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The Bible contains the human race History. Man, "created" male and female must pass through all the stages and fight against himself in order to regain his divinity.

Revelation, the last book of the Bible, depicts the final battle that will bring humans back to oneness with the divine. To do this, each and everyone of us must go through the knowledge of the past, as described with the woman with the stars and her child, fruit of her labors. This woman is the Memory that reveals the past and that returns us toward our divine origin. To remember is the price to pay to attain immortality.


Hello F,

Hi Pierre,
I agree with you. It is hard work but not sorrowful, hard yes, but that brings so much joy and happiness.
But what is this final battle? Is it a perpetual and bloody religious battle?

Pierre: The final battle is truly waged inside each and everyone of us. It consists in two things: first, one must recognize his divinity and then, one must also search his past, or past lives. The woman with the stars is intuition and knowledge in every human being who finds his past. When we knows every bit of our past, death has no more ascendancy on us since we know how many times we died. We resuscitate our dead when we remember who we have been.

Or is it something else, something that we cannot even imagine? Can we imagine the end? Or, are we really in this battle, today, and does it takes the actual form of wars, cataclysms and of perdition?

We can very well imagine the end. We have a perfect example: Jesus and Mary. We will defeat matter as they did. We will be One with them, with God and all of humanity, just like them.

The present war is only the reflection of the incomprehension, on the human scale, of what should happen in each of us, individually. Because of this incomprehension, cataclysms will occur, at the terrestrial and the human scale.

When I speak of incomprehension, I say indeed "scum ignorance". Take the case of the rightly "144,000 elected". Who are they? Many think that there are only 144 000 people that will reach heaven. However, 144,000 =, in Numerology, 9, qualified with the 0 that is the symbol for God. 9 is the end of a cycle, the beginning of another. There are not only 144 000 people who are elected, but all beings that bring light to the 144,000 nervous centres that the human brain contains.

Revelation must be connected to the human being, to the individual who starts a search of his past. Thunder claps, trumpets, the dragon with the seven heads, all describe what happens in each of us when we are under way toward immortality.

The dragon and its seven heads: the human and his seven chakras or spiritual centers (glands of the endocrine system).

We must change all our thoughts, all our desires and copy them to the will of God.

All present and past wars were serious misjudgments. The human's total incomprehension brought him to believe that he had to master the earth on which he lives, as well as to conquer people. But he made a mistake of target.

The target was himself, with all his selfish thoughts, his desires of domination and all the rest. The earth to master is and always was his own matter, his own body.

The war to undertake is against the human nature. The victory will become reality when man will have discovered his divine nature. There is the battle, and only there.

In Genesis, it is written that the human was going to master the earth. Man made a mistake of target; I mean by this that he believed OK to master the earth on which he lives whereas he should have mastered his own earth, his human nature.

Man, male and female, had to "cultivate" the earth on which he lives, to survive physically. He also had to, on another level, master his human nature, "the earth" in which he lives, that is, his body.


Hello everyone,

Jesus said: "She will come back, the Queen of Sheba, to condemn this adulterous generation."

What did he mean by that?


good evening to all,

The question put by Pierre made me immediately think about my pupils. Why? A few are different from the others and hold in them many treasures, love of knowledge, curiosity doubled with a spontaneous freshness that immediately makes me think about Christ. They make me think about Isaiah who invites us to draw joy from the original waters of life.

This awareness is recent, because I recently started to teach. The adulterous people makes me think about the big majority of young people that only think about drinking because they are afraid of their very existence.

They know that they have wealth in themselves, but they prefer to let it sleep, to disown themselves and to stun themselves rather than to dare to see themselves in the face and to put in work their treasures of love...

Hello Ann,

In the sentence, I did not say "an adultery people", but an "adulterous generation". The use - and respect - of words is fundamental.

In the time of Jesus, the adulterous generation was the one of rabbis that didn't teach that that they would have had to. Since Jesus, the adulterous generation is the one of priests that didn't teach the essential truths. It is also this generation of priests that prostituted themselves - lowered - before all the powerful of the world.

The adulterous generation is always, through all ages, the one that corrupts the teachings.

The adulterous generation applies to priests of all religions. They corrupted Jesus and other prophets' messages and teachings.

Take Rama (Hindu teacher), for example. He never said animals could be passed incarnations of forebears nor that humans could be reincarnated in cows or other animals on two, four paws or rampant. It is an aberration of the Hindu mind that made this. All to maintain people in the ignorance of their divine nature.

Akhnaton, Pharaoh of Egypt, in the new religion that he wanted to implant, brought the unique god, Ra. After his death the high priests brought back the old religion, the one of the lower god worship. That generation was also an adulterous generation in this sense that it prostituted before its human desires. In the days of Akhnaton it lost its power on the people. Akhnaton dead, it took control.

See that that Muhamad (Islam) attempted to do. His goal was to give to nomads of the time the knowledge of the unique God, them that adored thousands of lower gods. He gathered all tribes and gave them this knowledge. What did mullahs do after his death? They prostituted before the rich and bent the spine before the tradition.

All religious intransigence are born of the ignorance and the desire of priests, rabbis, mullahs, preachers and others yogi of all religions that want to control the world rather than to master their own human nature.

The question that I put to you now is: How will the Queen of Sheba condemn this generation? What is her modus operandi?


I think that she will prophesy when the moment will have come, that means, when all humans will be out of breath and that they won't know any more which side to turn to. She will speak directly to the conscience of each?


Jesus' speech doesn't say that the Queen of Sheba will come back to prophesy, Marisa, but to condemn. As I said, the choice of words is fundamental.

I repeat my question otherwise. What means will the Queen of Sheba, incarnated today, use to condemn this adulterous generation? Is it indeed the Queen herself that condemns?

> She will talk directly to the conscience of people.
> If she is presently incarnated, she will not talk directly, but the Roy d'effreyeur, the Grand Monarch, will probably be of his lineage ?

> One must know then that this Grand Monarch, if I am not deceived, is going to appear to each among us and if the World is going to believe it?

> Marisa

Dear Marisa,

It is not the Grand Monarch that condemns, nor the Roy d'Effrayeur (in one of Nostradamus' prophecies).

Dear Marisa, the Queen of Sheba will condemn. That is absolutely certain.

The question is: how?

The Queen of Sheba dreams. From her dreams she receives the truth given to her by Jesus. It is the Truth discovered in her dreams that condemns the mistake.


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