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Hello people,

The architects from the United States will construct, on Ground Zero, the highest tower in the world. In several countries, some immense towers are constructed.

Why do architects try to construct always higher?

It has to do with the syndrome of the tower of Babel. People want, unconsciously, to reach the sky; symbolically: God. At the tower of Babel, it was the admitted goal. But the attempt failed.

Why? All this is symbolic.

The humans attempt to reach God with the mental. However, the mental cannot understand the spiritual. Thus the confusion. But the confusion is not of the languages because, during that moment of the biblical history, several languages were already spoken on earth.

What languages are we talking about, then? The languages are systems of thoughts, inside the human mind. The human thought cannot conceive, mentally, how to reach the spiritual or God. Of all the attempts made in this sense, man can only experiment confusion and incomprehension.

The construction of the tower of Babel was abandoned. As long as man will use his mental qualities, he won't understand that he is a spiritual being. If he does not attempt to reach God while using his spiritual qualities, he will fail.


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Page correction: May 20, 2017