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About John Peniel, according to Edgar Cayce:

"Who shall proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord in him that has been born in the earth in America? Those from that land where there has been the regeneration, not only of the body but the mind and the spirit of men, they shall come and declare that John Peniel is giving to the world the new order of things. Not that these that have been proclaimed have been refused, but that they are made plain in the minds of men, that they may know the truth, the life, the light, will make them free." Reading 3976-15, 01/19/1934

Although it is not in italic in the original text, I wrote the word regeneration like this for a specific reason. Those from that land are people from Quebec.

Here are my sources:

Edgar Cayce, who has established the specific migrations of certain people said that the spirit of the Jews in Exodus times found itself into the Greeks about 450 years before Christ, then in Palestine 2000 years ago at the time of Jesus and then again in France during the 1789 French Revolution.

The same spirit, according to a french Canadian clairvoyant, is now in the province of Quebec.

Those from that land are from Quebec.

    • Fact: Edgar Cayce said that John and Jacob are both the same spirit.
    • Fact: W.H. Church, in his book "Gods in the making", reports this in the chapter titled: "His name shall be John".
    • Fact: According to Monique Gaudry's dreams analysis and mine, I am John and Jacob.

These facts make me the messenger in question in this reading concerning John Peniel. More than that, as if to prove my point, I appear in people's dreams to tell them things, to teach them. I received many emails to prove this, both from french and english speaking people.

A last fact. A proof nobody can take away from me. A dream I had on March 11, 2003.

I had been invited by the people of Virginia Beach to give a conference on the Day of the Lord.
I was presenting myself, in front of thousands of people saying: My name is not just Pierre or John, Michel (of Notre-Dame), Grégoire or Jacob, but all of these. I am John. Peniel is a place where God and I, Jacob, had a great chat.
I am here to announce the Day of the Lord.

Need I say anything else? I truly am the one I claim to be.


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