask us to kill our [sons] materialistic desires for the son represents all that is born in us, on the mental plane, in the mental mind, that is: our ideas, our projects and our realizations in the physical world.

When we obey the Spirit's desires, when we accept to kill our own desires, we take the spiritual path.


YHVH God told Jacob's pregnant wife, Rebecca: "Two nations are in your belly, two people divided in your womb; one people stronger than the other; the oldest one will serve the second". When they were born, Esau came first in front of Jacob who was holding his brother by the ankle, thus his name: Jacob, which means: "The one who holds by the ankle". It also means: "The one who holds God" and "The one who stands before gods and humans and wins". A fourth meaning with a lot of significance: "the soul's illumination".

For a lentil plate, Esau sold his birth right to his brother Jacob. Because of this, Jacob received his father's benediction, which should have been given to Esau because he was the firstborn. Isaac did not know this but Rebecca, the children's mother knew. Jacob lied to his father.

This imposture does not explain everything. What was the hidden reason? The answer is in God's words to Rebecca: "Two nations are in your belly, two people divided in your womb; one people stronger than the other; the oldest will serve the second". Esau, older and stronger than his brother will serve him. Esau is the father of the Arabic people while Jacob is the father of Israel. (Genesis, chapter 35, 11.)


Everyone knows the dream Jacob had of a ladder. In that dream, Jacob sees a ladder firmly grounded on Earth with the top in the sky where god's angels climb and come down.

For Jacob, this vision was a reminder. Angels do incarnate. After a while, they go back in the sky and come back down again for another life on the planet. These dreams demonstrate the principle of reincarnation that the churches of the world do not want to acknowledge as a viable principle.


Jacob wanted to marry Rachel, one of his uncle's daughters. But he received Lea first. Outraged, Jacob demanded some explanations. Laban, his uncle, told him that, by tradition, the oldest should get married first.

In a way, Jacob was already paying for the thing he did his brother Esau. He paid this for a long 20 years when Laban forced him to work for him all through these years.

For all those years, Jacob prospered. How? This is because of the benediction he received from his father. For all that was promised him, God acknowledged the promises made to Jacob and answered them by multiplying Jacob's fortune, wisdom and fruits [as in children]. He was to become the father of a nation.


After his departure from Laban's estate, but before he met again with his brother Esau, Jacob had a fight. Genesis 32:25-30. Someone battled with him until sunup, says the story. "Your name will not be Jacob but Israel. You have stood up before gods and men and you won" says the angel. The angel told Jacob exactly what his name meant. But more than that, he told Jacob what he, Jacob, came to do on Earth.

This fight and results of the fight with the angel of God signifies that "It is OK for the human nature to take the road back to spirituality".

This is the END of my re-writing of Genesis.

After Jacob's story, there remains Joseph's story, but I will not comment on it. The only thing I will say is that this Joseph would later be known as Jesus. In Joseph, he suffered at the hands of his brothers. Later on, 2000 years ago, he became Christ. At that moment too, he suffered because of His convictions.

None the less, He became Christ, ONE with God.

| Alpha and Omega |


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