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A modern prophet writes on spiritual matters

Do we originate from Earth? Are we extra-terrestrials? Gods?

These questions and many more are now answered.

Hello fellow angels,

Many of the things I write about may seem incredible. I am not an ordinary fellow.

In me reside people, prophets, doctors, writers, priests, kings, popes and the knowledge of spiritual things, concepts, principles. I can explain some mysteries and a few Prophecies.

In this reality, I've chosen to incarnate in a French speaking environment, a French speaking family.

I came with a very specific goal. To accomplish that that Amilius (alias Jesus, alias the archangel Gabriel) asked of me. He also asked me to explain how these things could be done, since His message was not understood when He came on this planet 2000 years ago.

Why did I incarnate in a French family? Because, through this family, humanity will understand, hopefully, all that Jesus meant 2000 years ago. Revelations on spiritual life, reincarnation, symbols of life are to come through the writings of two of this family's members, the mother and the first born, me.

Together, mother and I have something to give to all humanity, to all religions for we participated, in different ways, in the creation of all three major religions.

The revelations I am talking about come from hundreds of dreams, many thousands of hours meditating and reflecting on the dreams to analyze them, understand them, to verify their accuracy and to finally say: the truth is here. At last. We know.

Through all, my role and my only desire, as a prophet, is to communicate this knowledge that, basically, WE ARE SOULS, spiritual beings, that God is ONE, that WE are God, individually and collectively and that the universe we live in is alive and CONSCIOUS.

How will I accomplish this?

The Internet is this medium that my books are being channeled to people all across the world. It is through this medium, the Internet, that I receive people's dreams confirming my mission on Earth.

I write today because a recent book that I read not too long ago, The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls, confirms my dreams, my researches and my most personal ideas.

Being a prophet, I write to answer questions. My first book, Intimate Conversations with Consciousness, answers many questions ranging into the mental, the psychological and the spiritual.

Did we evolve from monkeys? Are we extra-terrestrials? Gods?

Believe me! You never before went on such a voyage in the spiritual realm towards Consciousness. And I mean Spiritual Consciousness.

Effectively, I invite you to discover a) your own consciousness; b) that you are a living, breathing soul; c) that God is ONE and that you are part of It, that, thus, you ARE God; d) that the Universe is ONE and conscious.

A short extract from the Bible will show you what you are. Psalm 82: "Ye are Gods and all of you are children of the Most High. But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes".

Thus, do not hesitate to discover your own consciousness. Go, as if for the first time, to the discovery of your own spirituality, the Big Bang. Where do we come from? What are we? What about Love, Twin souls? Revelation? Crop Circles, even?

All my studies brought me to the conclusion that we are a lot more than simply human. I now know what every soul desires. Soul wants to take the path towards immortality through the discovery of each own self Cosmic Consciousness.

Intimate Conversations with Consciousness is the first step towards that goal. It is the fruit of many studies, meditations, reflections and dreams. To explain further, here is one of these dreams:

My mother was asking my father who gave us permission to write what we were writing. My father told her that Buddha and Jesus had been teaching many a thing along with other great teachers. I knew he was not going to answer her, so I turned towards her and said: The one who knows must talk.

This is very close to what Edgar Cayce says in a trance: "All knowledge is to be used in the manner that will give help and assistance to others".

In the same line of thought, here is what Mark Thurston wrote in his book Edgar Cayce's Millennium Prophecies: "Only those individuals who are willing to think in terms of the reality of the psychic and spiritual realms will be aware of and understand what is going on in the world around them. (...) Having some understanding of the purpose of what is unfolding, they must share this insight in a form that would make sense of these events for other people".

So, I write about what I know, learned from and through dreams, meditations and inspiration.

Looking for knowledge, simply written and understandable? Intimate Conversations with Consciousness is for you.

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