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Hello friends,

I give you a short dream for analysis. Tell me what you think.

Dream: "I must get rid of a rat. Then, when the rat is gone, I will have cut 2 inches of my hair. "

What do you think this dream means?


The rat can propagate pestilence. One can escape pestilence. The rat is a rodent. That can be an illness that gnaws. That can be a worry that gnaws.
Hairs represent thoughts. The dreamer may have thoughts that gnaw him/her.
The number 2 represent the "Papesse" (Tarot Card # 2). It is the mysterious secret woman. She has a knowledge that opposes a power.
To cut one's hair is a sign of renouncement or sacrifice. Can be an entry in religion.
I would like to know if the person is a man or a woman. A man loses his virility when cutting his hair.
The dreamer must get rid of problems or worries that gnaw him/her to acquire the knowledge of the "Papesse" (the revelation).


Good, your analysis Marisa!
It resembles mine!
I believe we had the same teacher; -)
You must get rid of parasitic ideas! They are not good and are useless to your well being! They create a duality in you! These ideas are false and disrupt you or they risk disrupting you.


The dream: " I must get rid of a rat. Then, when I will have got rid of the rat, I should cut 2 inches of my hair".

The interpretation looks a lot like what you say, Marisa. Here are circumstances of the dream and another, of more than 20 years, the two being joined.

First of all, the dream is Monique's.

The rat of which it is question in the dream is something that, indeed, gnaws. But why?

Monique dreamed, more than 20 years ago, that she had chosen, in a long list, a particularly ominous virus, that she would catch this virus and that she was going to pass close to death. But she also dreamed (same dream) that she would heal and that this illness and this recovery were going to protect her against a virus that would kill those that would be under its influence.

Since close to 5 months, Monique endures a virus that doesn't have a name. (I also suffer from this, but to a least degree). Therefore, Monique (and me) caught this virus.

The rat in the dream of Monique is her spleen. [Rat = rate in French, spleen in English] It inflated enormously. Besides, the virus caused a deterioration of the white globules and tablets of her blood of more than half. She therefore also suffers from anemia. In these last 5 months, she lost many pounds.

The spleen, basis of the immune system, launched antibodies to the assault of the virus. It also took the bad blood. That caused the magnification of the spleen. We must now take care of Monique. She is going to get rid of her rat (spleen), by an operation.

What about cutting her hair?

To cut our hair by two inches means that after the operation (to get rid of the rat (spleen)), Monique should forget that she would have failed to die. As you say, Marisa, the knowledge of the "Papesse" opposes a power. No more illness will have any power on Monique.


I have just connected today and I learn about Monique. I evidently join the others to send you prayers and energies, for you as much as for her.
The luck is to have dreamed and known how to interpret it to face this with more confidence. Thank you to the spirit/soul to inspire us and to stay watchful.
Good day and take courage

Hello D,

Monique is OK. Not strong. Often tired, sleeps a lot, on daytime, because at night, she doesn't. Or with difficulty.

Yesterday, at the Hospital, one doctor made her a biopsy of the bone marrow. To know if she doesn't endure a cancer.

Physicians have a holy horror to consider a virus. They don't want to hear or speak of a virus and will say and do anything not to look at this avenue.

But, in the case of Monique they are mistaken. And the more they delay the operation, the more it puts mom's life in danger.

For now, she is home and takes a rest. I take care of her, not letting her do any work.


Message 1987 / 4925

Hello people,

Monique needs your prayers. She is at the Hospital today. She was there all day long. Will probably be operated in a day or two.


Subject: a personal dream

" I was in my father's house and I knew that was burning. I didn't see it, a wall stopping me from seeing. But I knew that it was going to burn bottom to roof. When it was completely burned, I imagined rebuilding another, of different measurements (20 x 30 instead of the present 16 x 35), lighter, in canvas. Then, I imagined and saw myself constructing the floor in wood ".

Hello people,
Hello Marisa,
Hello D,

Your analyses are pretty close to reality. Congratulations.

But, like all good professor who respects himself (smile), here are some remarks. You only look at symbols without looking at what there is behind, without intuition.
Commentaries through your analyses and interpretations...

David wrote:

You rebuild your intimacy and your self anew!
You know that the old you, died ".
I think that you waited for this moment where a " wall " would erect itself between the Old Pierre and the New Pierre.
Actually, I would say that love is there for something!
Pierre Died... Pierre Lives!

I answered:

You are right, D, except with regard to love. It is not there in the dream where there is only a house that burns, a wall, and a project of a house to rebuild, from where the notion of intuition of which I spoke earlier.

But, since you know my present reality, it should have given you an indication to interpret the dream.

The virus - unknown to physicians, but known to us, Monique and me, thanks to one of her dreams (corona virus #130) - that affects me, changes my inside; in fact, it transforms the inside of my body. It changes me, burns me and believe me, what I feel - the pain - it indeed burns.

What does the wall therefore represent? It is the wall of my abdomen. I don't see what happens in me, but I feel the effects of the burning. I know that the virus is changing me.

Not only this transformation will save me, in the future, but might will also save the world. Indeed, I link this dream to one of those that I made rs ago, a dream in which I said: " I was born so that others live. " It is only now that I can truly interpret this dream. How could I save the world?

The "unknown" virus transforms me. I am going to heal from it. My immune system will fully protect me and my blood will help science create a vaccine against another virus that will affect the whole world and that will be deadly, without this vaccine.

Marisa wrote:

> The symbols are:
> the house, fire, the wall, the floor made of wood, the number 6 (20 X 30=600=6), and the number 11 (16 X 35 = (560=11=2)

Marisa, you surrounded symbols well. But in Numerology you don't reduce number 11, except if the one that lives under its influence is negative.

Other comments and explanations follow.

> " I was in my father's house and I knew that was burning. I didn't see it, a wall stopping me from seeing. But I knew that it was going to burn bottom to roof.
> The house is you. The father represents authority or God. Fire destroys or purifies. This is a new birth. The wall is the enclosure that stops from seeing, but also the protective surrounding that protects you against ominous influences.

As I said of David's analysis, the wall is my abdomen.

> When it was completely burned, I imagined rebuilding another, of different measurements (20 x 30 instead of the present 16 x 35), lighter, in canvas. Then, I imagined and saw myself constructing a floor made of wood."

> You rebuild yourself a new spirituality that unites to God by the number 6 (rebirth) and abandon the old that was made of a fragile matter of struggle and opposition symbolized by the number 2 (11=2).

I rebuild myself, true, physically, mentally and spiritually. I am going to be born again from my ashes, so to speak. Does not this make you think about something? " The two witnesses (Revelation) will be killed. Three days later, God will remind them to him... Will we be operated Monique and me? One will put us to sleep (death), then we will wake up. Healed.

My house (body) will be renewed, without viruses, without side effects, because a sick part will be no more.

> Wood is a raw material and the floor will support the new body.

Measurements that I put in brackets are only a part of the knowledge that I have of the present measurements of my house. They do not belong to the dream. It is sufficient to know that the new house will be different, lighter, more natural (floor of wood).

> Your dream makes me think of a second birth.

Yes, Marie, a new birth, becoming a matter that will contribute, by my blood (and that of Monique's), to save the world.

> Marisa

> Pierre

Message 2098 / 4927

Object: Re: The Virus?

What treatment do you take to stop these effects?
SARS is a form of Coronavirus!
The coronavirus can attack people even in a simple flu form! (10 ŕ 30 % of all flu are forms of coronavirus). These viruses also have other shapes attacking to intestines, the neurological system " and to the liver ".
Corona viruses known to man are the 229 ES and OC43S. There are 2 groups of coronavirus!
Scientists observed that viruses in themselves could mutate and attack the lungs and the intestines!
Could it be that you are infected by a mutation of this virus!
Take care
Your Friend

The " corona virus #130 ", the one that affects Monique and I, its initial symptoms are hot spells that can last up to 4 hours, dizziness, limbs aches - and extreme tiredness. And a constant desire to sleep.

Then, come pains, in the stomach, on the left, the right, above the navel. In the whole body. Arms and legs hurt. Head and neck too. Excrements change, they blacken, become hard, don't pass. One constipates.

Other things too occur. One has the impression to dry, inside, and also outside. Ears, for example, dry up. You scrape yourself without stopping, legs and ankles, the face. You have the impression to indeed dry up.

Whereas the spleen enlarges. It takes everything that happens in the body. It takes all the dried stuff in the body, as well as tablets and the white globules of blood. It enlarges enormously. That hurts. It is like you receive a dagger in you, in the stomach and sides and the back.

When the spleen is thick, the stomach supports it. You are not hungry anymore. You lose weight. I thus lost close to 10 pounds in 4 months.

You see? Not funny at all. Exhausting.

There is not, strictly speaking, a treatment, since physicians don't even know this virus, this corona virus #130, virus of which Monique dreamed to name it. The only thing to do, when the spleen inflates to this point, is to remove it. It is that that Monique's dreams suggest.

But, don't go to tell that to a physician, he'd rather believe that you become mad.

Do you see the problem? We dream, we know what it takes to heal, but medicine has a holy horror of viruses and refuse definitely, at least in our case, to look at viruses,

We therefore take pills against the pain and others to weaken the excrements. It is all that we have. In addition of our faith in our dreams.


Message 2102 / 4927

It is curious that Monique named it thus! Corona Virus altogether exists Pierrot! It is the stump of the cold and the SARS! As for the spleen one can not have one and feel fine just the same
Your Very Devoted

Date: Wednesday 5, November 2003 11:02

"David " wrote:
> Actually, Monique gave this CORONA VIRUS its name!
#130. Don't forget this number, D. I do not think doctors know this one in particular.

> To doctors, a CORONA can attack only intestines and bronchuses!
> It would be presumably about a new corona virus, therefore, if we follow the logic.
> As physicians don't seem to know the virus that gnaws you, then while reasoning and while knowing that the spleen undergoes consequences of all inflammatory "entéropathies";
> The hypothesis is to keep!

> Most curious is that the CORONA VIRUS that reaches to intestines doesn't affect man except of course, if this virus adjusted to a new environment!

A new environment, you say! I am tempted to say the new environment being so that our theories - Monique and mine - will be verified, in our lives first, then in the world.

It is more that a karmic environment. It is a prophetic environment. It was necessary that we live these to prove what we say, our concepts, and our theories.

Message 2127 / 4927

My dear D,

Monique feels better. After 6 months of sufferings, I said 6 months, she feels better. Yesterday she ate for the first time in 3 weeks. At dinner, she devoured what I had placed in her plate. Today, she got out for her purchases. It is her first exit in 3 months.

Her spleen doesn't deflate, even though she feels better. It will very probably be necessary to remove it.

Note: Until then I was carried away for Monique's obvious progress. But her health was declining. We didn't realise it because she seemed to have more energy, following transfusions. During the three following months, Monique's health declined dramatically. Between then (November of 2003) and the operation (February of 2004) she was going to receive more than 15 blood transfusions.

Monique was operated on February 3, 2004. Doctors removed a close to 5 pounds spleen. She remained on the operating table during more than 4h30. We almost lost her. Indeed, as her spleen was glued on the lung, it was necessary to scrape. The left lung has been accidentally perforated.

Antibiotic and a few more days in Hospital. When she came back, she felt very badly. I sent her back to the Hospital.

Three more days and she came back. The convalescence is still going on, nine months later. But she gets better. She regains her energies, her appetite comes back. She will be fine.

Hello people,

We are now 9 months after Monique's operation. She dreamt, a few days ago, that a certain Friday would become a holiday day. The dream did not mention any date. Nor why. Just this: a certain Friday would become a holiday day.

We thought about this, asking ourselves questions, but we had no answers. Until this morning when we learned that Yasser Arafat died. He will be buried " Friday ".

Monique also says that there is a link between Arafat and her.

What is it according to you?

Does she militate for a free Quebec?

She doesn't,strictly speaking, militate, but she wants a free country and she votes accordingly.

Hello Marisa. Kyra and the others,

Yasser Arafat was not poisoned, according to the French specialists. He does not have either leukaemia or any other form of cancer.

And yet, there was something wrong in his blood. Specialists don't know of what he suffered from.

> The illness of the spleen.
> She was attacked by a virus that must have a certain link with an Asiatic virus… I think it is the SARS virus or something like that name.
> Marisa

Not the SARS virus, Marisa.

Here is the answer.

Yasser Arafat would have been attacked, we believe, by the same virus that affected Monique, a currently unknown - by the scientific community - virus. Arafat presented, it seems, the same symptoms that Monique had. Impoverishment of the blood and extreme weakness.

It would be, according to our findings, the "Corona Virus 130". […]

Monique got well because she is a vegetarian. This is clearly stipulated in one of her dreams. The dream in question tells Monique that she will get better if she becomes a vegetarian.


Eric wrote:

Hello Pierre,

Here is an interpretation of Monique's dream:

> Monique dreamed, a few days ago, that a certain Friday would become a holiday day.

A day becomes a holiday day when an event of big importance occurs that day. The soul of Monique wanted to attract her attention on the next Friday of her life where an important event would occur, so that she searches for the link between this event and her life. Since this is an event susceptible to become a holiday day she must look for the event, not in her daily life, but in big important events at the scale of the world. She found this event: the death of Yasser Arafat. Now, what is the tie between the death of Yasser Arafat and the life of Monique? The tie is first that the two have been suffering by an illness. Monique got better. Yasser Arafat died.
This tie is much more obvious if one observes the resonance of words "rat" (spleen) and "Arafat". Because it is the spleen (rat) of Monique that has been touched by the virus that she caught. One therefore supposes that Yasser Arafat died of the same virus that Monique caught. Maybe this will attract the attention of specialists, maybe that this will have the existence of this virus known. If this were the case, Monique's dreams about the virus would have been the spiritual proofs of its existence. Starting from this, the credibility of dreams and the spiritual makes a more convincing argument.

@+ Stephen

For more information on Monique and the Virus, clic here.

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