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On October 17 2002, a day after a chat session with a dear friend, I created a web site, with this friend in mind. During the night, on October 20, I had a dream. It told me to create another one by using the same pages as in the site I had just created, but in reversed, and to add a particular letter.

Here is this letter to a friend, written by Monique Gaudry.

Sept. 5 2002

Dear Friend, our friendship is a precious thing. To keep it that way, certain things have to be clarified. Your remark that I was so narrow-minded has hurt me much. I rather think that I am single-minded. There is a reason for this. As one of the two witnesses, I or rather Belle de nuit was told that she had to PROCLAIM THE MESSIAH. This sentence appears at the end of my THIRD book. To achieve her goal, she relies on the history of the man who became Christ so that I can compare my dreams with History. That man is Jesus or J.C., the BOSS (Major in my book) and always was since the beginning of the earth adventure. You have to know his circumstances to understand better. Here are the most well known.

1 - At the very beginning, as pure spirits enjoying companionship with God, we were all going about our business creating worlds so as to experience. While assembled in a large hall under the eyes of God (a dream), I noticed at some point that a few amoung us (they were black) were looking at a pure and totally innocent being with eyes that did not bode well. There was in those eyes a desire to submit that spirit of light and do him/her wrong. Seeing this, I vowed in God's presence that I would stand in their way and fight them to the end so that they never succeed in defiling that particular spirit. I became known as the archangel Michael (meaning "who is as God?") while that spirit of purity became the archangel Gabriel (meaning "God is my strength"). At least five angels and their respective armies sided with me in the battle and thus became archangels (captains): Raphael (meaning "God has healed"), Uriel (meaning "fire of God"), Zadkiel (meaning "righteousness of God"), Zophiel (meaning "God's spy") and Barakiel (meaning "lightning of God"). Our respective individuality made us express those qualities. We have been manifesting them ever since. In the meantime, the loss of consciousness drew the dark angels out of the immediate presence of God. It made them lose the memory of their divinity.

2 - Seeing what was happening on earth and the sorry state of the fallen angels embroiled in matter and exhibiting queer bodies (mermaids, fawns, unicorns among others), the archangel Gabriel took upon himself to rescue them. Known at this stage as Amilius, he elaborated a plan. It was to become the Master Plan that I mention in my book. Since I was Gabriel's defender, I sided with him again, like the other archangels. It was decided that we would all come down on earth to remind the rebels of their divinity and to show them the way back to the glory of God.

3 - Angels landed en masse in five different places and created for themselves perfect spiritual bodies as models for those beast-like fallen souls. With Amilius, our group manifested in Atlantis. After some time, Gabriel-Amilius had the idea of separating the sexes so as to evolve faster. Gabriel became Adam and Eve. Raphael became Abel and I was Tima, a sister to Cain and Abel (a dream).

4 - Time went on. Gradually, we all lost our innocence because of the human knowledge we acquired. But the way back home was also starting. At one point (a dream), I saw Gabriel coming up towards where I was sitting, out of breath after a long and steady climb. I knew then that he was the only one who had it in him to reach the summit and go on to the end. I encouraged him to be steadfast and added that I would always protect him and do everything to facilitate the climb. While he became THE WAY, I, Michael, became THE LORD OF THE WAY.

5 - Twelve thousand years ago, completely encased in matter, we lost the ability to get out of it at will. All but one: Gabriel-Amilius-Adam who was then the God Hermes, the architect of the great pyramid.

6 - Gabriel manifested later many times in his spiritual body. At the time of Abraham, He was the High Priest Melchizedek (who was without father and mother).

7 - The first time that Gabriel took on a physical body was as Joseph, the interpreter of dreams, son of Jacob and Rachel. He was thus our son, Pierre and me. On Rachel's dying bed (a dream), I told him not to forget the goal of his mission: to bring humanity back to God. Wherever he was, I was there too. And so was Raphael, the GREAT HELPER. Not to forget that Pierre was Abel, Gabriel-Adam's son, as well as Jacob, then Gabriel-Adam-Joseph's father.

8 - Later on, when Raphael was incarnated as the prophet Daniel (I was his wife then), it is the archangel Gabriel who inspired him through dreams and meditation (Bible). It is also said that Daniel was "the son of predilection"; this is quite understandable since Daniel was formerly Abel, Adam's son.

9 - Then came the time of Jesus. We were all there. It is in that experience that Jesus became the Christ. The game was over for him. He had won mastery over human nature. He had shown us THE WAY, becoming also THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE. With Mary his twin soul, he has ascended to the status of "Throne" in the angelic hierarchy. I explain this in one of my chapters.

10 - And also had come Raphael in the person of the apostle John who was Jesus' cousin. Both had been coached in analyzing their dreams by their grand-mother Ann. John was thus familiar with dreams. After the resurrection and ascension into heaven, Jesus was well placed to inspire John in his dreams. Which he did. It is written in the Bible that it is Gabriel who gave John the visions. The result is the Book of Revelation. It deals mostly with what is to happen at the end of the (our) world. As the prophet Daniel, my son had also dealt with that, but not as extensively as John had. I found in this book a lot of material applying to our present time and work. Like the number 19 in one of my dreams. It is a reference to Revelation, Chapter 19 which refers to The Great Monarch or the Pegasus era. John had foreseen it.

11 - Later came Mohamed (Raphael). Do you remember reading in my book that incarnations are prepared in advance? Seeing the desert tribes who had lost the consciousness of the one God, our two friends Gabriel and Raphael must have had an understanding as to what had to be done about it. So Mohamed incarnated, with a purpose. He had a friend to inspire him: Gabriel. You know the rest. The confusion about God and Gabriel, the Qu'ran being divinely inspired, comes from having forgotten that each and every human being is GOD. Being divinely inspired was the case with The Book of Daniel and John's Revelation, among others. All the prophets were thus inspired.

12 - Today, Muslims are waiting for someone to save them, you say. They think he is Bin Laden. The Jews were also waiting for a Messiah and they thought that Jesus would deliver them from the Romans. Few understood that the Messiah and the deliverance were of a spiritual nature. For lack of understanding, the Jews were virtually wiped out 70 years later by the Romans. Now Muhammad has come back and is active, still under the guidance of Gabriel. Will the Muslims understand that the fight is a spiritual one and does not concern the domination of the world in its material form? They run the same risk as the Jews if they don't see the light. Pierre needs friends who know, assuredly.

13 - Which brings me to ask. Do you want to go to the bottom of things? Scot Peck, a well known American psychiatrist, said in "The Road less traveled" that one has not begin to evolve until one is ready to question everything. We have all come back with a purpose. This is what The "Professeur" is attempting to do by revealing the truth about Islam, this is what I am attempting with the Catholic Church (...)

I love you very much.

And now for the text on


A dream told me that the one who knows must share his knowledge.

In plain daylight, I have had visions of coming events affecting the world today and in the years to come. For the next 34 years actually !

We are, as of September 11, 2001, living what apostle John's predicted: Armageddon. It's Apocalypse now. How so? Just look at all the disasters going on on the planet today, man made catastrophes and those the earth itself unleashes everywhere : earthquakes, flash floods, strange temperature all over. I'm telling you : this is just the beginning.

It all started, for me, in 1984. For a whole 112 hours, 7 days, 16 hours a day, I received visions of coming events, of end of world events.

Although I lived with these visions, many horrible, inside me for 17 years, I didn't know when these would start. Not until the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center in New York. Only then, did I know. World War Three had started. It was not declared as such, but it had started. My visions were sadly being confirmed.

We are witnessing the beginning of the end of the world as we know it. Do not think that it will end. The beginning of the end is not the end. But the world will be changed beyond recognition.

Here are a few of my visions:

  • Every cracked pot, confused mind, sick in the head - or at the emotional level or according to their beliefs - people will have their hour of glory in the news, on television, in the communities... Even very intelligent people will get angry, will be sidetracked and will take up arms to go against their fellow men. It started Ģen masseģ. Think of kids killing kids, parents killing their families out of despair, mothers drowning their children, those killed by snipers, fundamentalists everywhere killing because of differences of opinions!
  • The world as we know it will change almost totally. Continents will be aflamed, volcanoes will shout their anger, earthquakes will shatter our illusions. Droughts will dry up out thirst; lands and houses and people will be washed away in floods.
  • Comets from on high will run so close to the planet, people will cry out their misery and their fear to God. Millions will blame Him and accuse Him for all the humans wrong doings.
  • People... The rich will get richer, the poor poorer. People will demand changes only to be shunned by their governments and their police. People will get angry, will take to the streets.
  • Cities, states, countries' revolutions are in the making. All over the world.
  • Religious people will fight religious people, everybody forgetting that we are all praying the same God although we give Him different names. Faith against Faith. Races against races, color against color. Misunderstanding against misunderstanding. Greed against greed. Harsh words against harsh words. Sad, really sad what will happen.
  • Wars and major changes everywhere and in everyone will mark this millennium.
  • Pure nonsense will rule the mind of people.
  • Those who want war will get it. It will come to them.
  • Intolerance, in all its aspects, in all domains, will become a way of life.
  • Israel will be wiped out from the face of the earth. The United States of America will not intervene. They will be too busy elsewhere and they will not have the resources.
  • A huge comet is coming our way. It is directly over our heads, so far away, for now, that we can not see it.
  • Rivers of blood will run in many European cities. Others will burn.
  • On the money market, there will be another crash, a big one. Close to the year 2006.
  • The war on terrorism will last 27 years.
  • In 2035 or 2036, there will be a pole shift. Not magnetic, but physical. One day, the Chinese will invade the earth. They will not do it because they are a warlike people, but because they will freeze.
  • The next North Pole will be over Hong Kong.
  • There will be many suicides in Quebec after the people fail to make their province an independent country.
  • The United States of America will implode, destroying themselves. Too much rottenness inside. Too many crooks, too many guns, too much greed. Too much ego. Sadly it will become like a cemetery.
  • QUEBEC - the province - WILL BECOME A TURNING POINT FOR THE WORLD. Spiritually as well as in other domains.
  • The next equator, after the pole shift, will be on Greenland.

Who will win? Who will lose?

Everyone and everybody... For a time.

These are but a few of the visions I received! Like Nostradamus in his own time, many a vision I can not describe. Many I can not put into words.

But a few are facts happening today! When I listen to the news, I know. Some of my visions have already been done. They will grow in horror as people get angrier.

Very few will understand. The vast majority of people will be totally ignorant of the true meaning of what is happening among humans and across the world.

Who can and will understand what is going on ?

"Only those individuals who are willing to think in terms of the reality of the psychic and spiritual realms will be aware of and understand what is going on in the world around them [...] Having some understanding of the purposes of what is unfolding, they must share this insight in a form that would make sense of those events for other people."[Quoted from Mark Thurston, the "Edgar Cayce's Millennium Prophecies, Barnes & Noble, 1999]

The purpose of what is unfolding is spiritual. Man has forgotten he is a spiritual being experiencing matter. Man thinks himself born of the earth. That is not so. Man first came from heaven. If you read the article on the "Beginning", you know this.

Here is the interpretation of a recent dream in which I boarded a bus big as Life itself. In this bus, I followed a sick woman to help her heal her mental wounds. I was so successful that I got a major degree and moved on to explain to people how to heal all sicknesses.

The solution is a matter of choice. The work is long but pleasant and so rewarding. All one has to do is search his/her spiritual beginnings, through the study of dreams. In dreams we see our past lives when we study them for that purpose. There is no other way if one really wants to understand his/her shortcomings and really, really wants to discover his/her own spirituality and his/her (our) role and place on this planet.

I said rewarding, didn't I? It is very rewarding for, when the study on one's self starts, one receives answers to all questions ever asked and, mostly, one can literally vanquish death. One also discovers God.

After having made these revelations of current and future events, revealed my visions, a question comes to mind. Can we do something so that these terrible events do not take place ?

The question was answered by John in Revelation, 2000 years ago. "The prayers of the just will accelerate the process", he said. I add today: "so that people suffer less".

Maybe you can not see this, but if you knew your past, as far back as when you were an angel, you would understand what is going on today. The battle of Armageddon was first fought - in spirit - millions of years ago. I am referring to the battle Lucifer fought and lost.

Everything that is created in spirit is reflected in matter. Since the battle was lost by Lucifer and his gang, it will be lost again here on earth. We are at that dreadful moment. The war has begun.

Will be left, on the planet, those of like minds. Those who want to follow in Jesus teachings and footsteps. Those who work to attain spirituality, in their bodies. To these people will be left the task of rebuilding the world.

I said: "To those who work to attain spirituality, in their bodies". Do not think there will be what is called by many a "Rapture" thing or event. People will NOT be taken by spaceships to live elsewhere. People can only save themselves IF they work at it.

Only then the world can become a safe place, a spiritual place inhabited by people who will think in terms of spirituality. And there will be peace, for a thousand years.


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