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Written words of a publisher


Here are the appreciative words of a publisher
willing to publish my book.

Dear Mr. Fortin:

We have read your manuscript, and we would be pleased to publish it.

Juxtaposing ideas traditionnally associated with religion and philosophy, "Intimate Conversations with Consciousness" offers a potentially unique look at the processes that might underscore the functioning of the human psyche. You ground the work on a belief "that nobody has a soul, but that WE ARE SOULS, living and experiencing in a Conscious Universe". Along the way you take into account the kinds of challenges one might face in a modern world, frequently positing a need to look inward with the goal of reconciling some of the potentially mysterious facets of being.

You follow a description of how you may have come to discover a potential within yourself to be a "universal teacher" with a discussion on the "Big Bang", which you analyze according to various theological, historical, and scientific interpretations. Closing this chapter with an assertion that "The souls are angels living on Earth," you go on to the next section to define "Man's role on Earth". Here you explain that a human being "is not only an animal subject to the caprices and hazards of nature, but [one] endowed with reason and intuition." As such the individual may have a responsibility to "promote" as well as to "safeguard" life. Additional sections focus on the concept of death, reincarnation, and the likely role of "karma" in a soul's path. You also devote considerable space to the issue of dreams and your view of a link between a person's sleeping experience and his or her waking life. Later you outline a plan for living "spiritually" that includes directing "energy to all those who need it".

From thoughts on Creation to the possible implications of the number thirteen, "Intimate Conversations with Consciousness" encompasses a range of subject matter. You incorporate an understanding of diverse belief systems, including Christianity and Buddhism, while surveying the way one person might correspond to another or to a comparatively larger plane of existence. As a whole your contribution blends experience and research with spiritual interpretation in an effort to enlighten as well as to provoque thought.


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