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Pierre Fortin's

Intimate Conversations




First published in French at
Les Éditions l'Archange
Under the title:

L'Univers et moi ou Conversations Intimes

Translated by
Jacques-E. Fortin

English version edited by my friend
Zeenath Jahan, Psychologist, Pakistan



I am happy to invite you, dear soul
and to welcome you to a fantastic voyage into Consciousness.
Through these pages, you will learn that nobody has a soul, but that


living and experiencing in a
Conscious Universe.

Sincerely hoping you have a nice journey into your own



Introduction to a new Seed Philosophy. I will first talk about a Chinese man appearing in people's dreams across the planet.



Li Si, otherwise named Li Ssu, first Prime Minister of the first dynasty (200 BC), the Qin (pronounce chin) Dynasty, is alive and active. He already appeared in a few people's dreams in three countries across the planet. Why might you ask? Because, in dreams, it is easier to recognize a Chinese than any other person.

Now, why do I say this? What kind of introduction is this?

Simply put... no, I cannot say this is simple. It has to do with universal teachings, reincarnation and the spiritualization of the human nature.

Today, a reincarnated Li Si is both a messenger and a prophet. I might add that Li Si's actual message has nothing to do with his life as Li Si, but everything with teachings that humanity (in general and people in particular) refuse to acknowledge.

What kind of teachings am I talking about?

Those concerning spirituality and the betterment of mankind. Humanity is on the verge of stepping into its next stage of evolution and sadly, as a group, it does not see this happening nor does it care. It even often condemns those individuals who study spirituality.


Now, what is the purpose of this site? Well, to teach, of course! But what? What can so impress individuals that they will acknowledge this new teaching?

Answers can. And dreams.

Here is one from somewhere in California, USA.

I am reclining on a bed or couch and speaking with a man that has soft Asian/South Asian features. He is standing, and dressed more in Robes typical of the middle east. We are discussing the commonalties between the different peoples of the Earth, especially the commonalties in the various spiritual beliefs/religious traditions.

He then tells me that it is my job, with his help, to start this "seed" church. I sit up, saying, "WHAT?!" and tell him all the difficulties of starting a seed church, including funding, location, buildings, etc. He simply smiles at me and says that it is for me to do this with his help. I wake up and am saying "What!?" and am sitting up.

Li Ssu (Li Si) is alive in me and working. The previous dream was sent to me in not so mysterious ways. But that again is a story that most people will find very hard to believe. You see, the Internet was dreamed by a dreamer-prophet, not under Li Si's disguise, 2000 years ago.

Ha! Will you say! This guy is crazy! No, I am not. I am... many people and a prophet in my own right... I see you are smiling again! Good. Let us proceed, first with the interpretation.

I do hope you believe in reincarnation, for, to accept the interpretation of the dream, you must. You must also know there are NO coincidences.

I will go to the dream, which was surprisingly recognizable. But, yes there is a but, many in fact; I will go about interpreting this dream while dealing with actual facts. Thus, before the interpretation, you must know a few things.

·        When I was younger, my facial features were like those of Asians

·        Another person, whom I now know very well, saw an Asian like person in her dreams when she started searching for her past lives

·        This person later recognized me as this Asian figure in her dream

·        A friend told me: "... remember my cousin who had once asked you to interpret her dreams? I told you her father was psychic... She told me that he had confided in her that there was a Chinese man who was his guide... Coincidence?... nah! You surely have been busy!

·        This Asian figure was named Li Si (or Li Ssu) and was the first Prime Minister of the Qin Dynasty (200 BC), which immediately preceded the Han Dynasty (250 BC)

·        Thus, I am Li Si

·        A clairvoyant told me, in February of 1973, that I would one day (1980) start a new religion... Her prediction was simply 20+ years off schedule, if I understand the dream correctly.

·        A few days before I received this dream, I myself had a dream. It was just a telephone call. It woke me up. I immediately said: "I'm ready my Lord"


The man seen is most probably Li Si. We thus met, in the spiritual realm. You and I have the same views on various spiritual beliefs/religious traditions.

Together, we will do something different, create a seed philosophy, as you put it in the dream, that will revolutionize the way people think about themselves and how they will eventually live spirituality (or spiritually, to be exact). I do not want you to think I am blabbering, but I can and will help you, since I acquired, over 31 years of study, the necessary knowledge.

The church will be a "virtual" one at first. (No money is involved yet) We will use the Internet, mode of expression I dreamed, believe it or not, some 2000 years ago.




A Short Story

I started studying in the parapsychological, exoterism and esoterism fields in 1969 after having wanted to commit suicide. There was not supposed to be anyone at the place I had chosen for this action. But, at the moment of truth, Someone of about five or six years old was there, at 5:30 in the morning. He should not have been there. But there he was, just for an instant. Then he disappeared. I was left alone, wondering at what had just happened. My suicide attempt was over with. I was alone.

I went back home to read a book my father had asked me to read for some time. Contrary to my usual behaviour, I took 30 days to read "The Amazing Laws of Cosmic Mind Power", by a doctor Joseph Murphy. After reading this, I put God back into my life. Since that moment, nothing has been the same for me. After that, I discovered, through years of reading and study, who I am and what my mission is.

I am a universal teacher. But what was I to teach that have not been taught before?

Mainly that, contrary to most beliefs, man is not a body with a soul, but a soul which has and expresses itself in a body. In short, WE ARE SOULS. We are spiritual beings living in a material time-space zone.

Consequently, we will come to realize that when we think in spiritual terms, we will become ONE with everybody and everything and even God.

What we perceive as reality is but illusion. But how does one think in spiritual terms? Simple. One has to look at human events as symbols coming directly from the soul's dreams. In short, what happens to us in everyday life is but the interpretation of a soul's dreams or a warning of what is to come if we do not change our way of doing things and of thinking. When we learn to think spiritual, we see everything as a symbol and we can act on it and easily follow the soul's directions.

What is the goal to all of this? One goal is to bring humans to think and know, not that they are just humans born of the Earth, but that they are angels and spiritual entities. We, as spiritual beings, must understand our true nature: the divine.

Another short story of mine. In 1970, I started interpreting dreams, even before I ever studied dream interpretation. All through the 70's and 80's, I read more that 2000 books on parapsychology, the mysteries, the Bible, the Revelation and so forth. I read everything I could lay my hands on.

In 1973, February, a psychic told me that in 1980, I would create a new religion. I thought this was not to be true. It could not be. Who was I to do such a thing?

Well, 27 years later (the prediction being off by 20+ years), here I am, writing this and for what? What indeed?

Here are a few other things about me. In 1972, I knew I would not die. I immediately cancelled my life's insurance. (That is the way I interpreted the knowledge from the dream and the action I took).

One morning in 1996, I awoke KNOWING I had stopped ageing. (Edgar Cayce said once that people would come and they would have the possibility to vanquish death). This prediction is happening. It has started for me as it will surely start for others.

Four years ago, I woke up crying. I knew. I did not believe anymore, I knew.

What? You might ask. What did I know? I had answers to questions most people thought impossible to answer. An example: a few weeks ago, I listened to a scientific program on PBS. Scientists were asking this question: Why is the universe still growing and that at a rapid rate?

They do not know still, but I did. The answer just came to me. But to accept this, one must accept we are ONE. We are, individually and collectively, the Universe and an intimate part of Cosmic Consciousness (God). We then can be aware of and express this consciousness.

As for the answer, it is like this: the universe is expanding because we are expanding our consciousness and learning new things about our true nature which is, truly, spiritual.

These are the kind of truths I know. I am not guessing when a question is asked. I simply open my consciousness and let the knowledge and/or the answer flow in me.

Now, to the first chapter: the Big bang.





Welcome to you all, interested souls. You will discover here the extraordinary history of creation, from Cosmic Consciousness to man. I am happy that you found the courage to look for answers, to search the truth and to satisfy your legitimate curiosity.

But first, a few words on why and how I came to write this new version of Genesis.

Every morning, I come down to the kitchen for breakfast. Nothing extraordinary in that. If my mother is already there, she asks me if I had any dream. Usually, my answer is positive.

Every morning, mother and I tell each other's dreams. That morning was no exception. What was exceptional was the dream I had on that morning in October 2002.

According to the dream, I was to rewrite Genesis. Just that: rewrite Genesis, the Bible's first book.

This task seemed, for a moment, impossible. Where was I to start? What was I to write? Since Genesis recounts the beginnings, I decided to start at the very beginning, the beginning of all beginnings: what was, before God.

I will define the very nature of God. Most people know, think there is one or deny there is a Something called God that created the universe and all else, but no one know Its nature. This is the start, the very beginning.

Here is Genesis: a new vision! 




In the beginning, there was Infinite Space. In It, there was a Mass. This was God. Nothing else existed. God was pure Energy or Pure Spirit. God is all that exists and nothing that exists is not Him; Love, Beauty, Goodness, Spirit, Intelligence, Law, Wisdom, Life, ect. All exist at the perfect level because everything is God.

To understand, let's use this example. Let us say this Mass is like a square of asbestos. Suddenly, there was an inner stirring inside this Mass. This movement was the awakening of Consciousness. It provoked the separation of all the fibers that were composing the Mass. Each fiber was Pure Energy or Pure Spirit or God in Its totality. Nothing changed in their nature. These Pure Spirits, these sons of Space recognized their individuality and their identity, because Consciousness brings one to recognize self. We call these Spirits: angels. We, each of us, separately and collectively, became conscious of being One. The angels are thus ourselves, us, all of humanity, past, present and future. We were and still are God with all the powers and all the responsibilities that this state entails.

This consciousness of being gave a soul to the angels we were. The soul is the divine vehicle of our emotions and feelings. The soul is one with the Spirit. If we can know and give Love, it is because we have a soul.


Ideas started to form within us and the creative forces were activated. We kept thinking and we created the universe and all that is in it. Happy, we took delight in what we had created and we sang in the universe.

How many "days" did it take us to create the universe? Not days, actually. Billions of years. Sixty, to be exact. But the first light, that of a sun, appeared thirteen billions years ago. That is why the scientists say the universe was created at that time.


Some time during the enjoyment of our creation of the universe, an angel, Lucifer, decided to take advantage of one particular angel. That was the first mistake. At that moment, other angels "said" no to that intention. The angel we know as Mikael was the first to take position. Because of this, he became an archangel, a chief, a captain of souls. Others sided with him, also becoming captains, archangels.

Man did not commit the first sin, an angel did. In joining Lucifer, the rebels lost their innocence. They were then called "Sons of Belial" [ Belial is Lucifer's new name. The change of name is to mark a disunion with God. ] A battle was in the making. It happened that these "Sons of Darkness" stood against others. The "Sons of Light", whom true to their purpose were victorious.

[Why did Lucifer think he could get away with such an act? He thought he could replace God. Let's remember that the name Lucifer means Bearer of Light. His name went to his head, so to speak. He also thought himself to be superior to others.

The other Angels believing in the "Law of One", holding firm to it as the Law of Love reacted.]

Because of their relative loss of consciousness, the Sons of Darkness (of Belial) could not maintain the conscious level as the "Sons of Light". With their loss of consciousness, the "Sons of Darkness" fell.


This was ten millions years ago. The rebellious angels were exiled to Earth. There was life on the planet, with all kinds of animals. These angels mixed with these animals and, since they were still creators but without a clear consciousness, they found the way to create new life into which they integrated themselves. Earth knew then the appearance of "mermaids", "centaurs", "sphinxes", etc. They found themselves prisoners of their own creations, theses beastlike creatures. The Joy of Being and consciousness were gone, as well there belief of the presence of God. That belief made them lose the memory of their divinity.


Seeing what was happening on earth and the sorry state of the fallen angels embroiled in matter and exhibiting queer bodies - mermaids, fawns and unicorns, among others - two hundred thousand years ago, Archangel Gabriel took upon himself to rescue them. Known at this stage as Amilius, he elaborated a plan. Other Archangels sided with him. It was decided that we would all come down on earth to remind the rebels of their divinity and to show them the way back to the glory of God.

Amilius saw the great apes, Earth's products, and decided to create a model that would fit an angel: a human body. The fallen angels, still possessing a creative mind, could get inspired by these new beings. Amilius and His friends thus created spiritual humanlike bodies for themselves.

Angels landed in five different places and created for themselves perfect spiritual bodies as models for those beastlike fallen souls. This was the origin of the five races.


Amilius took a human name: Adam. He understood that evolution would be a very long process. In order to accelerate evolution, he split this spiritual man into its two emanations, the positive and the receptive, as there was already two sexes on Earth among the animal kingdom. The first man, thus separated into its two sides, became Adam (positive) and Eve (receptive). Every angel and Archangel who came with Amilius went through the same process. From this separation were created what we call twin souls. Even separated, the (twin) souls remains one in spirit. On Earth, each human being is one half of an angel having, somewhere on earth or on the other side (living or dead), its unique and eternal counterpart.


Time went on. Gradually, we all lost our innocence because of the human knowledge we acquired. We fell into a terrestrial mentality which took over, over the length of millions of years for many (the fallen angels) and thousands for others (the adamic race).

In the meantime, the fallen angels learned how to evolve. A great number among the "sons of Light" mingled with the "sons of Darkness" and found their daughters beautiful.

What followed was the encasing in matter. We lost the knowledge that we were spiritual beings. But the way back home was also starting. Twelve thousand years ago, completely encased in matter, we lost the ability to get out of our body at will. We then had to die and be born again (reincarnation principle). Only one of us could still escape Earth at will: Gabriel-Amilius-Adam who was then the God Hermes, the architect of the great pyramid.


Gabriel manifested later many times in his spiritual body. At the time of Abraham, He was the High Priest Melchizedek (who was without father and mother). The first time that Gabriel took on a physical body was as Joseph, the interpreter of dreams, son of Jacob and Rachel. His mother Rachel, on her dying bed told him not to forget the goal of his mission: to bring humanity back to God.

Later on, the archangel Gabriel incarnated again and again. He was never alone. The other Archangels always accompanied Him. He inspired many prophets, through their dreams and meditations.

Then came the time of Jesus. Gabriel is Jesus. Were there, all the archangels who had accompanied Him all through his incarnations. It is in that experience that Jesus became the Christ. The game was over for him. He had won mastery over human nature. He had shown us THE WAY, becoming also THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE. With Mary his twin soul, he has ascended to the status of Throne in the angelic hierarchy.


Spiritual communication is a constant between the 2 separated emanations of the spirit or angel, but not often perceived by the rational being we have become. It is this other part of us that we look for without tiring. Adam, when he became Jesus in His last incarnation, found his twin. It was Mary, His mother.

Twin souls almost always find themselves inside a family. Because the spirit is the same.



Because there are twin souls, there are also souls mates. We all come for a reason that often remains unknown to us. All through millions of years and hundreds of incarnations, man established affective links with a certain number of people. This number can be between 18 and 35 souls, in general, depending on the task at hand. Everything is determined in advance, even before we incarnate. Because the primordial idea remains, always, the same for the angels we are: return to the glory of God. Our first innocence will be enriched by everything we have acquired on our long voyage. The people that compose these groups are all (or almost all) souls mates. We find them in affective and emotional situations, from incarnation to incarnation. It is often in the middle of families that we find them.

Of course, there are other associations. It so happens that sometimes, at first sight, we feel something for someone even if we think we see this person for the first time. It is as if we always knew the person. And that is true. The love that we once felt can not die. This love can not have been a happy one. But it does not lie. Over the purely physical attractions that can be short lived, profound love built over ages stays, eternally.

End of Part One.

[The text that follows is a compilation of two regressions I conducted a few years ago. I use these texts because they perfectly answer the needs of this new version of Genesis. By a simple technique, I (Conductor) brought the Subject to the alpha level of consciousness. Then I send the Subject to the Akasha (the akashic records or God's Big Book). There, the Subject took the book I was referring to. We began...]


Conductor: You will tell us the first stories. What were the first interests of the entities? How did they manifest and/ or create them? The book that you have chosen recounts these, step by step.

Subject: I see a king. We are here to make a plan. Each has its specialty and takes its sector of exploration. I see a king. King of spade. It represents the Great Monarch. We all are dressed in white, kind of like a sport attire with no density at all.

Conductor: The king is organizing something?

Subject: He is there, like an image. We think about his plan.

Conductor: Is the plan about the earth's organization?

Subject: Yes. We put our books away. We are going on a mission.

Conductor: Are you from the adamic people that will create the 5 races?

Subject (she does not the question, but something else): Everyone went to different places; we were not many at the time. About 10 people.

Conductor: You were like a vanguard?

Subject: Yes. I travel in nature. The forest. There are no people. We build a boat. We left a place where there was sand. There are palm trees. We study the fishes close to the beach.

Conductor: Why?

Subject: Maybe to find a cure. To study.

Conductor: You are from a group of scientists?

Subject: Yes, truly, because we have our papers with us.

Conductor: Turn another page.

Subject: We will go into the forest. The great apes.

Conductor: You study them too?

Subject: Yes. We are 3 or 4, not more and we take notes. One of our companions is gone to visit a volcano. We are going toward a city. There is a concentration of people. Everyone is like ethereal. This is a very brilliant city, like it was made of thoughts, like glass. It was like this: many were thinking about it and were taking the decision to build it. But not me. I am interested in something else. There... I see flowers; the beach; the storm.

Conductor: The storm that we speak of before dinner? (this storm that made us forget all of our divine nature)

Subject: Wind and sand storm.

Conductor: You are in a desert?

Subject: On the fringe of it. I see people, a small village, children.

Conductor: Ethereal people, like you?

Subject: They are not like us. They look like "Things", you know? Mermaids, centaurs, sphinxes... Parents give advice on plants. How they should eat these. Oh! This part is over.

I go someplace else. I meet people that I know. Many decide to get into matter and to get the job done. I do not want to... but... I accept a very difficult job and I must come into this world, become like those we studied...

They are dense. I will loose my freedom, loose the freedom of my white garment, of my garment of pure light. It is cold, humid and heavy. But, also, the only way to understand earth's misery. I accept but not right away...

Already, our clothing is not so white. The whiteness has disappeared. It is light green. I still have my papers. Don't know what to do with them.

I go back toward the sun, over Earth. I know I will come back. I am with people I know, friends and we have some fun. We will come back to teach.

Conductor: It is not enough to know things, we have to become them?

Subject: this is not a demand on us, but an agreement. We go, by two's, trees'. One stays behind. He will come.

Conductor: What was promised to us? What will we gain from this?

Subject: We will find again our clothes of light. We will acquire emotions. We will live into and conquer our own matter, that that we will become. Some of us are teachers. We gave life to the matter that we became, that we now are. We will make this matter grow and flourish. It must reach the light. We will do it so that human nature become spiritual. Everyone will be happy. Those who do not come to Earth will not know. They will not feel. They see it but do not feel it.

Conductor: You first manifested or you were born? And, if we manifested, how did we become dense?

Subject: I manifested. I was not ready to be born. As to how, here is the answer: we were like ethereal clouds. We slowed down. We looked around and then, near Earth, we felt the desire not to go farther. But we did not touch Earth at once. A Ray of Pure Light talked to us et told us that we should go. We accepted. I walked in the woods. I looked at the people. You see people, you talk. It is as if you become grounded. It was like a game. While playing this game, you accomplish your destiny, your mission.

I had the impression I was putting on an armour. It was heavy. This armour was gluing us to the ground. This was a strange environment. Our natural state was space and the fact that we could fly.

Conductor: How did we get so dense?

Subject: It happened slowly. The armour was strong. The more we came down toward Earth, the more the armour took on weight. We came down slowly enough and the armour built itself.

We created ourselves.

Conductor: How long did this process take?

Subject: It took a very long time. Longer that a falling feather.

Later on, I saw a sad woman. Sad because she saw the small people prisoners of matter; they could not grow. They were the small people of the forest, the very big forest, too big for them. This woman was sitting on a throne. Its base was already sinking into matter. It is in this manner that she choose to incorporate. I thought she was the Great Priestess (Tarot card). We did not speak in those times. But she invited me to do as she.

It is all right. She became like the small people...

Conductor: What are you doing among the small people?

Subject: I prepare vegetables, some cooking; I did not forget about my papers. I hope to accomplish what I must. Now, our preoccupations are different. I must survive. There are many people, dressed in green. Small cabin made of straw.

Conductor: Turn the page.

Subject: I am speaking with the woman: " This is not funny. But it is this way that we learn to feel ". She too has a big job. This woman, she loved the small people so much so that she wanted them to be able to grow too. We talk to them and tell them of what is overhead, about the trees, in the sky, in space. We will give them the desire to go beyond Earth. They look interested. They will eventually understand.

Conductor: Who are they? Where do they come from?

Subject: They usually do not come near people. They live in the forest. This was a curiosity for people. They were not from the sage generation of souls. Two distinct creations, two very different races. These, they fell on Earth. And, because they fell, they lost most of their consciousness. I see the elongated head of one of them.

Conductor: Why did they disappear from the face of the Earth but not of human memory?

Subject: They could not survive. Could not follow evolution. A few, more cunning, came our of the forest. I see them in the sand looking at people. Some were adopted. I see a woman who want to adopt one.

Conductor: Turn the page

Subject: I went back to my papers. I must give a report. Everyone talks about the experiences. We now know that this is a full-time job. We will come back and back again. But it is not without hope. There is a possibility that this will one day stop.

Our clothes are not so white as before. They have a greenish color in the light.

Conductor: Our clothes will change color as we go along?

Subject: Yes. I see orange now. This is more encouraging.

Conductor: What happened?

Subject: My king of spade, a Ray of yellow light is happy, It dances. Says we worked well.

End of Regressions



The original sin as described in Genesis and explained by supposedly learned people is not what people think it is. Adam and Eve did not eat an apple. What separated us from God was the fact that we ate the mental fruit. Yes, a mental fruit. The apple represents the mental as the tree represents the human being. We were spiritual beings, souls, and we became humans. In our human armour, we, step by step, forgot our true origin, for the mental is forgetful. That and only that constitutes the so-called "sin".

Incorporated, humans slowly forgot the specifics of creation when they began to think with the mental instead of receiving from their intuition, as before. It is also around these times that “God asked Adam to name the things” around him. Adam was ready to “eat the apple”, that of the mental. The loss of memory of the true nature is named "sin" by ancient writers and prophets who did not know anymore what had happen. It is not a sin nor is it a mistake. It is the result of our immersion into matter, and the use of the mental, which became the basis of our apprenticeship [in and] of materiality.


Did Cain kill his brother Abel just for a plate of meat? The circumstances of this drama are thus: Cain, to please God, offers some vegetables. Abel offers meat. His sacrifice pleases God. Not that of his brother. Cain, jalous and not understanding why God prefers his brother's offering over his, kills his brother.

Why? To understand this, one must know the significance of the names: Abel, in Aramaic, means "the soul and idealized human nature". Cain, in the same language, means "the body and all materialistic human desires".


Abel is essentially a vegetarian while his brother is a meat eater. The lesson to learn here is very serious. Abel's sacrifice demonstrated his desire of exalting the soul and spiritual qualities. Abel's sacrifice also means that he will not eat meat. As for Cain, he demonstrated that he thought himself to be of the Earth. Plain and simple.

The whole lesson is thus: if we do not acknowledge our true nature and take this into consideration in our daily activities, our human nature will kill our spiritual nature.


Where did this woman come from if there were only Adam and Eve and then Cain, for his brother was dead? Classical Genesis says nothing on this matter. It does not mention at all that there were other humans on the planet. Hard to believe that the whole human race came from one couple and murderer.

We have to know that the words of the "Subject" in the Regression and those of Edgar Cayce are true. There were hundreds of thousands of people on the planet divided in 5 races established on 5 continents.

Cain took his bride among these people.


Many pages of Genesis enumerate the number of years Adam lived, the numbers of years his children lived and their children. Many lived close to a thousand years.

Genesis, Chapter 6,1: the adam (meaning man) became multitudes on the surface of the Earth; to these multitudes are born daughters. The sons of the gods see the beauty of the girls the adam had and they make wives of them and all those they desire.

From this practice was born the "tradition" that permitted that a man took many wives. Man had already forgotten his spiritual heritage; he had already forgotten that he had one perfect companion. Because of this laps in memory, he gave himself all kinds of permissions forgetting the LAW: one man, one woman. Two make one.

These practices against [the] [divine] nature became traditions. in this, man was wrong, all through History, to take more than one wife. That is true for all religions.


Before the flood, man was essentially a vegetarian. God had given, for food, to the adam -man- and to all animals, every grass, fruit or root. After the flood, nothing grew anymore. Everything had been washed away.

Man still had to eat. God then gave Noah and his family all the beasts and all vegetable as food even if we were made vegetarians. God said: "Everything is in your hands".

In the next passage from Genesis, God explains to Noah the principle of karma.

Genesis 9, 5-6: "I will ask your life to the one who spills your blood; I will ask it to the beasts, I will ask the life of the adam to the adam and to all the blood of his brother. The one who spills the adam's blood, his blood will be spilled.

This last sentence explains the principle. There is but one adam -man- here. If you kill by the sword, you will die by the sword.


Genesis, Chapter 22: "Abraham's God asks: take your son, your only child, Isaac. Go and make him a holocaust..." What exactly did God ask Abraham?

Because of the principle said by God previously: "I will ask your life to the one who spills your blood", man, the analyst, the learned person who try to explain the Bible and all sacred texts should have understood that God absolutely did NOT ask Abraham to kill his son!

What did God actually ask of Abraham? We must understand that God is not an entity separated from us. A proverb says that God is nearer to us than our own skin.

God is all spirits, souls and matter visible and invisible known and unknown. God is every fibre of the primordial asbestos in the example given in the beginning of this version of Genesis. Every fibre is Pure Energy or Pure Spirit or God in its totality, before as after. Nothing changed in our nature. These Pure Spirits, "sons of Space" acknowledge their individuality and their identity. Consciousness brings one to recognize self. We call these Spirits: angels. We, each of us, separately and collectively, became conscious of being one. The angels are thus ourselves, us, all of humanity, past, present and future. We were and still are God.

God is our spirit, our soul, ourselves, collectively and or separately. [This notion explains the trinity.] God in us ask us to kill our [sons] materialistic desires for the son represents all that is born in us, on the mental plane, in the mental mind, that is: our ideas, our projects and our realizations in the physical world.

When we obey the Spirit's desires, when we accept to kill our own desires, we take the spiritual path.


Yhvh God told Jacob's pregnant wife, Rebecca: "Two nations are in your belly, two people divided in your womb; one people stronger than the other; the oldest one will serve the second". When they were born, Esaü came first in front of Jacob who was holding his brother by the ankle, thus his name.

Jacob's name means: "The one who holds by the ankle". It also means: "The one who holds God" and "The one who stands before gods and humans and wins". A third meaning that has a lot of significance: "the soul's illumination".

For a lentils plate, Esaü sold his birth right to his brother Jacob. Because of this, Jacob received his father's benediction, which should have been given to Esaü because he was the firstborn. Isaac did not know this but Rebecca, the children's mother knew. Jacob lied to his father.

This imposture does not explain everything. What was the hidden reason? The answer is in God's words to Rebecca: "Two nations are in your belly, two people divided in your womb; one people stronger than the other; the oldest will serve the second". Esaü, older and stronger than his brother will serve him. Esaü is the father of the Arabic people while Jacob is the father of Israel. (Genesis, chapter 35, 11.)


Everyone knows the dream Jacob had of a ladder. In that dream, Jacob sees a ladder firmly grounded on Earth with the top in the sky where god's angels climb and come down.

For Jacob, this vision was a reminder. Angels do incarnate. After a while, they go back in the sky and come back down again for another life on the planet. This dream demonstrates the principle of reincarnation that trhe Church do not want to acknowledge as a viable principle.


Jacob wanted to marry Rachel, one of his uncle's daughters. But he received Lea first. Outraged, Jacob demanded some explanations. Laban, his uncle, told him that, by tradition, the oldest should get married first.

In a way, Jacob was already paying for the thing he did his brother Esaü. He paid this for a long 20 years when Laban forced him to work for him all through these years.

For all those years, Jacob prospered. How? This is because of the benediction he received from his father. For all that was promised him, God acknowledged the promises made to Jacob and answered them by multiplying Jacob's fortune, wisdom and fruits [as in children]. He was to become the father of a nation.


After his departure from Laban's estate, but before he met again with his brother Esaü, Jacob had a fight. Genesis32:25-30. Someone battled with him until sunup, says the story. "Your name will not be Jacob but Israel. You have stood up before gods and men and you won" says the angel. The angel told Jacob exactly what his name meant. But more than that, he told Jacob what he, Jacob, came to do on Earth.

This fight and results of the fight with the angel of God signifies that "It is Ok for the human nature to take the road back to spirituality".


This is the END of my re-writing of Genesis.


After Jacob's story, there remains Joseph's story, but I will not comment on it. The only thing I will say is that this Joseph would later be known as Jesus. In Joseph, he suffered at the hands of his brothers. Later on, 2000 years ago, he became Christ. At that moment too, he suffered because of His convictions. None the less, He became Christ.


What is the Big Bang?

Besides mine (Genesis : a New Vision), there are many theories to explain this event. Let us look at different points of view. Science tells us that all the energy of the Universe, all that it contains, was compressed into a whole that is said to have been the size of a thimble. This 'ALL THINGS' was pure energy. That mass heated up, it is not known why, and exploded. Hence, the creation of the Universe.

* Hindus are not troubled by the mystery of creation and destiny. Above all stands the illuminating Light. Hinduism does not fathom benevolent unique Creator, it merely describe man's awe when faced with 'Creation'.

* In China, they were not concerned by the mystery of Creation, its origin or destiny. Philosopher Confucius did not claim any divine source. He thought that peoples' problems could be resolved not by miraculous intervention, but by individual experience and that of the ancestors. During the Han Empire, Confucius' teachings became ideology and state dogma.

"The importance that Confucius gave to family, morals and the part of a good government do not satisfy the need to explain man and his place. Then, another Chinese school of thought was born: Taoism. Taoism was interested in the relation of man with the Universe and Nature; but there was still no place for a Creator in this philosophy".

* Buddha had no explanations about creation. He refused to explain what he considered inexplicable. Research for research's sake, with a goal to know more, had no place in Buddhist philosophy. Buddha's goal was not to know and improve the World but to escape its sufferings.

* By and large, the passion to 'Know' comes to us from the Greeks. However, sacred Greek texts do not say much about the beginning of things. Their saga was one of adventures and human gods, and Plato complained that Homer's Iliad and Odyssey offered no moral commands or divine ordinances.

The gods and goddesses of Homer's World completely avoided the questions of the World and of man. In the Iliad and the Odyssey we see already mature men and gods. The Greeks molded their gods after the image of men and everyday they saw men and women frustrated or helped by the gods. They found all this more appealing than speculating on the 'how' and 'wherefore' of everything that had happened or the way it all started.

* Judaism and Christianity turned the question around and started with God. By making man in God's image, the priests decided to face the mystery of Creation with all the consequences that are thus brought about. The idea of an original Creation by a single all-powerful Creator comes to us through Moses, the greatest of the Hebrew prophets. It is also he who first spoke of the mysterious nature of God. Mostly it is because of him that we ask crucial questions about our nature and that of God, of our Universe, of His Creation.

According to scientists, it is between sixteen and twenty billion years (earth time) that the Big Bang occurred. They arrived at this figure by observing the color produced by galaxies moving away from one another. Yet, they don't know why it happened or when, exactly.

Before Everything was physical, measurable and touchable, there was a Consciousness conscious of Being. Consciousness had all the qualities of creation, expansion and movement. It possessed a Will and wanted to express all that It was: essentially Itself, in all Its parts. It created movement. It moved.

Space as we know it was created; and with it, all possibilities of expression. Consciousness in all Its parts that we call Spirits could organize Itself. The Universe, born of Consciousness, lives; It is conscious of Itself.

Creation was and is still growing. I exist because before me, in Consciousness, there was a notion of being, that that we call Spirit or Angel. Consciousness in all its parts spoke about Itself. It might well be the only time, in all of creation, that One was and is multiple, multitude.

We are reflections of the One. Yet we are, each, unique.

We now know where we came from, which was the next question in the first edition of this book. We are ONE, God, individually and separately. We are God's Spirits, His angels.

Having read my new version of Genesis, we know man's origin. But still, the implantation of souls (known as Things) and the great apes were evolving for millions of years. According to scientific thought, we "came down" from apes. That evolution would have its start close to six or seven million years ago.

Since I first started to study, question and understand, there was one question I asked myself over and over again: Who is right: evolutionists or creationists? This question still rages on in some parts of the world today.

Evolutionists believe, proof in hand, that man evolved from the apes. Creationists, with proof in hand, that God created man. The Bible says that God created Man in His image and resemblance. He then took a rib from Man to make Woman. From that statement alone, Man/Woman is in the image of God. Creationists seem to be right.

On the other hand, monkeys are not very different from us. According to scientific studies, the behaviour of ape's and man, including some biological commonalties such as genes, are more than 98% alike.

[From a 2001 dream, an answer: Why doesn't our genetic code defer of more than 2% from that of monkeys? According to scientific studies, everything that lives on land came out of the water. The marine and terrestrial animals have the same source: the sea. The same elements compose the species, arranged in a different ways, from there the various species, marine, terrestrial and aerial.

But humans didn't come out of the water. No more that the fallen angels. The adam (and the fallen angels, long before the arrival of the pure ethereal beings) created himself, when he was an ethereal spirit. However, as the spirit sent its conscious thought on matter, it becomes evident that the terrestrial elements compose his body. From this we see the very big similitude of the genes among monkeys and humans. CQFD.]

When the first beings came to Earth and converted themselves into Things, they lost all their divine qualities and forgot all they knew. Then, seeing what was happening on earth and the sorry state of the fallen angels embroiled in matter and exhibiting queer bodies - mermaids, fawns and unicorns, among others -, the Archangel Gabriel took upon himself to rescue them. Known at this stage as Amilius, he elaborated a plan. Other Archangels sided with him. It was decided that his companions, all volunteers, would come down on Earth to remind the rebels of their divinity and to show them the way back to the glory of God.

Amilius saw the great apes, Earth's products, and decided to create a model that would fit an angel: a human body. The fallen angels, still possessing a creative spirit, could get inspired by these new beings. Amilius and His friends thus created spiritual human like bodies for themselves.

Angels landed en masse in five different places and created for themselves perfect spiritual bodies as models for those beast-like fallen souls. This was the origin of the five races.

Amilius took a human name: Adam. He understood that evolution would be a very long process. In order to accelerate it, he split this spiritual man into its two separate emanations, the positive and the receptive, as there was already two sexes on Earth among the animal kingdom. The first man thus separated into its two sides and became Adam (positive) and Eve (receptive). Everyone that had come with him went through the same process. From this separation were created what we call twin souls. Even separated, the (twin) souls remains one in spirit. On Earth, each human being is one half of an angel having, somewhere on earth or on the other side (living or dead), its unique and eternal counterpart.

Creative Consciousness called the masculine part of Amilius: Adam and the feminine part Eve. This change in names means that the Earth is a place of change and evolution.

However, the bodies were not as thick, as dense as they are now. We were ethereal peoples, spirits, who slowly solidified. This process took about two hundred thousand years. The completion of the human body as we know it today was made possible in Atlantis.

The Things, still living, humanized, and walking the earth, believed themselves born of the earth. Those who had volunteered to fulfil the Plan were ready for action. Then came a transition that did unite the different human branches into one race: The children of men saw that the daughters of the gods were beautiful. They married, and became nations.

How to prove it? One only has to read the Bible. Once Cain had killed his brother and God condemned him to roam the earth, Cain knew his wife who conceived a child and he became a builder of cities (Genesis 4:16-l7).

Where was that woman coming from if there were only Adam and Eve? For whom did Cain build cities? For people, of course!

The Origin of the Races: Unity in Diversity, according to Edgar Cayce.

First Root Race: Creation of a form of ethereal and androgynous humanity, 12 millions years ago. These spiritual beings enjoyed a total freedom and were companions to God.

Second Root Race: 10 millions years ago. The free spirits wanted to project themselves into matter. At the time, these beings were still androgynous. They could come and go in and out of their bodies at will. It took them millions of years to solidify their bodies thus forgetting their spiritual powers and their connexion with God.

Third Root Race: It is at this moment that Earth knew the creation of Things (mermaids, centaurs, fawns and the like). These were created by the Second Root Race to serve as slaves.

Fourth Root Race: The Christ Spirit saw what was going on on the planet and wanted to show these people what they had lost. This event happened between 200 000 and 108 000 years before Jesus' time. That was the creation of the adamic race.

12 000 years ago, the adamic race was ready to travel and to teach. The adamic race is the actual human race as we know it today. At that moment, 12000 years ago, a particular event happened. The Christic consciousness incarnated in Adam and Eve in the then 5 races of men in 5 different places on Earth.

The red race incarnated in Atlantis (near North America) in the middle of the Atlanteans and inside the second and third Root races. The whites incarnated on mount Ararat, the Caspian Sea and Iran. The yellow race incarnated in the Gobi region (modern China). The black Race incarnated in actual Sudan while the thje brown race incarnated in the andes and South America.

Skin color did not have the importance we give it today. Skin color was not a subject to be discriminated against. Colors symbolized an inside law, a form of thought that helped the senses. The sense affected by the yellow people was hearing and the sounds. The one for the white race was vision and the eyes; the one for the red race was touch. For the brown race it was smell and the black race it was mouth and taste.

What the five races were briging was important and everyone should have incarnated (or did) into all the races in order to know the spiritual forces associated with the corresponding senses. [ANCIENT MYSTERIES, Lora and Greg Little, August 2002, published by the A.R.E., Virginia Beach, Virginia, U.S.A]


What is man's role on Earth?

The Earth allows the experience, understanding and mastering of matter, and then to go beyond it. Genesis reports that God planted a garden in Eden and placed Man in it. By this, let us understand that Man, a creative spirit, begins his evolution. We read in Genesis that God, YHVH, took man and placed him in the Garden of Eden to farm and keep it. Most Bible experts agree, in the light of the teachings perpetuated by the high priests of Judaism and later by the priests of Christianity, that Man was placed on Earth to farm it. We thought we had to manipulate Earth and its forces according to our desires, so we squandered its precious resources. We have crippled it using it to satisfy our needs to the detriment of good sense and the health of this earth that had been a refuge for lost souls.

Now, this is important. God said: "I give to you all seed bearing plants on the face of the earth and all fruit bearing trees: this will be your food. To all the wild beasts, to all the birds in the sky, to all that slithers on the ground and is animated by life, I give as food the greenness of the plants".

God hates death. He abhors the fact that we play with life. Where is it said that we have to kill in order to live? Where is it written that we have to subjugate through violence what had been placed into our hands to care for? By forgetting whom we are, by forgetting we had come from and through Consciousness, we have become ignorant of our responsibilities. And we have taken upon ourselves to remodel perfection.

Millions manifested on Earth to understand that we have become physical beings endowed with a consciousness in evolution. Instead of submitting to the Law leading the Universe, we have wished to egoistically submit to our will everything that existed according to the moment's ignorance. We have battled against our neighbour instead of applying our will to correct our weaknesses. What have we done to the Consciousness that we are? How can we overcome ourselves, find our way back to our divinity?

It took us a long time to get to where we are today. Have we evolved? We still manipulate forces of which we barely understand the power. We play around with our neighbours, manipulate them, makes them poor and often kill them for our own pleasure, self-aggrandizement and personal glory.

Have we understood anything of our true nature? Man has evolved very little. Religions have tried to instil life principles. But these same religions have appropriated knowledge and did not give it back, except to a few, in order to keep the upper hand on human spirit. Where there is man, there is manipulation. Knowledge that should have taken man out of the poverty in which he found himself has been divulged to only a small number who used it to climb over the others, to the detriment of all.

Now the time for secret knowledge is over. The nearing of the New Age, the Age of Pegasus, has knocked over mentalities. The faithful have forsaken the churches and search elsewhere for answers to their questions. The New Age literature has pushed back the frontiers of what was being miserly taught by religions.

Everybody can now have access to knowledge and principles of all kinds. Today we discover that life is dear to us, that we have to protect it, feed it, have the greater number possible of people enjoy it. Thus were born ecological movements of all kinds, to promote life, to safeguard it. Are also born schools of "holistic" thought.

We learn that man is not only an animal subject to the caprices and hazards of nature, but a being endowed with reason and intuition. At last, in a few years, we have threaded roads that the churches forbade us. We are beings gifted with physical intelligence and a creative and spiritual Consciousness. Some call it Cosmic Consciousness. I say that we are God. We are co-creators, we are souls and we can be one with the Conscious Universe, if we so wish, it we pick up the means at our disposition.

This system, Earth, was supposed to allow beings to experience matter, to understand it, master it and go beyond.

What we are talking about here, is not to experience the earth on which we incarnated so many times, but to conquer our own selves. The earth we are talking about here is our own creation, our body, our thoughts, our wishes, our subconscious mind, and our will. In a word: Us. Consciousness left us free to go and discover our own identity. For as long as we remained under the influence of Consciousness we shared it's knowledge and its wisdom. Being spirits, each and everyone of us took part in our Creation. Then, Man so loved experiencing creation that, while the process of creation on earth was still going on, he tried to influence it with his own will. Having forgotten being God, he tried to be as God. In itself, this was disobedience, and we know this as the fall of the angels.

Humanity gave birth to egotism and guilt. It is this that caused its estrangement from Consciousness. That is why the Earth was readied, so that we came to this World in evolution, that we be part of it and that we partake in our emergence towards divinity.

Since Man has forgotten his true (spiritual) nature and believed that he was "only a man", a terrestrial, he lost himself in matter. As a humanized ape, little by little, he acquired knowledge. Along the way, he lost his spiritual identity and all his divine talents. The only one that remained was his imagination. This gave him the ability to ask himself: 'Where did I come from?' and 'where am I going?'

Thanks to this gift or talent, he let his spirit roam the Earth, and discovered means to fulfilling his needs; he became carnivorous, soldier, merchant, and traveller and then developed an interest in sciences of the Earth and matter; he became architect, policeman, and contractor. He put to use what he was: a Consciousness with sleeping faculties, awakening them as the needs arose BUT WITHOUT REALIZING THAT THIS WAS WHAT HE WAS DOING, AWAKENING HIS SPIRITUAL QUALITIES AND TALENTS.

Humanity has known different ways of life and diverse modes of expression: The Australopithecus period (four to five millions years ago); the Neanderthal; the Homo Erectus; the Cro-Magnon (twenty-six thousand years B. C.); then Homo Sapiens. There have been periods like the glacial period, the melting of glaciers (78 times); cold or warm periods; the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age and many others. There have been wars, conquests, losses and victories. In fact, Man has known everything through his History; all the challenges to win over the matter that he had become. This is what it is all about, but even this Humanity forgot.

I dreamed (1989) a dream that made me understand what my goal was as a spiritual entity: I saw a hardworking man at the bottom of a pit. From time to time a stone fell on his head and he would fall down. Enraged, he would abuse everyone and everything, then standing up again he continued with his task. Of course, the more stones that hit him the more he fell, but each time he stood up. Eventually his anger decreased and the stones seemed to hit him with less strength.

I understood from this that I was on the earth to work. I understand that trial-experiences (stones hitting head) were not conceived so that Man should fall and be hurt, but that he keeps standing and becomes suppler.

A place had been made ready: Consciousness allowed us to experience matter on which (Earth) and in which (body) we live, so that we come to understand that we are not from the earth (only a man), but extraterrestrial beings or spirits issued from primordial Consciousness. Thus, as individuals, we must submit our will to that of Consciousness. We must get to that point where we will so totally vanquish our instincts that we will come back to being ONE with Consciousness, with God.


Reincarnation: True or false?

I started my studies in Parapsychology in 1969. Very early I met the principle of reincarnation. For ten years, I asked myself if it was true or not. I have read many books inspired by Edgar Cayce's philosophy. In his theory he asserts the soul's immortality.

Let us start with the principle that a spirit-consciousness-soul arrived on Earth, that it impregnated earth matter (manifestation), later on incarnated and that it lived like an animal, completely forgetting its divine nature. It has evolved. A few million years later, after the bodies it had taken possession of have died, this being realized that he was thinking. And the more he thought, the more he realized that he was more than an animal, that he was not an animal.

But, in doing so, he did not realized he had been a soul all along. He did not realized his body is the exterior appearance of the soul.

He started looking up towards the sky. Thanks to his imagination, he developed many belief systems. The more knowledge he gathered, the more he let go of systems that no longer served him, were no longer an answer to happenings in his existence, in his life.

Helped in this by his dreams, he has progressed towards a greater Consciousness. He has probed the deep inner core of the Earth that had welcomed him. He has found ways of seeing things, ways of understanding them and he has invented behaviours so that he could live better with himself and his fellow men.

I have asked myself why some people are born poor and sick while others are born rich and healthy. If we are all equal in the eyes of God, according to invented a religion, that is something that is unacceptable. Apparently there is no justice. Save if incarnation is. But if, as the Bible and other sacred books pretend, we reap what we have sowed, we have planted the circumstances of our lives before we see them bloom.

We have sown the conditions of life into which we struggle like "a devil in holy water". We do not understand, gifted as we are, for we see only that, why we do not get to make millions as the rich do.

We do not know why we are sick, why we have more misfortune than others, why nobody loves us... why... why... why...?

Because. We have learned that we are the only person responsible for the circumstances of our life. Ouch! We are not the innocent victim of our environment but the genitor, the parent. We face our self. It is nobody else's responsibility if we are as we are, but ours. It is not either God's fault, since we are free, from the very beginning to choose and act. We simply have to accept the consequences of our actions. That is, according to eastern philosophies that we have slightly adapted what is called "Karma".

This is a word worth exploring. Webster dictionary defines Karma as the accumulated effect of the good and bad deeds of an individual during a single life or a series of lives. The Larousse dictionary says: "In Indian religions, subjection to the linking up of causes", a subjection being a "dependence, a state of he who is submitted to a power, a domination".

"Karma is the sum of conditions built up by a series of causes and effects. The word is used to indicate present conditions born of our thoughts and actions"'. The Hindu meaning of that word is one that encompasses the labour of the soul trying to reach a union with God.

Edgar Cayce expresses his understanding like this: "Destiny, like Faith, is an inner condition, or like a gift from the Creative Forces. Karmic influence is then an influence to rebellion. Then opportunities strike; it is the individuals own will that must be activated for it is our will that has separated us from our source. Life is One. Each soul or person will come back, just as nature in its seasonal manifestation shows us: Life is eternal".

Destiny is something between God and the person who incarnates. Personally, I have come to realize that my role on Earth is that of a teacher. To get to spread my knowledge, I have had to learn. I did, through numerous books and countless periods of meditation and I have discovered what was interesting to me; I also followed courses. I discovered there were doors hidden in the subconscious mind of man, which is the soul's memory. So, I visited my inner library and discovered many lives. Personages different one from the other, not always those I have thought of or dreamed of, and others I did not want, absolutely not want to take responsibility for, because too important or too famous.

By studying the lives of those persons, I realized that there was, back of them, a whole series of incarnations, a directing line of thought, what I call a purpose of being and that that purpose was present, like an indelible mark, in the middle of every life, of every experience. One could say it was the sign of the soul. If we come to know our own personal intention, chances are that we will discover our destiny.


Is there an end to the cycle of incarnations?

Yes, there is an end to the wheel of successive lives.

I become what I see. If I see dust, I become dust. If I see God, I become God.

The Pythagorean school bore an inscription over its lintel: "Man, know thyself and you will know men and gods". Know what you want, do everything in your power to become it, perfect your technique.

We know of at least two famous beings who finished their cycle of terrestrial lives. Edgar Cayce taught us that the "Master" Jesus has lived thirty-two lives on Earth before becoming One with He whom He called Father: God. After having perfected His technique of total obedience to his Father (just like what Isklam means and teaches), Jesus ascended, lifted himself up, melted and "sat at the right of the father".

If I believe that I reap what I have sown, I have to take responsibility for my life, my thoughts and my actions. I learn the Will of Consciousness and apply it to my life. That is, I shall be attentive to each of my thoughts and learn to master each one; I will learn to give and to love. I shall love myself in trying to bring to myself all the good things my soul desires. In so doing, I will answer its call and fulfil the desire to become one with God.

Totally given to my search for that union, I will face all the conditions that I have created, accept them as being a result of my own doing and change what I must. Little by little I will gain in experience, I will know how to behave in various situations and in the process, acquire wisdom. I will know what road to take to reach the specific place that will allow me to walk the distance separating me from God.

"Ask and you will receive', said Jesus. In other words, you will get what you need. Therefore one must be very careful about what one asks for. If I ask for vengeance for some wrong done to me, sooner or later the other will wreak vengeance on me and I will suffer. If I ask for the strength to forgive someone who has wronged me, I will be forgiven for the wrong I may have caused someone. If I ask for Consciousness, I shall receive it.

I will know everything I have done against myself. I will know all the actions I have taken against my soul's intention and desires. I will learn what I have done. I will forgive myself, accept my responsibility; I will change. The more I make changes in me, the more I will purify myself and the clearer I will understand Consciousness' Will. When the way is cleared, I will more easily see the road. With my will getting stronger I will be more in unison with the will of Consciousness.

The cycle of reincarnations will reach its end when I have reaped all I have sown, taken under consideration all I have done, paid all my creditors and done all of my works. Then will I be ready for retirement, ready for Assumption.

This is what Jesus accomplished two thousand years ago. Throughout His incarnations, He has lived much and suffered much. He has been a slave, a soldier, a writer, a student, a priest and then Christ. He would often say: "What I do, the Father does through me". He accomplished in Himself God's Will. He molded himself on divine power to become and act through that power.

He also said: "What I do you can do and still more". This means that we can do at least as much as He. Then, since Jesus assures us all that we can, I for one have decided to embark on the road He has laid down. Jesus vanquished the Earth by loving men and doing His father's Will. I shall not give my life as Jesus has done. My road is different. But I will arrive at where He is. I only have to follow my soul's choices, my destiny, and I, too, will end my Samsara wheel.


What happens after death?

Life is a continuous process and so, it goes on. For example: a person has a car; this car has some mechanical problems. Whatever the reason, one day the owner has to change. Suppose that one day the car fails to start. What does the owner do? He goes out and buys another one.

At this point of the story, (at the moment of death) the person's bones do not hurt any more for the body has failed; the driver is still alive and is at the car dealer's, or on "the other side", as it is usually called. We call this 'other side' the "kingdom of the dead". In fact, it is a dimension where a person meets... Ha! Here it gets complicated. If, while living, the person believed in life after life, that person meets the Light and goes towards it; the person will be cared for and will be in good hands, in the hands of those we call 'guides' or 'spiritual masters'. Now begins a new apprenticeship, as agreed upon by the person and the counsellors. The preceding life is examined, the failures recognized and a new approach planned, always with the help of the guides who are full of non-judgmental solicitude. As the departed person was conscious of the Light and life after life, (or after 'death') s/he will choose a new experience. This will mean choosing parents according to the experiences needed and agreed upon by the person and the guides.

The person who does not believe in the existence of life after death, who believes there in nothingness, will see nothing on the other side. Yet, even if the person cannot see them, the guides will be there, speaking telepathically. There are no words to be heard, and s/he will not be able to tune into the transmitted telepathic messages. This person, in ignorance of what is actually going on, might roam in nothingness for a long time. Our prayers may help him/her find the way. It takes some time before the departed one is sent to live the other life that the wise guides have prepared and then, s/he will reincarnate in an environment that is propitious to his/her personal evolution.

Now let us examine what happens when a religious person dies. Since the person was a believer s/he will find him/herself in a village or town with a church or another sacred place. The departed believer will pray and continue to live as before. One day the guides, disguised as ordinary people, will propose a trip and together they will make preparations for it. The believer will be reborn, but in the mother's womb will forget what went before. This is because we must live, decide and act according to the Consciousness of the moment being lived.

If the deceased person believed in angels they will be visible to him/her. Each step of the process described above will be activated for this person. Let us imagine the deceased, for example a young man who dies in an automobile accident and does not realize he is dead. Maybe he was thrown out of the car at the moment of impact and realizing the damage while getting up, he calls for help. Nobody hears the call. Since he does not realize he is dead, he wonder whether he is going crazy. He may roam for a long time, returning to his home without knowing how, as he has actually travelled at the speed of thought. He may visit friends and tell them about the accident, but nobody hears or sees him unless they are sensitive to such phenomena, synchronized to what has occurred.

The deceased may roam for a while; calling for help after finally realizing that something has gone badly awry. If the person is afraid he will need the support of prayers and the prayers of and friends and loved ones eventually help to bring about an understanding. The Guides are always close at hand, but to progress further, he will have to go towards the Light, and realize that he is dead or disincarnated (the words used in such instances). One has to go towards the Light before progressing to another Level.

If we look at what happens to an artist, an engineer, a mechanic or anyone in any other field of human experience, once on the other side, further than the Light, they will start doing what they have been doing on Earth. A road and bridge engineer will build bridges, more magnificent than any. A mechanic will busy himself on antique cars to his heart's content, and so on with other trades. The same is true for professionals. Physicians will heal the sick and priests will preach. In the World of those who are troubled, such as alcoholics, they will spend their "time" in the bars and taverns they have known, trying to drink your glass of beer; but their hands will go through it without touching it. They will live deception after deception until someone comes to get them.

Stillborn babies. Difficult situations. It is possible that the soul had to live that experience so as to live a specific karma or desire. It may be a case where a soul, at the last minute, may refuse to go through the cold experience of a delivery room, for the welcome offered these newcomers is not warm enough to their taste. It may be that they simply refuse the life they are destined for, because it is said about them that they are an error, an accident.

In all these cases, those already given and those I will talk about next, one must not forget about 'karma'. Let us talk now about handicapped children. If the being to come misused his freedom and made others suffer during a preceding life, it is possible that he is asked to live a kind of retribution. Let us not forget that our future lives are drawn up like an architect's specifications. We must not pity this soul who incarnates but help it understand the reasons for its state while giving as much love as possible.

It a person has had troubles with justice and dies, condemned to suffer torment, that person will find, on the other side, nearly the same conditions then, in one or the other of the cases developed in this chapter. The person will learn, prepare a future life and be reborn.

It someone dies through his own fault, by his own hand, in other words, commits suicide, whatever that person believed or did not believe in, s/he will sleep for a period of approximately three months, earth time. Afterwards, the same route as the others will be followed.

There are cases where we can do absolutely nothing. Let us take the example of a manic-depressive person. This person, because of a lack of a certain substance in the body, risks not knowing the fatal consequences of certain actions. To be able to accept this kind of circumstance, we must accept that this person had to learn something very specific. It is also possible that this person had something to teach another individual. We all have a role to play.

It must be remembered that we all have a plan when we incarnate. We have chosen what we did in order to heal ourselves in some way, to understand that life and our choices have consequences; and also to understand, to grow, to love and to take responsibility of all that we are.

The loss of a person dear to us is painful. It can cause us to ask questions about our role and our way of dealing with our own and other people's problems and the manner we teach our children. Most of the time, explanations do not satisfy us. We think we are guilty, and cry with remorse. Sometimes we accuse God for our misgivings, at times even renouncing Him. We lose faith and confidence in ourselves and may even lose the will to live.

The only consolation is to remember that we are on Earth to learn that our past actions (from this life and/or from another) have hard, painful and frequently deathly consequences. These consequences are all part of what we call 'karma'. We have chosen to face ourselves to better understand that we are actually spiritual beings. We must understand that we are not victims - there is no innocent victim -, but that we have chosen everything that happens to us. We are teachers to each other.

We all know that death hurts deeply. So, this thing that we teach each other, is it not that loss is painful? Is it not that we hope that death cease to haunt us? We are on this planet to vanquish all the circumstances that have separated us from our Source. We must learn not only to not commit mistakes anymore, but also to desire good for ourselves and everyone else. Thus will we vanquish distress, pain and death.

Let us speak of abortion. Who are those children that do not reach birth, be it by miscarriage or abortion? They may be persons, souls, whose hopes have been killed, in olden times. The mothers may be souls who have been killed in another lifetime, by those they carry in their womb. There may be as many reasons as there are cases and as many circumstances as there are emotions that have been denied, have never been lived, absorbed, accepted, understood and forgiven.

Let us take the case of a person who knows the time to die has arrived. S/he can call upon the guides and ask them to be present at the time of leaving, asking them for help in getting to the Light. This person will save precious time and will, with a greater consciousness of what awaits him/her, prepare for the next experience. The person could even program her/himself to recall, once incarnated, all previous lives and develop psychic talents. The person would choose her/his kind and understanding parents who are prepared to accept his/her taste for the mysterious and for inner research.


Why do we submit to Karma?

Again, the definition: Karma is the sum of conditions built up by a series of causes and effects. The word is used to indicate present conditions born of our thoughts and past actions.

We are born with a karma. We thus have sown the conditions of our life during a previous journey. Today, someone is born rich and healthy. In a former life, it was hard work that had to be accomplished. Whether or not success was achieved may not be important because, in the eyes of God, it is not success or failure that is important, but trying(25). If one accomplishes what one came to do, one will be rewarded for one's efforts.

If one is born poor, it does not necessarily follow that it is for all life. One may be born under these circumstances to show self or others that one can succeed when we daringly assault the task. The life's lesson can also be directed at others. If we came to grip with circumstances of our own doing, let us not forget that we are not the only ones living on Earth. There are others, neighbours, parents, friends. We can teach through example.

A person is born sick. She may have wrongly used her talents before. Let us think of a blind person. S/he may have refused, in the past, to look upon others sufferings or she may have mutilated others or blinded others by subterfuge, deceit, word. A deaf person may have refused to listen to reason or to others sufferings or, s/he may have isolated oneself from life and its promises. A mute person may have refused to tell what s/he knew, refused to comfort, support or help by some words or necessary explanations, those with whom s/he was implied.

A criminal will steal, kill or rape; there are reasons, circumstances. I absolutely do not say they are legitimate. In principle, all of us are free to act as we think or feel. We just have to remember to accept the consequences of our actions.

So, a man kills... his parents or any other person without any apparent reason. Why? Maybe, in a forgotten past, the actual killer was killed for no apparent reason. This is not a question of vengeance; it is so, so that the victim understands that an action of one, two or many lifetimes ago has grievous, even deathly consequences.

A man is sick, and that, all of his life. Maybe he was a professional soldier, maybe he loved his work, and maybe he enjoyed it too much. Here is retribution. He now realizes that being sick is no fun. His soul, for instance, is trying to get the intelligence it inhabits to understand that willingly inflicted sufferings call for sufferings voluntarily accepted. The man may be unconscious of that; but one day he will find himself on the other side and will understand, unless he reads this book and come to realize what he has done and he goes and makes the necessary efforts to get out of the rut by being specially kind to others, choosing to give his life through work, goodness, service. The state of grace exists.

Why are we born gay? One day, I have been a woman and lived as such for twenty-one years. On my next incarnation, I was homosexual. Why? Because I was living adaptation difficulties.

If I go further back, I have lived as man, then as woman. I was woman, but on occasions, it can be seen that, under certain circumstances, I had the guts of a man. Then I have been that gay person; I had, once more, a sex change. I hated it, my soul was feminine and I had to adapt to new functions, new education, and a different way of looking at things.

Homosexuality is not a reprehensible or bad way of life. It is simply a period of re-adaptation.

Why are we born Homosexuals or Lesbians? There are other reasons than a simple change of sex. There is, for example, the one who laughs at homosexuals during his life, who refuses to understand them, to have compassion or who criticizes them; that person will probably see homosexuality from another point of view when s/he reincarnates as such (gay) in a next life. This person will also come as such so as to understand the pain and the evil s/he has caused before, to change his/her views, to be more flexible.

What happens to persons who have an accident, in the course of their life, who do not realize that they have had an accident and who have forgotten just about everything that their life was before? What happens to those people who forget what they read, the movies they have seen while they are watching even?

Everything they read, look at, every person they meet, all the circumstances of their life, all they do and feel is stored in their subconscious, which is the soul's memory... for future use. Either they overcome their handicap and use what they have lived or they die with it; they will use it later on under other circumstances, in another life. They will have acquired much knowledge that they will have to use by giving it to all whom will need it. For all we know, they may be the next geniuses of the future.

Karma. Why did Jesus heal so many diseased people during His life? Because, in one of His other lives, He had been spy and soldier, under the reign of Moses, and under that reign and later still, He killed. He has met with what He sown. He suffered under the reign of men and He inflicted pain. "He did what He had to", will you say. Still, He killed. And the Law says: "thou shall not kill".

He who has been Adam has carried multitudes in His following. He has lived, has inflicted pains. He has been self-centered, full of himself, sometimes even egocentric. As Jesus, He made amends and repented. He synchronized to Supreme Will and has acted by the power given Him by His father. He ended His Karmic cycle, His Samsara wheel (wheel of incarnations). He showed us the way. That was His mission.


Who are our guides?

There are various kinds of guides for different categories of people. First are the ordinary people, that is, everyone on Earth can be a guide to someone. Then, amongst the terrestrials there are the teachers, priests, physicians, lawyers and other professionals. Each profession has its guide or group of guides.

Our natural or adoptive parents do everything, generally, they can to provide for us [We sometimes know exceptions like these people who rape their children, or parents not particuliarly responsibles or simply not loving…] But the others, the good ones, have people to help them. They are the educators and professionnals of our society.

Everyone of us has a spiritual guide. The spirit, our inner God is the first of our guides. It is in accordance with our inner strenght (goal) that we decide to go in a certain direction to study in a specific field.

What is our interior motive? The inner motive is what we express since God awakened. You remember? When God awakened, we recgonized ourselves as being ONE with Consciousness. Pure Spirits. We knew who we were. The «who» in question had a spiritual quality; it expresses one of God's quality. This is our inner strength, the thing that individualizes us.

Our first guide is thus ourselves, at the spiritual level.

Then, there are other guides, more difficult to name or recognize. Through my studies, I learned that most of our guides were our past lives.

For the spirit, there is no time. Patience is the dimension of spirit, of Consciousness, of God.

Follow me on this. Let us take the example of a person living alone on earth. Very first incarnation. This person already has a karmic baggage and knowledge. How so? He lived, spiritually, for millions of years in the direct presence of God. Now, he lives in the physical dimension. He acquires other knowledge while going about his business with the material he acquired through his dealings with other spirits when he was just that: a spirit-soul. The knowledge he had is his guide. After a while, the person dies. The spirit-soul brings with it every knowledge the person ever had from before his first incarnation.This baggage includes everything that was learned since the incarnation. The spirit grew.

With the guides, this spirit will prepare the next life. He reincarnates. He lives a few years. During the incarnation, he learns a few things, has experiences. He dies another time. The spirit remembers the past incarnations. For the spirit, the incarnations are experiences that become knowledge. From a life to another, all experiences become memories. The spirit-soul's mind (uncionscious mind) keeps them for another time, for other experiences, according to the needs that must be met. Those experiences or past lives become our guides and they teach us either through our intuitions or through our dreams.

My role is to teach. This is not the first time I do so. I learned my technique through many lives. I am perfecting it through this life. Every people my spirit-soul lived in were teachers of one type or another. I was the father of a nation, once. Four times a prophet, three times a healer. I was a woman too. I thus acquired many experiences and the knowledge serves me in my everyday work. This knowledge teaches me why I am whom I am, why I react the way i do in front of everything that happens in my life..

This is what goes on for everyone. Our guides are, in part, our past lives.

Angels can also be our guides even if they are us, spirits being called angels. I will explain this furthur in chaopter 11.

Finally, disincarnated people or spirits can associated with being guides. Effectively, disincarnated, a few people decide they will be guides to thers still living. But here, there can be a problem. I must tell you this thing which will not please many. Disincarnated people will not be true guides unless they give their message through dreams or intuitions. Every other manifestation on their part is not acceptable.

This is clearly said in the Bible. One day, a woman called Salomon. He had died a few months before. He, in spirit, came. He was angry. He told the woman: " Don"t you know you have no right to call up dead people? We have other thing to do besides answering the demands of people!"

Every form of spiritism must be stopped.

Guides to disincarnated spirits can be humans. Edgar Cayce, for one, taught on sunday school. The church where he taught was often full even when only a few people attended. Spirits were coming to hear him, to learn from him.

The guides of the disincarnated people are either teachers like Jesus or people living on the planet today, teachers and writers...

Other guides can come to your dreams like Jésus and His mother Mary. They both come into my dreams to teach me things like the Bible. To explain it to others. To explain Jesus' message.

Finally, there is another guide I said nothing about. The gardian angel. In reality, this angel is our twin soul. The twin soul is the perfect guide since both are ONE. The twin does not have to be living next to the other part to guide it. Everything is done telepathically.


All About Dreams

Why do we dream? What function do dreams fulfil in our life?

Many researchers agree that dreams contribute in a large part to our physical, mental and spiritual health. They also found that if a person were not allowed to dream, s/he would suffer serious psychological and psychic trauma. Let us look at what the specialists say.

There are three orientations that allow us to acquire an appreciation of the significance of dreams.

·        The historical approach

·        The psychoanalytical movement initiated by Freud, Jung and a few others in the first half of the XXth century, and

·        Findings from laboratory researches.


Until the start of the psychoanalytical movement, dreams did not have much meaning in western society. Nevertheless, if we go back far enough in time, we find that in the history of Mankind dreams have been revered in all the great religions and philosophic traditions, including Christianity. We now know that almost all important ancient civilizations saw dreams as the main vehicle for Divine Revelation.

·        Egypt: In Egypt, for instance, dreams were perceived as a message from the gods. Some were a demand for penance and forewarned the dreamer of danger to come, while others brought answers to questions asked by the dreamer. Professional interpreters of dreams resided in temples built more than six thousand years before our era. They were called "the wise men of the Magical Library".

·        Greece: The first Greeks also saw dreams as a visitation from the gods. A technique called 'incubation" that was also practice in Egypt, consisted of provoking dreams for a specific purpose. This technique was worked and developed to a very high degree in many hundreds of temples throughout Greece and the Roman Empire. The Greeks wrote about dreams from various perspectives.

Although Hippocrates rejected their divine source, he diagnosed illnesses from indications found in the dreams of a sick person. Plato was more interested in emotions and the implication of dreams in daily life. Aristotle rejected the divine nature of dreams. He theorized that dreams indicated physical conditions. He also believed that because dreams brought about ideas and actions, they seemed prophetic.

·        Islam: Dreams have an important place in Islam. Parts of the Holy Quran were revealed in dreams. There is mention of the dreams of prophets such as Joseph, Daniel etc. in the Holy Quran. There are many traditions mentioning prophetic dreams of the Prophet Muhammad who also interpreted the dreams of his disciples. At the turning of the eleventh century, the Islamic society numbered thousands of dream interpreters.

·        Biblical tradition: In the Bible there are about seventy references to dreams and visions. Daniel's book shows a sophisticated approach to dreams and their symbols and it seems his wisdom was directly due to his ability to interpret dreams.

After studying dream symbolism, Jeremiah suggested that to properly understand a dream one had to analyze it after a period of time. This was especially true if it foretold the future, for it was only then that the interpretation could be tested.

The New Testament shows that the First Christians considered dreams as the vehicle of Divine Revelation. It is written that the magi were guided towards Jesus by their dreams. The exile of the Holy Family to Egypt was the result of Joseph's dream, warning him of Herod's malevolent intentions.

·        First Christian Era: Two Church fathers from Alexandria, Clement and Origen, were deeply interested in dreams. Clement considered sleep as an especially receptive period of spiritual reality, as in this state one is especially sensitive to the discovery of the soul's destiny. Origen saw dreams as a representation of symbols revealing the nature of the nonphysical world. He said that many of the firsts Christians who were probably pagans, converted to the new faith because of dramatic dreams. Origen recommended care in the study of dreams, as even evil spirits could speak through dreams.

Dreams continued to fascinate Christians for almost eleven centuries, until the time of Thomas of Aquinas who was educated according to the Aristotelian school of thought and was one of the first to apply a rational approach to Christian teachings. Unfortunately, Aquinas also adopted Aristotle's approach in relation to dreams, reducing the dream phenomenon to a single physiological process. Therefore, from the eleventh to eighteen century dreams were relegated to secret dungeons until Freud's pioneering work.


Philosophers of the Renaissance continued to follow Aquinas' approach to dreams; seeing them as mere images of the physiological state or valueless residues of past sensory experiences of the dreamer. Thinkers of the period saw no valuable link between the events of the dream and the personality of the dreamer in his waking state.

·        Freud: Sigmund Freud rediscovered the relationship between dreams and the waking state. No doubt, he was the first in modern history to use dreams, and to study clues arising from them, about the origin of psychological troubles and mental illness. Freud's hypothesis was that the unconscious was the storehouse that hid from consciousness all the repressed sexual desires and aggressive tendencies that brought the individual in conflict with moral standards of society. The individual had to repress these needs and desires to be able to function in an acceptable manner prescribed by that particular society. According to Freud, dreams expressed prohibited and amoral needs that were reprehensible to the consciousness of the person. Yet, even in dreams these desires were disguised, showing only an inexact image of the underlying motivation.

·        Jung: According to Carl Gustav Jung, Freud only perceived the superficial levels of the psyche when speaking about the unconscious. Taking Freud's theory further, Jung detected more than a veil between the conscious and the unconscious: He saw a deeper level of the psyche to which he gave the name "collective unconscious". He saw that deeper level of thought as a large sea of images or archetypes forming the psychic heritage of all humanity. Jung observed that dreams helped us grow towards incorporation into the whole. This, he believed, was the principal objective of the human soul.

Since Jung's work, ancient approaches to dreams that had been ignored for more than eight centuries were effectively resurrected. Now, dreams are studied with greater respect. It is interesting to note that Jung's approach is as pleasing to theologians as to psychologists, easing and stimulating a renewed interest and study of dreams in the Christian tradition.


In 1953, a major breakthrough in the research on dreams took place. Specific physiological effects occurring during the dream period of sleep were discovered; these were the REM. (rapid eye movement), erections with men, and the different cervical vibrations with all subjects, men and women. These discoveries allowed for the observation of the action of dreaming, so that research could follow the pattern of other scientific phenomenon. The main period of sleep during which we dream is now known as 'REM'. By measuring the cervical wavelengths during the sleep period, researchers can detect and differentiate between REM and non-REM levels; that is, periods during which we dream and others when we do not dream, or dream just a little.

It is interesting to note that the REM level is longer at the end of the sleep period. For most people dreams at the beginning of the night are of vague images and feelings rather than concrete visualizations.

Researchers have also found that a person kept from dreaming would gradually lost the faculty of thinking correctly, would sometimes behave in a socially unacceptable manner, there would be more and more loss of memory, and a heightening of tension and aggression.

In short, the scientific study of sleep has revealed it to be a biological and physiological state necessary to the experimentation of our states of consciousness through dreams. Essentially, during these periods we are unhooked from the physical World and have the possibility of becoming more conscious of the non-physical aspects of our being. Maybe, as Clement of Alexandria suggested, it makes us more conscious of our destiny as spiritual beings.

Let's repeat the questions I asked at the beginning: Why do we dream and what is the function of dreams in our life?

We dream because it is necessary to our physical and psychological health. We dream because we are spiritual beings, creators, who have lost part of our creative faculties. We dream because our soul proposes a life full of harmony, discovery and adventure where it feels good to discover what we are capable of. We dream because the spiritual beings that we are would love it if its message were recognized for what it is: a divine message that invites us to return towards the Source of all blessings.

What is the function of dreams in our life?

They teach us how to become, once again, children of Providence by showing us, stage by stage, the steps we need to take to rediscover our spiritual state.

My dreams have taught me who I was, where I came from, how many times I came to Earth and what I still have to do to reach the zenith of my evolution and to accomplish what Jesus had accomplished: Assumption. My dreams teach me, day after day, how to change what I must. They have taught me how to interpret them. In fact, mostly because I apply the lessons learned in my dreams, I have become a little like the prophet Daniel. I have become wiser, thanks to my dreams.

What do dreams do in my life?

They help me understand and interpret the Bible. Yes, the Bible. That is how I learned that the Bible was the Way each person had to follow, to arrive at perfection and total or Christ Consciousness. The Bible is the Way that Amilius-Adam-Jesus followed to come "at the right of His Father", to vanquish death and thus become the principal Guide of Humanity.

I dreamed, many times, of Jesus and Mary, who came to show me certain texts of the Bible to study and interpret. Through other dreams I learned the reasons for the actions of the prophets and of other personages mentioned in the Bible.

Dreams are very important to me. They allow me to see the Plan, to understand men and explain their behaviour. I can now accomplish the mission I was charged with: That of teaching.

Now that we know a little better the dynamics of the dreams, let us look at the various aspects of dreams in the life of human beings. (What follows is mostly from Edgar Cayce).

First, let us see why we make bad dreams. When we start to work with dreams, we may discover that there could be reasons that would make us resist the unconscious, especially when a bad dream or a nightmare unbalances our enthusiasm. It is possible that, rather than risk a confrontation, we stop remembering our dreams. If we remember the principles, we will be in a better posture to experiment with a more positive attitude.

1: Several bad dreams are the result of a physical imbalance of either a twisted spinal column, a moved vertebra or more simply a bad meal (such as eating pork before lying down) or bad elimination. There may be other causes too that bring up strange dreams. One can purge the dreams where s/he feel in distress and abandoned by balancing each part of our system to the energy that lives within us, by praying or meditating, by walking or by any other gentle exercise. The golden rule is to eat wisely so that elimination is easy. The body will feel well and the soul will be able to work quietly.

2: Other not very pleasant dreams may be an encounter between the dreamer and an unspecified aspect of the personality that the dreamer rejects. We often blame the dream for what is not pleasant in it, but this attitude is false. We are at fault when we do not see the insight a dream offers us. We must remember that, according to Cayce, almost all people in our dreams are facets of our personality. Here is a dream that will explain what can happen when we decide to face a difficult situation.

Dream: I am in a poor district of the city and it is very dark. A man chases me until I realize that I do not have to constantly run away from those who chase me. I stop running and turn to face the person. I touch him and ask whether I can be of help. He becomes very nice, and tells me that he and his girl friend need help. I follow him to the apartment the couple share, where we speak about their problem and I feel some love and compassion for both.

3: A bad dream can represent a part of us that needs assistance, our attention; it can also be a spiritual truth disguised as something ugly and repulsive. At the time of dreaming it may be a truth the dreamer has difficulty in accepting or rejects in totality. Therefore, it is necessary to look beyond appearances.

4: Dreams sometimes tend to compensate for some of the provisions of our conscious personality. Consequently, dreams can show us doing things we would not normally do. For example, there may be a person who wants to help everyone. Yet, a dream may show the other extreme: The dreamer finds himself killing an innocent person.

Such dreams should not make one fear they harbour psychopathic desires. We should take into account the fact that our conscious efforts of behaving in a certain manner may be preventing us from expressing justified anger that would add to our personality and make us more balanced people.

5: Birth and death, both frequent in dreams, generally represent new ideas and beginnings, or the death of our old ideas and old ways of being. Study that which is born or dies to have a clearer understanding. For example, a woman dreams that she goes to the burial of a minister's wife: This could mean that spiritual aspect of her personality is dying.

Now let us see what Edgar Cayce says in connection to dreams. Edgar Cayce, the most powerful clairvoyant of the modern era, was called the Man of Mystery of Virginia Beach. In a state of trance he did more than 14,000 readings including 1,000 on dreams. Here is what he says in reply to questions asked to him:

1. What are dreams?

Dreams are phenomena or experiments that the person uses and applies in everyday life. A person should approach dream interpretation with a creditable goal. Even if able to interpret the dream, the application remains an exclusively private question. Dreams are illustrations, not means of escape. They are given so that there is an understanding about how to apply and live them for our personal enlightenment, so that we understand ourselves better and live a better life in the spiritual plan or in a spiritual way.

Dreams, just as visions and impressions during normal sleep are representations of the experiment necessary for development, if the person wants to apply the lessons properly. These dreams, visions and impressions can be regarded as warnings, conditions that must be met in life, conditions that should be interpreted as lessons to learn, and truths to be accepted.

Dreams are a natural phenomenon. Do not see them as unnatural or supernatural. Dreams are natural. They are a part of human nature and are a sign of the activity of God, His association with man and a demonstration of His desire to give man a way of understanding.

2. At which age do we start dreaming?

REM indicates that babies dream a short time after their birth. We cannot know what they dream of, but it raises many interesting questions in connection with our former lives.

3. What happens to those who do not dream?

People who say they do not dream simply do not remember their dreams. If one attached electrodes to the eyelids of the dreamers and immediately awoke them after the REM they would remember their dreams.

4. What is the purpose of dreams?

In each person there exists a vast unexplored space that we do not understand, an interior giant who sometimes seems like an angel and other times a monster. This is the unconsciousness and we learn its language in dreams. There are moments when the language is retracted and split up, at other times it is detailed and complex.

At times the images are obscene and at others, very beautiful. Each person should ask: "Am I the Master of this giant, this genius; or is it he who directs me? Can it accept a conscious command and cure the physical body? Can it cause disease? Can it lie to me? Does this giant have the ability to see further than normal perception?

What does it try to say to me when I sleep? Perhaps, by understanding its language, one can answer these questions, and consequently, open a communication with this other part of our Self.

Dreams can help us understand ourselves, become sources of intellectual stimulation, provide a report of our psychic experiments and are sources of inspiration in our spiritual search.

Dreams help us understand others and ourselves. If we practice having dreams, remembering, writing and interpreting them, dreams can help us achieve our goal in this life so that we arrive at our destinations, programmed or predestined. Dreams say something when we have constructive ideals and goals. They cannot say much when our ideals are poor or when we do not give them the importance they should rightfully have, or when we do not interpret them. Open your eyes when it comes to dreams. Do not reject them like images without valour1. Write them down. The most significant dreams could be those we do not want to write. Be honest. Write the dream as precisely as possible even if it sounds completely insane or seems to offend you.

5. How to interpret dreams?

You can approach the interpretation of dreams starting from several levels:

a) The level of ego: Often, each aspect of the dream says something in connection with yourself.
b) The level of the others: Environment. If people in the dream are people whom you know, the dream can say that you need to examine those features of your character.
c) The level of truth and logic: Ask yourself: Are my logic and reason good in this dream? Are my logic and my reason good enough in all the days of my life?
d) The level of telepathy: Is somebody projecting images in my dreams?
e) The level of the premonition: Does the dream announce a future event?
f) The level of reincarnation: Is this dream showing me scenes of one of my former lives?

Cayce insists: "... we can and should interpret our dreams. We are very complex individuals and dreams can highlight any of the aspects of our personality. To expect others to interpret our dreams can prevent our psychic development..."

Cayce: "... even if a person wishes it or not, the physical Consciousness is put aside during sleep. Experiments like dreams and visions form part of the activities of the invisible World, which is it true Self of the individual. And in the invisible World all is visible".

Cayce continues saying: "It is only through the successive experiments that the individual can develop. We cannot learn if we do not test. One should occupy oneself with dreams, but without forgetting common sense and logic. To be unaware of dreams it is to frustrate the Source. The response of all the problems is inside and the dreams are a means of discovering these answers".

Cayce finishes saying: "Have a book or a written record of dreams and symbols. To understand the dreams is comparable to learn a foreign language and that requires perseverance, practice and patience. The study of the subconscious, subliminal, the psychic forces of the soul, the human point of view is and should be the subject of study of the human family. Because through self, man will understand His Creator when he understands his relation with Him. And he understand that through the study of his personality".

How to interpret dreams?

A comprehensive symbolic system is at the heart of all dream interpretation. Dream symbols are a significant part of the message transmitted by dreams. Although other non-visual dimensions such as the emotion and content of a dream, may also convey significant information. Consequently, without knowledge of the meaning of the symbols, dreams2 will remain a complete mystery.

Historically, several researchers wishing to simplify the interpretation of dreams gave the symbols a universal and eternal value. This attitude led to the publication of books based on symbols and their significance. Such an approach is based on the belief that the symbols constitute a common language, stable and consistent through time and between cultures. At first sight this may simplify matters, but in fact, this design is too rigid, not allowing an individual personal associations with the symbols of his own dreams.

According to another outlook, dreams are entirely personal; and no one other than the dreamer can interpret the dream. Taken to the extreme, this position would restrict us, as the interpretation would be an exercise where we perpetually rediscover rather than build from compelling information received from the people who preceded us.

Carl Gustav Jung was the first psychologist who reconciled the two positions about dream symbols by recognizing two levels of unconscious: The personal and the collective. The personal unconscious is accessible through dreams and spontaneous imagery. This level of thought is composed of our personal memories acquired throughout life.

After several experiments, Jung realized that certain symbols seemed to be common to everyone, everywhere. This led him to conclude that there was a type of symbol independent of cultural, individual differences. He called these 'archetypes'.

1- We can therefore say that a more or less surface layer of the unconscious is undoubtedly personal, 'the personal unconscious'. It rests on a major level that does not derive from personal experience, but was born at the same time as we did. Because of this, this layer is called the 'collective unconscious'. 'Collective', because this part of the unconscious is not individual, but universal. The collective unconscious is the dynamic process that acts on everyone, universally. The known elements of the collective unconscious are called 'archetypes'.

2- The system of symbology of the archetypes that is best conceived in Western civilization (besides that of Jung), is that of Edgar Cayce. During the 1930s, Cayce gave a series of readings on the Revelation of John. In the readings, he showed a system of symbology based on the seven levels of the human body, a system that approaches the systems developed in Eastern cultures. According to Cayce, some of the events and symbols tested by Jean (saint-John, writer of Revelation) could be connected to the seven spiritual centres of the body, where the infinite touches and reacts with specific glands of the body. These seven centres represent the basic dimensions of human life through which the Divine can be expressed.

A summary of these dimensions would be:

First level: Of sexual expression. It is on this level that we discover a vast reserve of sexual and CREATIVE energy and decide to express it. Dreams reflecting activity on this level often resemble the traditional dreams according to Freud in which the personality tries to decide ways of using this energy that often seems too large.

Typical Symbology archetype:

Color: Red;
Animal Symbols: Ox, elephant, rabbit, snake;
Occasions: Creativity and procreation;
Obstacles: Idleness;
Typical topics: Sexual dream, expression of artistic talents;
Other symbols: Sexual organs and act of love, the earth.

Second level: The Man-Woman balance. It is on this level that we try to acquire a balance between the male and female forces. Dreams from this level of activities reveal contrary symbols, such as night and day, the yin and the yang, an androgynous being, etc.

Typical Symbology archetype:

Color: Orange;
Animal Symbols: Half animal, half man;
Occasions: (Balance) a mystical marriage of the aspect male-female;
Obstacles: Sexual temptation; domination of a sexual polarity on the other;
Typical topics: To meet a stranger, sexual dreams where the typical roles of domination are faded; marriages; eclipses;
Other symbols: Hermaphrodites or androgynous beings, kings and queens, the sun and the moon, Neptune and water.

Third level: Power, Initiative, Fear, Aggression. It is on this level that we come across the topics of power and the way in which it can be used. We also face the difficult task of converting our fears and aggression to courage. We find in dreams from this level, such topics as ambition, war, battle, courage and fear. It is a level that is all too familiar to us.

Typical Symbology archetype:

Color: Yellow.
Animal Symbols: Lion, tiger;
Occasions: Desire of personal capacity, anger, aggression;
Typical topics: Scenes of war, being attacked, somebody chasing us, being or becoming decisive.
Other symbols: Weapons, warrior, Mars, fire.

Fourth level: Human Love. It is on this level that we encounter romanticism, maternal love, compassion and jealousy. At this level we must decide whether our love will be a free gift or whether it is possessive and manipulating. Dreams on this level exhibit romantic scenes, attempts to form new relations and scenes of love at the emotional level.

Typical Symbology archetype

Color: Green.
Animal Symbols: Birds of all types symbolize various aspects of this level i.e., birds of prey symbolize the manifestations of human love or songbirds symbolize the most innocent aspects of love.
Occasions: Compassion, softness.
Obstacles: Jealousy, fear of losing the love, handling through the emotions;
Typical topics: Love song, to be friendly and to lose something expensive.
Other symbols: Heart, houseplants, spring, Venus, air, a face and Mother.

Fifth level: Will and Choice. We are confronted here with the questions: Whom will I serve? What do I choose for my life? Of what will my life be made? At this level there is sometimes tension between the personal will and the divine Will; between serving our own ambitions and serving the Spirit that lives within us. Dreams from this level present occasion where we will have to choose between two tendencies. Topics of vocation, authority and judgment also occur.

Typical Symbology archetype:

Color: Blue or blue-king;
Animal Symbols: Generally, there are no animal symbols starting from this level.
Occasions: Personal sacrifice: That your Will be made; choice and demonstration of power.
Obstacles: Selfishness; to give to Caesar what belongs to God; in other words, to choose to go to a restaurant rather than help a buddy who needs assistance.
Typical topics: Choice between two paths; whether one will speak up, or not; authority versus responsibility.
Other symbols: The cross, crucifixion, the mouth or the spoken word, the neck, the devil (which is the personification of the personal will), Uranus, ass = to be obstinate.

Sixth level: Higher thought and Memory. It is on this level that we become conscious of who we are and what we were. It is the level of the perception and the memory of the soul. When we become conscious of activity on this level of our being, we often meet the form of that which we adore, Christ, the Son, the Light. In general, dreams from this level have an illuminating significance that lasts.

Typical Symbology archetype:

Color: Indigo (between blue and purple);
Occasions: To have inspiring goals, to see the invisible and to remember.
Obstacles: Apparently none;
Typical topics: To transcend time and space; to obtain a new vision of the life and oneself; to meet Christ in a form where we can recognize It;
Other symbols: Single eye, 3rd eye, light; the Son, Sun, a star or heavenly object; Christ, a guru, a book or a book-shop; an earthquake, an open door, Mercury and a magic child.

Seventh level: Service, Wisdom and Integration. It is on this level that we meet the highest, internal wisdom: The Godhead: God in us. It is the level of total wisdom. In religious traditions, God without Name, single God represents this wisdom. It is the seat of the highest Law that is the total gift of oneself in Love and Service! Ideally, this level of our being gives us control of all the other levels.

Typical Symbology archetype:

Color: Purple or crimson;
Occasions: Service and Control;
Obstacles: Tepid attitude or, more especially, a hesitation to be useful.
Typical topics: Harmonious work between various parts; wisdom expressed or Divine love through service, achievements;
Other symbols: Old wise man, father, God, roof of a mountain, silence, number 7, Jewish candlestick with 7 branches, Jupiter.

In conclusion, briefly let us re-examine the principles that control dreams.

1- What is a dream?

When we consider how different and unforeseeable our dreams can be, the answer to this question is not easy. Sometimes dreams are dark and confused. After one of these dreams, it is difficult to be filled with enthusiasm for the study of our dreams.

On the other hand, the majority of our dreams cause us little confusion or trouble, as they resemble our waking life in many ways. Even then, they contain curious twists and strange groups of people.

Some dreams are so encouraging, so brilliant that they are far from bad dreams. Because of their variety, it is impossible to know what they speak of, without knowing the dreamer.

2- Who am I? a) A body? b) A brain? c) A soul?

a) If I am a body, the only true things are physical and then dreams cannot be very significant. However they could teach me about my physical condition. Dreams are not solid enough to have value, yet, there is not much future to be only one body, as my body will not remain in this World forever.
b) Perhaps, I am a spirit that animates this body and brain. If I am a spirit, much of me is elsewhere. I remember only a little of what I have tried out and thought. I feel alone. People only know me through the imperfect expressions of my ideas and emotions. Dreams must be the revision of my thoughts and a recall of the things that I have forgotten.
c) I could be a soul. Then dreams are an opening to a spiritual reality. They can relate to my physical and mental experience, but come from the Source that creates, builds and supports all souls. If I am a soul, I am one with all other souls.

3- Which of these descriptions is the right one?

We are all these things. We have a physical body - exterior appearance of the soul -; we are also mental and spiritual beings. We are souls with unlimited potential and we express ourselves in a physical world.

Throughout history there has been a marked development of this view. Before the French Renaissance, philosophers believed we were physical beings, assuming that we began life on a blank page on which we registered all our experiences. According to this theory, dreams passed for the stammering of the body or the incoherent movements of the brain, caused by the emotions of the previous day.

Much later, Sigmund Freud discovered in us a vast unconscious dimension that could not be related to physical feelings. He thought that this unconscious was entirely filled with strong sexual desires and aggressive tendencies that we constantly had to fight.

Dreams, according to Freud, were the images of the instinctive forces that demanded expression.

Carl Jung, a colleague of Freud, broke ties with him to develop his own ideas on the unconscious. Jung discovered a major level of unconscious that had not been recognized by Freud. He discovered that the unconscious urges were not all primitive, since some came from a higher spiritual reality. A part of us is spiritual; we are souls after all! With Jung's research, we can conclude that dreams are accounts of the perfect and imperfect parts of our unconscious mind.

We thus understand that all souls are in contact with all others. This would mean that we could join others through dreams, contact spirits and other manifestations of the Divine Creator.

With the development of our search to know the dreamer that we are, we see dreams as real experiments of the conditions that exist within us. It can be useful to separate ideas into categories, considering the majority of dreams seem to speak about only one of these levels at the same time.

For example, some dreams make literal or symbolic comments on the physical condition like when the body overdoes the satisfaction of a desire, for example: To eat. Unpleasant dreams can show us the results, i.e. the fight of the physical forces that defend a food moderated against the tendencies that started last excesses.

Obviously, all dreams that refer to the physical are not unpleasant. Some present us, directly or by symbolism, examples of what we should do to improve our physical health.

There are dreams where we see ourselves face to face; aspects we cannot accept because we do not understand how to make it acceptable or put it to good use. These dreams represent occasions to bring back our black sheep to the fold of our total personality.

These dark aspects of our personality appear in several different forms in dreams, but they confuse external qualities such as infantile or fearful shades of our Self. As we learn how to accept these aspects of our personality we normally discover that behind their external appearance they present valid information.

Occasionally, dreams use archetypes (primitive models). These archetypes are universal and eternal symbols and subjects; for example, a deer, "like a lion", can represent the instinct of safeguarding or the power.

A bull or a calf can represent the reproduction, survival or what we adore. Birds often symbolize various forms of love or interests.

The archetype dreams often resemble myths or fairy tales. They represent all the basic topics of life.

There are dreams that contain foreign influences. In those, we find ourselves in another time, another place. These dreams can be symbolic, but they can also be memories of lives the dreamer has forgotten.

We have psychic dreams that enable us to realize that we are not as isolated as we believe. In these dreams, we can communicate with loved ones, with the cosmos and with God.

In dreams of the spirit that lives within us the Divine is made known. Such dreams or visions are a movement of the PURE SPIRIT directly in our consciousness; a process that cures, and bring us Knowledge.

4- Then, why dream?

It is to show us what we created by our thoughts, emotions and actions and placed between God and ourselves. It is also to help us clear the obstacles preventing us from being Cocreators with the Divine.

5- How dreams can change our life?

Dreams show us the desires that motivate us and the needs of our body; they can provide us with ideas to live a creative life and help us make significant decisions. Dreams can provide us with ideas on several aspects of our life, such as on our former lives. But the question to ask is

6- What do I want to make with my life?

Seldom do dreams pass comment on problems the dreamer has not confronted. For example, it is impossible for dreams to give directives for curing a relation, if one does not have contact with this person or relative.

Direction and inspiration come to those who have prepared a baseline for their life. We live a goal, making essential decisions, and dreams help us by showing life from an increasingly clear point of view.

Three kinds of souls

What is the difference between hermaphrodite souls, sister souls, and twin souls?

If we remember my theory of Creation, we know there was Consciousnes. It slept. When It awoke, we all did, that is all the Spirits of God. We were angel like spirits. The fact that we recognize ourselves as being companions to God gave us a soul. Consciousness did that when we recognized ourselves individually and collectively.

Then, after billions of years, after having created the universe, we, hermaphrodites souls-spirits-angels came toward Earth.

God, Consciousness' name on Earth, has made Man in His image and resemblance. This image or resemblance is what we call a spirit, an angel. The soul is the spiritual vehicule that transports our emotions, as spirits. In short, we qualify ourselves as being souls. As souls, we manifested on earth, millions of years ago. Then came Gabriel. He devised a Plan that would permit the lost souls to look at what they had lost. He thought of a vehicule that would permit him and his friends to teach the lost souls. He projected his spirit-soul into matter and, after many thousands of years, became a body. The "body" was, at first, a manifestation of a free will. The soul does not live inside a body. The body is the exterior appearance of the soul.

At that point, we still were, individually, hermaphrodites, that is we had both sexes. Collectively, we were hermaphrodites and sister souls, since all hermaphrodites spirits were of the same origin.

Now comes anotherh creation. That of twin souls. Gabriel - also known then as Amilius, separated the two sexes. Amilius became Adam and his femninine part - Lilith - became Eve. Adam and Eve are twin souls.

What is the difference between hermaphrodite beings, companion souls and twin souls?

There are many. All angels were brothers/sisters. Creators in our own right, we moved about and differentiated ourselves from one another; then, separately or in groups, we came towards Earth.

I learned through my dreams that I belonged to the adamic race that came to this planet with Amilius. We came and thought-created our bodies. To create, we only had to think what we needed. This is how the creation of our habitat was accomplished.

Cosmic Consciousness called 'God' on Earth, created, according to the sacred text, from dust (in the reality from the spiritual and earthly energies present at that moment) the bodies that would be needed to accomplish the mission. We were two principled, that is, being hermaphrodites, we had two sexes. Then, Cosmic Consciousness took one side of Man, the intuitive, the feminine side to model a companion, Woman.

This impossible to imagine process took place with all entities accompanying Amilius. From hermaphrodite soul-spirits or angels, we became twin souls. Imagine taking a statue and separating it into two equal parts. The two parts form one statue; separated, are twins: The masculine and the feminine, the yin and yang, the reason and the intuition. One in two parts. .

Twin souls were created. Thus, Adam and Eve were twin souls. Since my twin soul and I were there, Adam and Eve were our companion' souls (we must remember that at the moment of creation, all hermaphrodite spirits were like brothers, family). Another idea that has to be understood is that Adam was not only Eve's twin soul he was also his sister's companion soul, as was I with my twin.

The same thing happened to and with all the other volunteers who were part of that mission. Suddenly we had doubled our ranks.

The difference between all the souls?

The acquired experiences and the details of our mission: We travelled through Consciousness' Universe to live according to our desires in total freedom. We reacted differently to different events, either accepting or rejecting them; we either blamed others for our mistakes or took responsibility for our actions; we individualized ourselves. These are the only differences that separate us from one another; other than that, we are the same. .


Looking for the perfect mate

The creation of Adam, of the Adamic race and of the twin souls happened on the five continents. We thus became the first representatives of the five races. This is also the reason we have five fingers and five toes on our hands and feet. And the reason we have five senses. Our created bodies were solidifying, but it took us two hundred thousand years to finally become solid. We could now be seen and heard and so we went to work all over the planet.

The Adamic race was not born; volunteers created it. We began to call the creative Consciousness, God and learned that God placed Adam and Eve in Eden. All the volunteers, men and women, underwent aeons of learning everything that would be useful in the new life. After more than nine hundred years Adam died. One by one, each of the volunteers who had followed him on Earth also died. Each died in turn and in accordance with the specifics of the mission and role each had accepted to play.

Although we arrived at the same time we did not all die in the same hour. Thus we either left our twin soul or our twin soul left us, leaving the other alone on Earth. Then began the terrible journey influencing Mankind's search for happiness and unity. Looking for the ideal woman or man meant searching for our twin soul, without knowing that that was what (or who) we were looking for. In the teeming multitudes of people inhabiting this planet, how could we find the one and only person who was our genuine double, the only soul that would fit us like a glove? How could each and every one of us find this other part of our individual self, our true, mirrored twin? How?

Let us first look at reunions that took place in the past, even if only at the unconscious level. The persons did not really know to whom they were addressing their love. For example, Jacob married Lia. Lia was Jacob's twin soul. There was no recognition because the time was not ripe for such knowledge. Nobody knew then about twin or sister souls.

Jesus who had been Adam and Eve, who was later Mary, found each other after thousands of years. One must not lose faith and trust Consciousness. But, will you say, Jesus and Mary were mother and son! Yes, they were. This is a question of blood, a family question. The statue's interior grain cannot find but its own perfect grain. With some exceptions, the twin soul of an individual will only be found within an existing family.

The exception is when two people from two different families form an indissoluble couple; although this does not necessarily mean that all lasting couples are formed with twin souls. But there are chances that this is so. To be absolutely certain, one (and the other too) must study his/her dreams over a long period of time.

I repeat: The interior grain of the being that was separated more than two hundred thousand years ago will find his/her perfect double, in most cases, from within his/her own family. I know this may shock many people. The problem of the twin souls is a complex one when you look at it from a human point of view. Humans have romanticized this idea. There is true love between twin souls, but not the kind portrayed in the movies or in the "romantic" lives of people.

To better understand, go on reading. You have imagined, since the beginning of this chapter, the statue. Imagine it as being conscious. You know it was cut in two parts, exactly in the middle. You know you are now two parts of one facing each other. There are two parts of you, two halves, both conscious of the other. Imagine now that someone or something like death takes away one of you. The other is left, so to speak, alone. Then, the other dies too. They reincarnate over and over always looking for the other while doing or trying to do what the Creative Forces asked them to do. Many times, they will work together without necessarily knowing they are in fact working together.

Often times, one will be the mother or a brother of the other, sometimes even twins. This will continue until it is time for them to recognize themselves. They will have done their work and they will both desire to be spiritual people again. Because you see, the statue that was cut in half was an angel in the first place. Yes, angels and archangels do incarnate.

Now, to discover your perfect twin, you first must know your soul's intention. To do that you will first have to discover all your past lives. What you are and what you did in the past drives you. The answer lies in what is it that drives you today. Your twin soul "may be" someone you know from outside your own family, but it is unlikely. My mother's twin soul is one of her great grand children. My father's twin soul is my grand mother who is actually dead. We know she is dead because she still appears to some people we know. My own twin soul is my handicapped sister. There can't be any romantic love between twin souls. But spiritual love, yes. When you reach a spiritual level of consciousness, you will love everyone, deeply and completely, but your twin soul even more because it is the part of you that has been missing for more than two hundred thousand years. This love will not be romantic; it will be spiritual. And then, when you do find your twin soul, you will work together to accomplish the rest of the work that mostly consists of breaking the grip that physical death has on you.

Why do we fear number Thirteen?

We always believed that number Thirteen was the number of death and in that we were right, except that it does not represent death in an ordinary way. Death is change. When we are born in this life, we die on the other level of existence. When we marry, we die as an individual entity to be reborn as a couple. When the unknown artist is finally recognized, he dies from one day to the other, to live again as a renowned personage. Change is simultaneously death and birth.

"The deathly connotation of number Thirteen was brought up as fear because most of the people respond to its lower aspect: That of immersion of carnal desires and the incorporation into matter. Then, death appears through the destruction and degeneration of the body. Some people respond to the positive aspect of number Thirteen that implicates a complete satisfaction through regeneration and use of the fantastic powers of this number in view of creating and leaving something of value to this World.

"There are no halfway measures with this number. It contains within itself a great power enabling one to attain the echelon of spiritual ascension; it also contains an equivalent potential that can lead to total destruction. It is all or nothing.

"Number Thirteen is indicative of change, of transformation.

"We have false ideas about number Thirteen. With this number, we can expect changes that will bring an end to conditions that are no longer useful in our evolutionary path. Every idea must be altered, and crystallized ones destroyed. It is only through the death of our present circumstances that we can be freed before opening the door to progress. Old ideas must be chased away, to liberate the place for new and better ones.

"Change is the basis for all terrestrial manifestation. It is only in change that we will sail to a fertile land where a new style of life is possible. When we let the past go its way, we direct ourselves towards new changes that give value to the best that life has to offer.

"We find many interesting things in number thirteen's symbolism. First, death: It will represent reproduction and birth, not necessarily in this World but a rebirth of the Consciousness towards higher levels. It is the time of Christ: The way of those who want to live the Christic way.

"Number Thirteen is a sacred number as are all its multiples. It is the number of the initiate, of he who transmutes the powers of his thought. There were twelve apostles and Jesus was their leader: Thirteen people; there are twelve signs in the "conventional" Zodiac". The thirteenth constellation is Pegasus, which will reign for a thousand years.

"Number Thirteen is also represented in the dimensions of the great pyramids of Egypt. The power of life does not die; it transforms self. Number Thirteen is formed by two figures, One and Three. In esoteric language, number One represents the male principle, the yang. It is the pioneer who looks and hunts for experiences that will give it its proper identity. It wants to discover its own faculties and its own values. It is in constant evolution. Number One is the true "I AM" of humanity.

Number Three combines the qualities of "One" and "Two". It is a fascinating and diversified vibration showing self-expression. The "three" awakens to the needs for social activities: It is the need to communicate. Its creative imagination permits that all things are possible". (JAVANE, Faith, BUNKER, Dusty, Numerology and the divine triangle,)

If we reunite these two figures, we get the number where we started from: Thirteen, the "I AM" who looks for individuality, its own values, who can express and create its environment. When it creates, it transforms self.

So, number Thirteen is not to be feared as people think, but applauded. For it permits an in-depth transformation of the being we are trying, individually, to become: "I am that I am".

Souls who only meet with setbacks

We have talked a lot about Consciousness, Reincarnation, Angels and Life after Death, but what happens to souls who only meet with setbacks?

As I have already mentioned (or rather, as Edgar Cayce used to say), it is not success or failure that counts, but the trying. The soul wants to find its way back to God and it will try everything that will lead it there.

Helped by guides, the individual consciousness will invent (more or less) difficult life situations that the person (the soul which incarnates) will have to experience. The soul-person will often be placed in situations where s/he will have to decide and make choices. Let us not forget that the soul looks for trials. These experiences are not conceived so that man falls and hurts himself, but so that he may get up more capable than before.

So, every soul that comes to Earth voluntarily places itself in situations where the personality will be put to the test. It (the person) will be asked to act in all sorts of situations where s/he will have to test whether the will is stronger than the events presented. Each test is all about whether the will power is strong enough to overcome the events, or whether the events and tests are stronger than the Will of the individual.

So as to live events leading to actualization, a person is born with no memory of the mission to which s/he was assigned. During apprenticeship a person is subjected to the risks of the chosen education system. People may try to change them and lead them on different routes, trying to lead them away from the line of conduct the soul had agreed upon.

Every person is born with tastes, aptitudes and desires. Ask a child what he wants to do when he grows up and he will answer that he wants to be like his father or he may choose another profession. The answer shows that he has already shown his soul's intention. Therefore, he must be encouraged on his way, even if it differs with what his parents had planned for him; for each person has his own way and his own job to do. Once the goal is more or less fixed and we have a fair idea of what we want, we usually choose to study in the chosen field. Then come the real tests.

People may contradict and influence us, or at least, try to. Others would like us to change ourselves, usually by adopting their ways. Everybody preaches in favour of his "nook of the woods". Throughout all this, one has to keep one's own counsel. Yet, for various reasons one may sometimes change. Sometimes one will change for the sake of love or gain. If one is born poor and desires to be rich, it would be possible to influence him/her by words such as "you were born for a small portion, you will not enjoy much". If we are disturbed by words that degrade us in our own eyes, we will be willing to change our environment. It we let ourselves be convinced in any way, if we allow ourselves to be turned away from our vision, we give power to those who try to change us. We really must do research on what we want. We must develop the means to get there, scorning the opinions of other's while striding towards our destiny with confidence and faith.

When we make up our mind about what we want, and after we have studied and taken all the steps that would normally lead us to success in our chosen field, then we would have taken the first step towards our goal. The more we advance, the clearer our vision becomes and the more clearly we can mark out objections that our action may bring forth.

Will we be strong enough to vanquish the obstacles? Will we have enough faith to believe that our endeavour will ripen for our greatest good, and that of those we are trying to help? When the trials and tests start raining down on us or when we flinch for the first time when faced with obstacles, but still affirm that we will be stronger and make new resolutions, we reaffirm our intentions. Some will contradict or threaten us. Our will begins to bend a little each time we believe that such and such a person is right and that we had not seen things that way. Gradually, without our being aware of it, our ideal jumps ship. We would like to be loved, but there are so many people to please. Of course, if we change a few things about ourselves, individually, we would please more people and so, be loved more. On the other hand, if we change our mind we will have to change other arguments too.

And doubts move in. "Maybe my vision was not that good", we say to ourselves! Doubts become stronger and stronger; they gain control. We refuse the idea that others control us. We state that we are masters of our destiny and know where we are going, and that everything is for the best.

But in truth, we perjure ourselves. We know it, but we do not want to lose face before others. What would they say if they knew I am a traitor to my own vision because I am afraid of what others would say? So, here we go, on the calvary of evasions, retractions, attempts like: "No, I did not say that." "What I meant was this or that." "You didn't catch my meaning!" A little at a time we become bogged down in the lies we invent, we try to forget our mission, our ideal.

If we go on with our lies, hoodwinking others, we risk developing a serious sickness such as cancer, for example. What do cancer cells do? They grow on healthy cells. Our weakness grows on our ideal. We lose the power of our Will and in truth that is what kills us. Forgetting or rather disguising our mission by transforming it, by prostituting ourselves because we are afraid, we refuse to fulfil the ideal for which we are born. In effect, we kill ourselves when we kill our ideal.

However, the ideal comes from the soul, and our Will must be put in the service of Consciousness and not in that of our weaknesses. What the soul has decided in agreement with its guides must be fulfilled. Since we refuse to cooperate, we shall sooner or later be dismissed from our job. Surgery or other treatments can heal the developed sickness, but the stigma will remain on the soul. The soul will suffer from our desertion. Sometimes everything may appear to be well, on the surface, but the fact will remain that we have failed. Our own consciousness will not let us rest. As we got used to lies, so we shall rock ourselves to sleep with illusions. We will say to ourselves: "The time had not come, it was too soon, people were not ready." We will find every reason in the World not to look truth in the face, and soul will suffer. Then comes death and we'll find ourselves on the "other side". Helped by our guides, we will then start on a new apprenticeship and choose to come back again. Full of good intentions, with a clearer mind we will understand the reasons for our previous failure. Once more we will be born with all the tools that we need to accomplish the mission we are charged with, to forget it again and start a new life.

As I said earlier, all possible help is placed on our road to aid us in fulfilling the desires of our soul. Always. We are bound to succeed.



Until now, we have covered many subjects. We have learned many things and we have dreamed. Now I would like to bring forth what I consider proof of what I have spoken of in the previous chapters.

In the course of a regression (of which I was the animator), a lady talked about a hermaphrodite, the Creation of the Things and about Man. I will transcribe here the passages that interest us most, the parts that relate to what we are talking about.

The session took place on July 7th, 1994. This lady came to my home and we spoke a little to find out which field of activity we had to search and what era interested her. The exercise brings us an overview that spans many centuries and many millenniums.

In regression, the animator must first give people time to relax; then bring them to a second state of consciousness, the Alpha level. Then the experiment can start.

The lady finds herself, in thought, on the "other" side.

THE LADY: Daddy welcomes me and I snuggle up in his arms. He has a lot to say. Jesus is there, and Mary. They have a plan they want to show me. They propose to create, on Earth, a hermaphrodite person.

PIERRE: Why hermaphrodite?

THE LADY: To create a model so that people believe it is possible, that it has already existed.

PIERRE: How is the family that is to receive this child?

THE LADY: Daddy excuses himself for what is to happen. There is a woman who seems to be pregnant. That is how I understood it, I have arrived as an explosion. I had hoped to see smiles; I only met with long faces.

PIERRE: What are your feelings?

THE LADY: My mother takes me into her arms. Next I have an impression of a flight in the forest, hidden under a coat. I see the reception family who did not want me. The one who took me in is the one who kept me. He had an unsympathetic wife.

PIERRE: Try to see what is happening as if it were a movie, not something that happened to you.

THE LADY: I cannot forget the feather. I have been tickled until I died of it.

PIERRE: This can be the source for you allergy to pillows made of feathers. So, the little girl is dead, now people who love you surround you. What is being planned?

THE LADY: It is less refined. I am being proposed something else. It is war. I am asked to go to war. That's perfect. I have practiced swordsmanship on the other side.

--Change of subject--

THE LADY: I see a small girl, the forest, gigantic trees, but gigantic. I look like a flea facing the elements. I must flee in front of the elements. There are small groups of people. We are looking for the top of the mountains. Trees are less numerous. There are small cabins. No agriculture. I feel as if there were hunters. I seem to be a woman. I wonder if the communication with the hereafter was rather good. It is as if we did not have to speak. Two or three persons came down (on Earth) with me. We are interested in plants. They were great ferns. We were drying them in the sun.

PIERRE: Go back up to Primordial Consciousness. What is happening? How did we manifest?

THE LADY: We are as clouds slowing down their flights. We were looking and then we did not have the desire to go further. We, as I was not alone... tall trees, and that was fearsome. We did not touch the earth at once.

A Ray of Light was speaking to us, telling us we had to go. I accepted. I had the feeling of being armoured. Suddenly I was wearing a suit of armour, it was heavy. It was keeping us on the ground. It was a foreign land. This was not our natural element, which was the sky, the act of flying. There was much to discover, which was a game. Laughter was a state of being. I see myself entering the forest. A clearing. It made sense. We decided to settle there.

PIERRE: How did we get thicker?

THE LADY: By descending, little by little. That suit of armour was strong; it was heavy. The more we descended, the heavier we became. Before, we were in the ether. We came down slowly and the suit of armour built itself. We created ourselves. We were afraid because of the environment.

PIERRE: How long did it take?

THE LADY: It took a long time, slower than a falling feather.

PIERRE: In the Consciousness of those days, what was happening?

THE LADY: People were fishermen, happy and mild. Pirogues were used to go to sea, mild weather. They were mild people, calm. A small girl brought me to see a centaur. There were more elsewhere.

PIERRE: Where did these people come from? They were there long before us?

THE LADY: They did not come close to men. They lived in the forest. They were a curiosity for the people. They were not of the same generation but two distinct creations, two very distinctive races. They had fallen to the Earth, and it made them loose their head. They were not conscious, although they had a kind of consciousness. I see the elongated head.

PIERRE: Why did they disappear from the face of the Earth but not from memory?

THE LADY: They could not survive civilization. Could not evolve. A few who were more cunning came out of the forest. I see them on the sand and they were observing how people lived. Some were adopted. I see a woman, rather pretty, maybe a mother, interested in adopting one.

-- Change of subject  --

PIERRE: What are the emotions that you have retained for your allergies to act up?

THE LADY: Black bowler hat. Is that he? It may be him.

PIERRE: Why him?

THE LADY: What I mostly notice is the shortness of his legs. The difficulty of accepting having been so short, well that's how it is. I can't do anything about it. He remained with an intense suffering.

PIERRE: Why the accident?

THE LADY: He felt that he had to do so, so as to help people unhappier than he. He would have become too self-centered. It had to be. There was a past of penance because he had been.... Make amends and at the same time he understands other's pain. This makes him bitter.

PIERRE: Why the bitterness in you?

THE LADY: Because I am not through paying for... (This guy we will not name here).

PIERRE: Still proud my Lady?

THE LADY: My book will pay for the past.

PIERRE: Do you still carry the after effects of the walk back?

THE LADY: What must one do to get to accept it?

PIERRE: Ask the Light

THE LADY: Everything is white. I feel that healing has begun. GLOBAL UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

PIERRE: What step must you take today?

THE LADY: Accept stupidity, because stupidity has its raison d'être. People have a right to be sick, if that is what they need...

After these words, I brought the Lady back to her normal conscious level.

I will now compare what was said in this Regression with what I say about the Creation of the Things, of Man and of Souls.

The Lady does not say exactly what happened to the Things and how they created themselves. She only says that they fell on the Earth and lost their (head) minds, thus losing almost all their spiritual consciousness.

According to my "first" event, angels came to Earth and, thanks to their creative potential, build bodies for themselves, to lose afterwards their abilities and knowledge.

Let us talk about the "third" event, seeing that the second follows the same theme as the first: Angels fell to Earth. These have not completely lost their mind; therefore they could evolve and learn. Let us see what the Lady says about disincarnated souls. Upon one trip to the hereafter, people were there to welcome her, persons she loved, some of who were her father, Jesus and Mary. These persons are her guides. Together they prepare future lives and, apparently, the propositions are so well presented that we accept, even if the mission turns out to be difficult.

Once more there does not seem to be any dichotomy in what the Lady relates and what we have seen so far. As far as hermaphrodites' souls are concerned, they do exist. One was even 'built', in the flesh; but unfortunately the parents did not accept that soul. It remains notwithstanding, that my theory is thus confirmed.

What about the creation of Man?

The Lady said that we are clouds slowing down our speed. Our natural element is the sky, where we can fly and move at will. She adds: "We thickened as we came down (in matter). The lower we came, the heavier we became, the more the armour (the body) built itself'. And she added: "We created ourselves".

All this is very close to my theory.

At last, we arrive at Karma. I cannot give the names that came out during the regression, but the information does not differ from mine. We cannot leave the cycle of incarnations as long as all emotions have not been lived, understood and forgiven. We come on Earth as much for ourselves as for others.

Unaccepted difficulties are born from intense pain that translate, as in the case of that Lady, into allergies that oppress for years, even if we are treated for them. To be rid of them, one must accept life and forgive ones past sins (in former lives).

Accidents happen so that we do not become too proud or self-centered or anything else! We feel bitterness because we are not through paying for past debts. To accept difficulties, one must ask the Light, Consciousness, for necessary help and it is granted at once. "I feel healing has begun", THE LADY said and in a loud voice she added: "GLOBAL UNCONDITIONAL LOVE".

We must find this love and live it.

My theory holds. It allows understanding of the things and events of our respective lives, of individual and collectives karma, of life and death.


Which is the best religion?

Nowadays many serious but worried people ask themselves this question. Before answering, I would like to take a look at the principles taught by the great religions of the World.

First, what is a religion? The term covers many aspects or options. Hans Küng says in Christianity and the World Religions: "Whether we believe in one God or many or we do not believe at all, we all have a religion, even those who claim to be atheists. These will believe in the power of money or in any other material, palpable or of some personal value: that thing or value will be their god.

For others, religion is always a meeting with the divine, whether this meeting is in the spiritual realm or taken as a benevolent or evil power; whether that god is personal (God), impersonal (the Divine) or the ultimate reality as in Heaven or 'nirvana' for Hindus.

We can live the religion of our choice in joy or penitence, in tears or an explosion of life, vitality, enthusiasm and love. Religion usually presents life as a comfortable situation, it guarantees peace in the future and can create bonds in a community".

I will not talk here of theology and still less of the fundamental details of the existence of such and such a religion. I simply want to describe, as clearly as possible, what seems an adequate description of the great religions.

·        "Christianity, born in Judea and first spread in the Orient, was taught by the apostles after the death of Jesus. On the whole, Christianity is born of the teachings of a man who claimed he was Son of God. All through his life he said that he was doing what he was doing because his Father had asked it of him and given him the power. Through this he professed an unshakable faith in One God, benevolent, wanting happiness for man: he also taught his life principles based on sharing, joy, gift of self, forgiveness and love.

He came to show us that we were all brethren and that helping one of ours was helping him to please God. Above all, he came to show us the way to what he calls the resurrection of the dead, and to Assumption. And he proved it was possible by doing it.

·        "Islam was founded by Muhammad, which is Mohammed's Arab name. Prophet Muhammad was born in Mecca in 570. At the age of forty he said the angel Gabriel came to him with the first revelation of the Quran. Spreading the word of Islam, (submission to God's Will) and social and religious reform of the Arab nation based on monotheism and surrender to divine will, he converted numerous disciples and finally had to take refuge in Medina in 622. This emigration indicates the start of the Moslem era (Hijra).

Here is another extract from the book Christianity and the World Religions by Hans Küng, in the chapter "Muhammad and the Quran, Prophecy and Revelation":

·        Like the prophets of Israel, Muhammad based his work not on any office given him by the community (or its authorities) but on a special, personal relationship with God.

·        Like the prophets of Israel, Muhammad was a strong willed character, who saw himself as wholly penetrated by his divine vocation, totally taken up by God's claim on him, exclusively absorbed by his mission.

·        Like the prophets of Israel, Muhammad spoke out amid a religious and social crisis. With his passionate piety and his revolutionary preaching, he stood up against the wealthy ruling class and the tradition of which it was the guardian.

·        Like the prophets of Israel. Muhammad, who usually calls himself a "Warner", wished to be nothing but God's mouthpiece and to proclaim God's word, not his own.

·        Like the prophets of Israel, Muhammad tirelessly glorified the one God, who tolerates no other god before him and who is, at the same time, the kindly Creator and merciful Judge.

·        Like the prophets of Israel, Muhammad insisted upon unconditional obedience, devotion, and "submission" (the literal meaning of "Islam") to this one God. He called for every kind of gratitude toward God and of generosity towards human beings.

·        Like the prophets of Israel, Muhammad linked his monotheism to a humanism, connecting faith in the one God and his judgment to the demand for social justice: Judgment and Redemption, threats against the unjust, who go to hell, and promises to the just, who are gathered into God's Paradise."

Hinduism. This religion has neither church nor universal doctrine. Each person may find in this or that other god, the supreme God he or she needs or believe in. The god or goddess of a person or a group of persons may be the unique God of another group of individuals. It may be sacrilege for one person to kill

animals as sacrifice to the gods; it might be the normal thing elsewhere.

We must realize that Hindus have a number of religions, and that Hinduism is a collection of religions. The ultimate goal of the religions of India is the same: give to each person a viable behaviour structure at all levels of society and give each creature its role, morality, tasks, duties towards every other social creature or regarding religious practice.

After Christianity, Islam and Hinduism, we come to Buddhism. Its dogmas are, in a large part, borrowed from Brahmanism an aspect of Hinduism, but man may escape the cycle of rebirths and attain nirvana through knowledge and kindness to others.

Buddhism, as a historical phenomenon must be seen in perspective with the traditions and religions of India. At first there was the doctrine of souls transmigration and the cycles of existence. Those ideas were tied to the notion of Karma. In truth, Buddha did not invent anything new; he adapted ancient teachings to a personal quest.

After many days of strict discipline, near death, because of his own intransigence, he claimed he had discovered the truth, the way to his own salvation and the road to reach what was then known as the ultimate goal: Nirvana. From what I understand, one of the commandments of Buddha is not to kill. So, sacrifices are prohibited.

The Buddha sees in prayer a necessary social function. When asked what was important to the growth of a community, he would enumerate these precepts: unanimity in the face of village or town's edicts, completion of voted tasks, respect for law and justice, preservation of sacred grounds, private or public, and donation of gifts and offerings. The foundation of Buddhist teaching are formulated in the "Four Noble truths":

·        All is suffering: all forms of existence are by nature full of grief because all the facts and conditions in this World of appearances are transitory. They are subject to the law of continuous change, the inescapable cycle of coming to be and passing away. Only out of ignorance and blindness do we keep searching for something permanent and imperishable in this life, an immortal soul, a Self within us. The Buddha tells us that our existence is nothing but a process, the ongoing emergence and disappearance of elements of existence in a seeming continuum.

·        The origin of suffering is the desire that leads from reincarnation to reincarnation, that finds its joy here and there, the desire for enjoyment, for existence, and for annihilation.

·        This is the truth of the extinction of suffering: it is the complete turning away from desire, the extinguishing, rejecting, and abandoning of desire. This total abandonment of desire is possible only for the person who has recognized that everything, including the pleasant and apparently constant things in this World, is fleeting, subject to suffering, and without a self, and who as a result of this realization can face everything with serenity. The end of desire is the definitive liberation, the undoing of all the foundations of existence, extinction, and nirvana.

·        The fourth rule answers the question of how this Liberation can be obtained. This rule stipulates that personality does not constitute an eternally existing "self" (atman). The remaining steps on the path follow from this one; they relate to the moral conduct of the person seeking liberation and to the correct methods of meditation and concentration. With their help, the illusion of the "self", even in the deeper levels of the psyche, is removed, the greed for existence overcome, and liberation achieved. In this way, the three "harmful" basic causes, or "roots", namely greed, hatred, and delusion, are done away with.

After this quick overview, we have a better idea of the substance of religions. But the question was: What is the best religion?

I am not going to point my finger at any. We might as well talk about the similarities the religions have in common. For me, the best religion is the search for God for, when you find God, you find yourself. And you find yourslef to be ONE with everyone, with God.

How to live spiritually?

Spirituality is everything that concerns our whole being in our daily activities, on the physical, mental and emotional levels.

What are the soul's desires, what are its demands?

The first goal of soul was, thousands of years ago, to experience matter. We have seen how in the first manifestation in my theory, the spirit-angels manifested on Earth many millions of years ago (by falling on the Earth and losing their mind). We saw next how other spirit-angels incorporated ; then more angels, this time all volunteers, came to teach the first souls what they had lost.

Since then, sensitive souls try to learn and understand the state in which they got stuck. Soul questions itself about its' life, searching for answers to satisfy its deep longing. Then, when it finds the answers it applies the knowledge. The more knowledge it gathers, the more Soul is liberated from the tensions of its environment. This makes Man conceive theories that allow for the expression of his convictions; and so, gradually the person discovers his/her spiritual aspirations. In time, Man realizes that there is more to life than what is visible, that he is more, much more than what people around him see him as.

Later, after he has lived many lifetimes Man learns he is from Consciousness and that Consciousness is part of him. Man learns he can "not die", that he is immortal and that he can rejoin with Consciousness.

Then begins the long journey that will bring him back to his first angelic state, to his God, to Creative Consciousness and to finally be able to say again "I AM" YHVH.

This means a great deal of efforts and observations. It means a consciousness that awakens to something other than the dreary routine to which we are used. It implies that we have to watch our thoughts so that, as far as possible, they will be the most positive, all the time. This requires the will to do everything that is given to us as well as we can, for our own good and that of our fellow men. We realize that we are One, and that what I am, the other also is. "I am you and you are me," said one animator during a lesson. We are One. Jesus has said: "What you do to the littlest among you, you do unto me ".

Starting from this principle, the soul-human can discover what s/he is while doing all possible good to others and, by the same token, all possible good to itself. Edgar Cayce said that by healing others we heal ourselves.

How do we live our Spirituality in daily life?

By helping others live their own lives. This seems simple enough, but in real life, it gets a little complicated. It is up to us to uncover our values, mission (and mark my words, we do have a mission), the wishes and desires of our soul and to actualize them, to make them possible and viable. Once we have done all possible research and uncovered our soul's desires and past lives, then we must be constructive and ask ourselves how to spiritualize our actions, thoughts, desires so we can consciously act on these (according to our soul's conscious will).

Living my Spirituality is to abandon myself to Consciousness' (God's) desires, go where my intuition tells me to go, knocking on doors, sometimes, where I do not know anybody and say that God is there, that He knows and that He is sending help.

Living my Spirituality is to open myself to the World, to people; it is giving energy to all who need it. Living my Spirituality is giving, being patient, compassionate, understanding.

Living my Spirituality is being spiritual.


Does hazard exist?

For many people who ignore the goal of their soul, as they ignore Divine Will, hazard exists. Everything is made from hazard, according to these people. We meet a person on the street, whom we have not seen for a long time and we were just thinking about that person and wham, it is hazard. We stop in front of a store and here comes the person who can help us in our work... hazard again! Somebody is thinking about us and phones us right at the moment we wanted to talk to her/him, again hazard. Hazard can take a lot of punishment!

It is like coincidences. Anatole France who, by the way, believed himself to be an atheist, one day wrote: "Coincidence is the name God takes when He does not want to sign His name".

Many years ago, a group of scientists gave a computer a fraction to be divided, 22/7, number we know as Pi: 3.14156.... It was found out that there are called, in mathematical jargon, periods, that they come at regular intervals, thus proving there is no hazard.

Recently (around 1995), a Montreal mathematician succeeded in fooling a lottery machine, a certain number of times, so as to win more often than "his turn". He thus proved that even in games of hazard, there was none.

In dreams, it happens that we meet people we have not seen in years and, upon awakening, we hear about them, or see them, speak to them. This is not the effect of hazard. The soul places us in a situation so that we understand our role vis-à-vis these persons. Thus, everyone appearing on our path has been placed there, at any particular moment, for our personal growth.

When we realize that we are ONE, hazards disappear because we understand the circumstances in which Consciousness places us. Since we are members of the same Consciousness we can almost say that we nave the same family name, God; we evolve towards a larger comprehension of what Humanity is. According to the law of ONE, we are all brothers and sisters, having the same Parent: Consciousness, and we evolve towards an identical goal in the same garden: Earth.

When we dream, it is the soul that places us somewhere to tell us something. It brings, from the past, people we have known. Upon awakening, we must ask ourselves what those people represent to us. If so and so is my father, he may represent my authoritarian side. It does not necessarily mean I will meet my father that day. If I meet with him, my soul will have warned me of an interaction with him.

Soul is immortal, it lives from Consciousness, it knows what is good for us, for itself, and informs us of its intentions. Soul sees the Plan. It foresees moments when we will need some help, it sees situations where people will need us. It fixes things so that we can meet these persons. As all souls of a particular group communicate with one another, there is no physical matter stopping an idea from propagating from one to the other, they know and speak with one another and nothing is done without all concerned being made up to date about what is going to happen.

Inventions for instance. The telephone was invented by A.-G. Bell. In France, at the same time, another researcher discovered the same technique. Is it only hazard? No. Ideas are carried here and there, at the speed of thought. Those who catch up on these conceptions can use them according to their capability.

An authoress whom I know gave the name "Belle de nuit" (Beauty of the night) to her heroine. Please note that the book was not published yet. It was still in the computer of this writer. Some time during the writing appeared on French Canadian TV a series called, or was it its star, 'Belle de nuit". Hazard? No. Consciousness. Thoughts born of Consciousness propagate freely.

Hazard without Consciousness or goal seems to exists for those who know not there is a Plan, know not that souls participate to it actively, for the good of all.

But then you say, why do I live through such unhappiness? Why do so many hitches happen to us in so many difficult situations?

To simplify, I could say the reason is that we have something to learn. But that would be to easy. That is no explanation!

"From the moment when things seem to go better, a new sets of circumstances take place, not to put disorder into our life, but because the old situation must be replaced by a new one, to show us that the nature of material things is perishable. The instability of the material World reinforces the bond between us and the invisible World" [Numerology and the Divine Triangle].

In a given situation, we are living something; all goes well. Suddenly a hitch! What now? Why is this happening to us? What in God's name did we do? As much as we look outside of us for reasons, we don't find any. Must we look inside? How? We certainly can't find what is wrong with us!

Our soul places us in a situation that demands a reaction. How do we get out of it? We must patiently observe what is hurting us, find the emotions pertaining to that precise situation, talk about it if possible, live the emotions. The problem will not be corrected instantly, but the soul will tell us if we are on the good path and, with its help, we will eventually see where we are heading. Only she can really know if we have done our cleaning and she alone can know when to show us the solution.

Often, our past is holding on to us by the skin of our teeth. It manipulates us so as to have us believe that our lived experiences are the only solutions to our present. Our past is in error. It is dead. What we are living today is different, unprecedented, full of promises, and it is not the set backs from the past that should govern our present life and our future existence but the lessons we learned from them.

It is not through pure hazard that I am writing this book and that you, dear reader, are reading it; it is not through holy coincidence that I speak of the past which keeps us from living according to our soul's desires. I write because it is my soul's intention to teach what it knows. In other words, I need to write while you need to read and to learn.

Let us rid ourselves of our negative emotions that still inhabits our being to live God's desires. Thus, we will act according to the Plan established between our soul and our God. Unconscious hazard will disappear to the benefit of Consciousness.


What is Free Will?

We are beings endowed with consciousness... and freedom. We are effectively free to decide where we will go, what we will do and of the way we will react to the situations in our lives. We can use this freedom to gain selfishly. We can also use this freedom to answer the Cosmic and Creative Consciousness' desires.

That is for freedom. But what about Free Will? Are the two not the same?

No. No they are not. The two terms differ. Free will resides in the quality of our reactions. How will we react in the different circumstances that happen to come our way? Will we be positive or not? Will we take the events outside of our control laughing or will we cry out? Will we accuse others of our misgivings or will we assume responsibility?

Free will is there, in the answers we will give to ourselves.

The night before writing this chapter, I dreamt:

"I was in a large hall filled with people, children and their parents. A man was giving a speech. From the first sentence he said, I started to cry. I did not hear what he was saying, except for a few words, sometimes, in between my sobs. My friend Claude came to help me pick up some garbage on the floor. I was still crying without being able to stop. He said: "It is sad isn't it"? I looked at him through my tears and told him: "This is the most beautiful proof of love that has ever been expressed".

Not understanding, he left to tell the speaker what I had just told him. The speaker called on the assistance to say that someone did not agree with him and invited me to give my opinion. He came towards me and so did Claude. I was still crying. Claude got nearer, touched his head to mine and I told him that I did not even remember the first words of that speech. The speaker repeated a few, I looked at him and started to walk the centre aisle, towards the stage, coming up the steps, turning to face the people. I started to talk and that brought up an uproar. I was asked questions in an indescribable rumpus until I used my stentorian voice; then the crowd calmed down somewhat and I could answer one by one, the questions asked.

A woman called me a liar and got up to leave while I was saying that love was the most important thing in the World and that God had given us free will to be used in promoting it (love) and that, from one life to another. The woman left. I saluted her in the military way, clicking my heels as I smiled, almost laughed, because suddenly, I was experiencing an intense joy. Someone on my right, a tall man dressed in white, was smiling at me and telling me to keep on talking, while putting his hand on my shoulder as a sign of protection. Later in the wings that looked more like a lobby with doors and halls on each side, I was seeing people bringing in their children so that I talk to them and heal them. People were preparing for me to teach there a long time".

Strange. The preceding chapter was about Hazard. I wrote it during the day, when the question came. In the evening at the same day, I met a person who mentioned what Anatole France had said: Coincidence is the name God gives Himself when He does not want to sign his name. That fact was a confirmation that Providence puts us into contact with people we may need and/or may help.

The question of free will came up. I did not work at it at once as I usually do with other questions. During the evening, someone mentioned that the consciousness of people had the power to make choices, to decide. During the following night the recounted dream came to me.

We have the possibility to make conscious choices. Free will is part of those choices. We can use it, as we will. We are free to travel, to experiment. Let us go back to Consciousness. S/He who "created" us has one quality that all of us try to experiment, one way or another: Love. Consciousness let us free, for Love's sake. Consciousness loves us so much that S/He allows us to do anything we want.

Let us not mix up this profound gift with indifference, for s/he who is indifferent let us do anything we want without the slightest feeling or emotion. If we fall, no feeling: If we do evil to someone or ourselves, no reaction. Conscience gave us Laws that are all based on Respect and Love. We are free to obey or to disobey these Laws. It we break them however, Consciousness warns us that we will have to suffer the consequences. Action/Reaction or Karma.

Laws regulate the Universe. Planets do not collide with one another. There is order. Chaos is disorder, dispute, and disagreement. In all of this we act freely to our misfortune. But that is not what we are looking for. Happiness is what we want, what our soul tries to show us, to make us want and live.

I want to talk about both aspects of free will. Souls know the price of such freedom: Souls let themselves vanquished by matter, let themselves be manipulated, imprisoned; today, souls pay for their thirst by asking us, as much as we want to listen, to turn ourselves towards true freedom which consists in obeying the Laws.

I wish to address these two aspects of free will. Consciousness had created us free. The human souls know the price of this freedom: Millions have fallen into materiality and are now completely taken by the principles of materialistic thought and behaviour. Today, the human soul, while paying its thirst for freedom, wants to turn itself towards true freedom, which consists in subscribing to Primordial Consciousness' values and wishes.

The human soul chooses, before it is born, the road it will travel. In this, all of us are helped and guided by what I call Higher Instances (Higher Authorities) who obey the Laws of Consciousness. All souls, working with guides, choose the circumstances they will have to live in. They use their free will in accordance with Consciousness and its representatives. That is the first aspect of free will.

The second aspect manifests here on Earth, inside our flesh. At birth, we forget our soul and guides' plans. Along our apprenticeship years, whether we live a long time or not, we are taught that we have free will. We can choose our life. Then start a difficult teaching. We must choose, from the whole range of human experiences, those that will take us where we want to go. But who wants what in us? Who are we? Are we humans? Souls? Who will dictate our journey?

At the beginning, ignoring who he was, man chose to satisfy his instincts, to answer to his needs, to discover what his environment was made of. Then he progressed to higher knowledge, greater freedom of thought, of action. All along his life, man asked it he had choice, in front of circumstances placed on his way, to live what he wanted. He, who would have that everything runs smoothly, always saw his life disturbed by events he had not foreseen. So, he really didn't have a choice! He had, but had also to realize that he was no longer only man, that he was, in truth, a soul, that soul has desires, projects and a will of her own (a will we must make ours).

Man has got to know he is a soul.

He must discover what Consciousness has in store for him and act according to that Will. Only then will he be truly free.

What is free will? It is the obeying of the Cosmic or Consciousness' Laws; and these Laws are made of Love. Free will is the prefect expression of Love. And, when we reach this dimension, we will be able to say, as Jesus said: I AM THAT I AM.

Let us talk about Love.

In a dream I spoke of in the preceding question I said that the speech I had heard was the most beautiful proof of Love that was ever expressed. When I awoke from that dream, I sat on the edge of my bed, silent, unmoving. My companion woke up and I told her I felt like crying. While telling her I started to cry, as in the dream. I told her what I had experienced.

I understood that I had experienced something absolutely marvellous. I had been through a new dimension in my apprenticeship. I had just conquered a stage. I do not believe any longer. I KNOW.

Everything, but absolutely everything that we live, is stamped by Love. We are born of the Consciousness who IS Love. So too are we: Love. We search for what is already inside of us, we want to express and experience this thing called happiness; we look for it outside of us, try to find it in others, sometimes tearing it away from them, try to own, to even make money out of it. But it is within us as we were born with it. We were born because somebody loved. We are educated because somebody loves us and gives us what we need. Those people acted that way because they loved. There is Love in them; they give of it, they share it. And Love grows and expands.

Too often it is said that money rules the World. Nowadays this happens to be too true and yet so sad; but only through false appearances, which are many, we know. Consciousness created us through Love. Through Love, She let us go from where She resides. Through Love She created us free. Through Love She gave us a set of Laws so that we would not get lost. Through Love was created a place where we could experience that gift we are endowed with: Free will. The Love that Consciousness gave us, She asks that we express it in the Garden (Earth) She created so we can come and play in it and understand ourselves.

Everything we live is subject to Love. Do I love my wife, my children, my friends, my home, my house, my car, my work, my strawberries? Do I love what I do? Do I love doing good deeds? Making love? Eating well?

When we wonder about what other people do, we would like (love in French) for them to be happy; when we ask: "How do you do? We would love to hear that all goes well. When we answer such questions, as honestly as possible, we love. When we talk about ourselves and give of our self, we love for, giving of self is an act of love.

In all human activities, there is room for love, even it we do not usually realize it. We are beings born of, living on and expressing Love. It's no use looking for Love outside of us. We are beings who have been made from the finest Love fibbers. We must simply accept this fact. We must know that it is in us, that our soul, which is us was made of divine Love vibrations.

We are One, indivisible, thanks to and through the Love that unites us. This Love is the quintessential expression of what I call Consciousness.

Donna, a World renowned clairvoyant, once replied to my brother who was asking something concerning God. She said: Love is the glue that holds the integrity of the Universe.


What is Christ?

The word "Christ" comes from Greek, and means "Kristos": Anointed by the Lord. The Messiah. In that sense, written with a capital letter. When Christians talk about Christ, they talk about Jesus: It is said of Him that He is the Messiah, the word meaning, "anointed by the Lord". He is the One from whom we expect salvation or deliverance.

However, the "Christ" function does not fit one man only, but applies to any person who seeks to promote the qualities of Love that God placed in us. Every human being, man or woman can develop his/her own Christic qualities. It is enough to believe in our possibilities, to make them grow to attune them to the divine Will.

What did He do, He of Whom it is said, "He is Christ", to deserve that title? From His earliest years, He went about His Father's business. While doing so, He studied the history of the great religions of His time; He travelled; He met "Masters", studied and had discussions with them. All in all, He had an idea of the beliefs of His time and He developed His own theory about Consciousness, the Father and the role of Man on Earth.

Someone asked me how He could go about His Father business if He was to develop, later on, His own theory about Consciousness, the Father and the role of Man on the Earth?

The answer is quite simple. Man is on Earth to acknowledge what his soul already knows and to act upon that knowledge. To do that, we study. So, while being in a man's body, He vanquished the physical and material instincts, and learned to master his thirst for knowledge by learning all he could. He gave his whole life to this Father by Whom he said he had been given everything. During his apprenticeship he learned about the purpose of his destiny and accepted it. Thus, He accepted the deepest desire of his soul that asked him to teach what the Father expected of His children. More over, not only did He teach His knowledge and give His love, He became, by the power of the Father, the representative of Love and of the gift of Self.

Along the years of study and throughout his public life, he assumed his task of being the ultimate teacher. He became what He preached: He developed His Christic qualities. In accepting the part God proposed He personified divine Will and assumed full responsibility for it. He became Christ, the anointed One, and the consecrated of the Lord.

Life is one and goes on. If I see dust, I become dust. If I see God, I become God. That is what Jesus accomplished. He saw God in everything. He believed and knew that His Father was nearer to Him than His own flesh.

Jesus was a man who accepted the role He was to play and played it to the best of His knowledge, until He became the "Christ".

We too can become Christ when the time comes because that quality does not belong to Jesus alone, but to all who desire to know, understand, live and become (or go back to being) children of Light, of Consciousness.


What is the difference between Antichrist and antechrist?

This book was first written in French, and the question seems trivial in English, as there is no "antéchrist" in English. So the question for our English friends should simply be: What is an Antichrist?

The definition is: '"An impostor who, according to Revelation, is to come before the end of the World to try to impose a religion opposed to that of Jesus Christ".

Most people who ask themselves questions about the Antichrist think that the term may apply to some more or less known dictators in man's history. Many think that Hitler was an Antichrist because he put six million Jews to death during the Second World War. Others say that Napoleon also has been an Antichrist because he brought war all over Europe, as far as Egypt and Russia.

Men who do not understand what the Revelation really means write dictionaries and they judge it by what they have learned. Therefore, their definitions encourage fallacies in our understanding. I do not blame them; I only acknowledge their ignorance.

The Antichrist, the impostor, does not exist in any person known or unknown to history. The Antichrist is materialism. This happens when spiritual truths, compassion, the sharing of goods and riches are left aside. The Antichrist is, actually, the pursuit of money for the sake of money, of riches for the sake of riches.

We must be cautious when saying this or that person is an Antichrist. When people talk and say that someone in the politic World is the Antichrist, and when people begin to believe it, the vibrations of the mass of thoughts they send towards the individual creates the monster.


When, because of circumstances presented to us, we forget our spiritual nature, we become the monster, the Antichrist. The person who is spoken of by many people may not please everyone; that does not make him/her a bad person or an Antichrist.

The Antichrist is, in the Revelation, the Dragon, the Beast. It is the evil learning of humans; the refusal of spiritual values, the negative use of our creative potential. It is materialism. It is the use of machines without incorporating love within our tasks.

Therefore, I do not entirely accept the general definition. The Antichrist is not a person we may recognize on the street, who comes from the sky, or is an outsider. The Antichrist is born within each and every one of us when we misuse our spiritual talents and become egotistical, perverse, negative souls; and when within us there is place only for us.


What is the Bible?

Frequently, in these pages I have spoken of the Bible, citing a few excerpts and referring to certain quotes from well-known personages. Now I would like to touch upon my conception of the Bible, tell you what I think of it, what I understand of that enormous book about which so much is spoken.

What is the Bible?

It is a collection made up of seventy-eight selections, subdivided into four parts: The Pentateuch, made up of five books, of which Genesis; the Historical books, including at least twelve books; the Poetic and Sapiential books and the Prophetic books making up the rest of the Bible; including the New Testament and Revelation.

Now that we know that, what the Bible is, what exactly does it say?

Everything in the Bible is about Man’s Conscience. Consciousness that created the Universe, the Earth and all it contains; It gave Man a set of Laws and let him go strolling, learning and becoming conscious of what he is.

The Bible is a half-allegorical, half-historical narrative. However, let us understand that all history is also allegorical. The book was written by men who were more interested in what was going on than in the meaning of what was happening. "The accounts" aim solely and uniquely to ‘teach us psychology and metaphysics or spiritual life so that we may live as we should" (…)

"Allegories and parables are used so that each of us receive and learn according to the degree of our spiritual development. So that the teachings be efficient, those parables must be interpreted in their spiritual sense".

The Genesis for example, shows us the power of God’s creative thought. God has created and made us in His image and His resemblance. We can create our physical, mental and spiritual environment. God created man with power over his body and his circumstances:

1:26: "… be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth and have dominion over the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky and all animals that move on the Earth."

The Bible insists on the fact that man must have mastery over his body and his circumstances. "Produce and multiply": That means growing in knowledge and spiritual power, to open oneself to new ideas.

To open oneself to new ideas is to create them to satisfy our natural curiosity, explore our World, understand it, in truth; and understand our true nature, which is spiritual.

That is what the Bible is all about. All reported adventures of the Bible are depicted to show us what man is capable of, as much in good as in evil. Man may decide for himself what his life will be. If he decides on harmony, he will live with harmony within himself, and it will be manifested outside. If he opts for evil he will have to submit to the consequences.

The Bible can be a bedtime reading book. If we read it with the eyes of the soul, its truths will reveal themselves to us in their true light. But if we read it textually, seeing in the reported facts a true story and not an allegoric one, we shall not understand our responsibility and we will not know it is really about our history as spiritual entities. I repeat: "We don’t have a soul, we are souls."

The Bible teaches us how to regain our divinity and our power as spiritual individuals. The Old Testament shows us the Road travelled to bring us to the threshold of a new transformation that will change our perception of the nature of God and of ourselves.

To explain that, I would like to recall a few passages and one or two stories, at least in part. First, one about Jacob.

Genesis XXVI: I: 26. That child was born while holding on to Esaü his brother, by the ankle; that is why we named him "Jacob". His given name, in Aramaic, means, "who holds on to the heel". In Hebrew, it means: The "Illumination through the unveiling of the soul". Jacob lived and had many adventures.

Genesis XXXII: 32 He dreamed he fought with an "angel of God", and won. The angel told him that because he had resisted, his name would be changed and men would, from then on, call him "Israel."

What really happened during that fight?

During that memorable night, Jacob had an inner fight. He had to choose between human nature and spiritual life. Because Jacob won, the "angel of God" named him "Israel", which in Aramaic, means: "Who hooks on to God".

Jacob’s fight means that, "human nature has been found worthy of retrieving its divinity.

Take the story of Cain and Abel (Genesis IV: 1-3). Abel means, "Idealized soul and human nature"; Cain means, "Body and human materialistic desires". So Cain kills Abel: The lesson to be remembered is a warning: If we are not careful, human nature and materialism may kill our spiritual nature. When the Bible speaks of the Sun, it speaks of Love; the Moon is Faith and the Stars are Knowledge.

Does the Bible talk about reincarnation?

Most people will say "No" because the Catholic Church has forbidden that teaching in the seventh century of our era (at Constantinople under Justinien). The early Christians knew of the concept. It is mentioned in the Bible. I read a few references alluding to it and another in the New Testament. Let us look at two short passages:

First Book of Samuel: II: 6-7: "It is Yahweh who makes us live or die, who sends us down into Gehenna and brings us back up, who loves and rises.

The Bible is about Man and his long trek towards Consciousness.

Who then can go to the level of the dead and come back? Certainly not a corpse! But a soul can.

2- Another passage from the Book says: In front of the doors of the Temple, a beggar was asking for alms. The apostle Peter accompanying Jesus that day asked the Master "if it was the beggar’s fault being poor and blind, or if it was his parents". Jesus answered that it was neither his fault nor that of his parents, but so the glory of God is manifested. Peter’s question presupposed the idea of reincarnation for, how can we be born blind through one’s own fault if we have not lived before? Peter’s question also presupposed that the concept was more or less known for if we reap what we sow; being born blind cannot be our parents’ fault, but ours. God asked Abraham to kill his son. Who is God? Who is the son? God is our spiritual nature, our soul, asking whether we are prepared to sacrifice our illusions and our human desires (our sons). What did Jesus mean when He said: "My Father and I are One"? When we obey our spiritual nature we become wise enough to try to become one with creative powers, with Consciousness, with God.

I could go on and on about what reading the Bible has taught me, but I also want to discuss the other book included in the Bible, the Apocalypse.

This book reveals all the dimensions of man, the way to master oneself, to become "Christ’, to go up to heaven and sit at the right of the Father. We will make an appointment for the next question.


What is Revelation?

Christ, once seated at the right of the Father leaned over the sleeping John to reveal what we think of as the future.

"Revelation of Jesus Christ: God gave it to show his servants what will happen soon; He sent His angel to make it known to His servant John, who bears witness to the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ, all his visions. Happy is he, the reader or the listener of these prophetic words, if he remembers its content for the time is near". (1: 1-3)

Because of the phrase "What will happen soon", men of the cloth and other interpreters of the Bible believe and teach that Revelation was the relation between future times and what must happen to men on Earth. That is not so. Popular thinking is wrong. People in general and exegetes, even the theologians of today are ignoring that the Bible and the book of Revelation are mainly allegorical. They contain images and symbols that mean things and events different than just things that will happen on Earth.

Letters to the Asian Churches. According to Edgar Cayce "Asia" is synonymous of the human body. The Seven Churches represent the seven glands (Endocrine system) or chakras.

Consciousness, from the start, used Its Free Will. It expressed Itself and chose to show the power of thought over matter. It allowed us to use our will too. On Earth, after we became humans, we forgot our true nature. We unknowingly used our will to get away from Consciousness, to live our own lives and to forget our duty. If we want to return to "heaven", we must pair up our will and our free will to become One with the Creative Forces. We will thus fulfil our goal on Earth. When Jesus gave His will to supreme Will in His body, He became his own mother Earth giving birth to a son. By accepting to "die unto Himself", He resurrected to His Spirit. He gave Himself birth. He became Son of Man.

When He said: "Let him who has ears hear", He was urging us to listen to the small inner voice, the voice of Consciousness. Those words also mean to listen to the message contained in what happens to us.

The first four glands (churches) are the four beasts of Revelation. We must conquer these if we are to spiritualse them.

The Ephesus Church: (II: 1-7): The Bull represents all that we adore, the images we create. These are ideas we have accepted as ways of answering or reacting to others. Terrestrial forces control our desires and make up the images and vibrations that we must then endure. To change our environment, we must change our ideas. What we create (the images of our desires) always comes back as karma. Let us understand that ‘to repent’ means to ‘re-think our thoughts and actions’.

The Smyrna Church: (II: 8-il): Man, our choices, and temptations. We are poor because we give life to the images we create. Our choices are poor and we show our poverty of thought when we grant negative thoughts too much power, the power to control us. At the level of this Church we find Satan who can influence man to do evil: (II: 10): "The devil is ready to throw one of yours in prison to tempt you" means that the desire to do evil is only in man.

"Be faithful unto death and I will give you the crown of life... " (II: 10): These words mean the death of our being when we are away from the First Cause. The crown of life is the reward we get after vanquishing the forces of temptation (satanic forces). "The winner has nothing to fear from the second death" (11:10) is a promise to us of becoming the Children of Consciousness.

The Pergamus Church (II: 12-17) [at the level of the solar plexus, which is the level of memory.] Here, we witness the battle of memory facing new challenges and reminds us that if we hold on to our fixed ideas, there cannot be a new Consciousness. Our fixed ideas manipulate us and our instincts. The Lion, the king of beasts, symbolizes our attachment to these ideas.

Jesus speaks about fornication: He says that it is a devious way to accept adultery. Those actions, the one becoming man must hate them.

"Soon I will return, to fight… with the sword of my mouth". (II: 16) means that the Spirit will fight our negative (satanic) thoughts. To hear what the Spirit has to say one has to listen and consciously understand the Creative Forces.

To vanquish is to accept and be responsible.

"To the winner I will give manna… a white stone… carved with a new name". The winner is the one who does the work in him; manna is spiritual food as in spiritual thoughts; a white stone is a new understanding, spiritual, carved with an angelic name which mean that when we do the work of spiritualizing our whole being, we get to remember the name we had in heaven. [The name is not just a name. It is a function. Like Raphael which means "God's Helper" or "God has healed"]

(II: 17) We will vanquish and receive our food (knowledge) and understanding.

The Church of Thyatira: (II: 18-29): Thymus (heart); Eagle; Venus; Evolution.

"Jezebel, that woman" (II: 20). We cease to live a life of freedom when we become slaves to our memory (Jezebel); we become idolatrous in our (ideas) mind. That woman represents our adulterous ideas: We are that woman when we prostitute ideas of divine love and when we choose fornication as a way of life instead of living and expressing the Love God has given us in order to express our own desires. We become "adulterous" when we defile (prostitute) pure energy with our desires.

"Eyes are like a flame": Refers to the zeal and to Jesus’ sense of Justice for His mission. (II: 18)

"Feet as of stone": Purified comprehension.

"She will be thrown on a bed of pain" indicates an unexpected and sudden karma. (II: 22)

"Those children I will hit them with death": Cleanse ourselves of our instinctual memories, those we have got to get rid of. (II: 23)

"Satan’s secrets": Those are the depths to which we sink to satisfy our interests. (II: 24)

"I will give him dominion over nations": Those nations are the cells of our body, our memories that must be spiritualism. That process transforms us into Sons of Man. Only at that price will we be able to conquer and master our memories and impulses. (II: 26)

The Church of Sardis: (III: 1-6): Prayer: Will; Planet: Uranus; Color: Blue.

Uranus represents the psychic nature of man. Ideals join up with Will. Satan can only influence us through our Will.

"I shall come as a thief": When we align our will to that of God, marvellous things happen, things we did not expect. When things happen, let us thank the Lord. Other things will happen unexpectedly. (III: 3)

"A few amongst yours": Means thoughts, habits, ideas such as memories and their positive actions. When our thoughts reach attunment with those of Christic Consciousness, then we will walk with Jesus. (III: 4)

"The victorious will be dressed in white": The aura of those who do the work will be white. (III: 5)

The Church of Philadelphia: (III: 7-13): Pineal gland (epiphysis). Prayer: Name; Planet: Mercury (thought); Color: Indigo (space).

The angel of the Church of Philadelphia is the spirit of Mercury’s planetary force that represents the activity of thought.

"I opened a door in front of you": It is the door to memory, the door to the past. (III: 8)

"I will force those of Satan’s synagogue": Are the ideas, the impulses taht must be dealt with. (III: 9)

"They usurp the quality of the Jews": They are memories and reactions coming to thought and claiming their right to express self. But they lie. Coming from Satan's synagogue, you can not expect else. (III: 9)

"I will force them to come and prostate": The lies must be met. We meet our Self; we harvest what we have sown. We must look ourselves in the eye and accept the responsibility for the lies we have told the Self.

The Church of Laodicea: (III: 14-22): Lord’s Father; Planet: Jupiter; Color:

Violet (patience). Responsibility. Patience is the third dimension of consciousness.

"I know thy works that thou art neither cold nor hot. I would thou be cold or hot. So because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of my mouth": (III: 15) This is a warning on two levels of consciousness: one for the conscious mind (left brain) and one for the unconscious (right brain). The left is seemingly active (hot) and the right is not active (cold). The lament of this spirit (church-gland) is that it would neither be hot or cold. It is not fired with zeal of "for others" as the Christ is. Christ would have all become companions with Him. To become hot is to work in God’s will for us as well as for others. In the Son of Man, all the memories of self are cleansed and only the pure spirit of life, understanding, reaches the mind.

Consciousness and unconsciousness become one: (III: 15). If we anoint our "I’s" (eyes) with the salve (our reactions and habit patterns of response are the "I’S" we have to be identified with) so as to become them, then we may see clearly, then we will turn on the Light within us. (III: 18)


God passes to the Lamb the destiny of the World. "The four beasts" are four destructive forces as in carnal desires that rise within one's self, to destroy.

"A door open in heaven": a doorway to consciousness. (IV: I)

"The first voice as a trumpet" = a vibration.

"I was in the spirit" = deep meditation, vision or lucid dreaming. (IV: 2)

"A throne set in heaven": John was shown the seat of the soul/entity in consciousness. Heaven is within the mind, the place where truth is made manifest.

"The one... on the throne": Consciousness. The feat of knowing the inner self. The throne is in the head where the higher gland centres are centered.

"Twenty-four elders": The twenty-four cranial nerves of the brain related to the five senses. "The elders are clothed in white raiment" = each nerve is covered in white sheets. They are white because they are pure, and free from all ill fated influences.

"Crowns of gold on their head": Gold is a healing force which helps us remember that we are responsible for our actions.

"From the seat of consciousness come the lightning and thundering and the voices": These relate to the acceptance and rejections of our memories or to impulses arising from the body. Nature's and our choices at the mind or pineal level of consciousness (IV: 5)

"Lightning" could have something to do with flashes of insight or extrasensory perceptions, as well as inspiration and thoughts.

"Thundering" could mean new concepts.

"Voices" = voices in the dream state.

"Lamps": Spirits (angels) of God; forces to help us do the Will of God.

"Sea of glass": Our eyes, our vision.

We are "four beasts full of eyes before and behind": Eyes before means 'in consciousness' and eyes behind means 'unconsciously'. Also means 'consciousness of what was past (behind are past experiences and past lives) and of what is to come (before)'. We express our earthly selves both consciously and unconsciously. We evolve toward total consciousness. (IV: 6)

"Each beast has 6 wings each": Wings = influences: Expression of the spirit, idea and purpose (1 set of wings for each expression). (3 expressions: Positive and negative). Each beast has 6 wings in order to fly when it is ready. "Fly": Go to higher levels of consciousness (IV: 8)

"Six" (6) is also the first perfect number. The forces are perfect servants fulfilling each and every request made by us; therefore they deserve the perfect identifying mark signified by the number 6.

The Book with "the seven seals" is the human body with its seven spiritual centres.

The phrase, "out of the right hand of him" means: The guardian of memory is taking all memories that are stored in the unconscious - accessible to consciousness from the right brain - when we stand still and let things be. (V: I)

"Four beasts and twenty-four elders fall down before the Lamb and have harps". All centres recognize the lord of their being and vibrate accordingly. We are lords when we have done the work.

First "strong angel": Guardian of memory or ego when man is not ready to remember. Ego is too strong. Only the Son of Man - when man chooses to do the work - can understand the language of the right hemisphere. (V: 2)

"Golden vials full of odours" = renewing force. The odours are the reminders for and in memory, to return to the source.

Angels in Revelation = Helpful influences; Angels.

"The Lamb has 7 eyes and 7 horns": Jesus has mastered his 7 glands or seals. The 7 horns are 7 vibrations, again, spirit, ideas and purpose of each "gland".

His evolution is complete. 7 eyes and 7 horns = 7 Spirits or Forces of God. V: 5

"The Lamb breaks the seven seals": The opening of the seals is the opening of the memory, the seeing of causes.

"And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say: A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny, and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine". (VI: 6)

Three measures of barley for a penny refers to the weights placed upon the life force as it is tested by time (body), space (thought, mind) and patience (spirit, soul), each is a measure of understanding.

"See thou hurt not the oil and the wine", relates to the spirit and purpose in which we create whatever form we give to life. The wheat relates to the bread offered, while from the barley comes the intoxicant of "for self" or "for others".

"Pale horse, its rider: Death". Activity is from the thymus, seat of love but also of the Self. This seat can be for others or for ones self. In view of our ambivalence between self or others, no color can be attached here for certain, other than when the true spirit of love is allowed to flow to others. The name of its rider is 'Death'. Our desires, imaginings and self-delusions must die. Therefore, its name: Death.

"Hades was following him": That which man does to himself and himself alone, creates a hell for him. He who creates a hellish situation must meet himself in what he has built.

"Black Sun" means the giving away of our own EGO. (VI: 12)

"Moon turning red" means the sacrifice of self is reflected on the moon or "in the imagination". Imagination changes.

"The stars of heaven": Influences of the planetary forces within us. The guiding influences for the ideas and patterns of response we have accepted as being the stars of our consciousness. Heaven: State of consciousness. (VI: 13)

"Every mountain and island was removed out of its place": We have to rearrange our concepts, memories and our ways of responding. Old concepts and memories no longer fit our new state; we have been uprooted. 'Wind' is a new spirit. (VI: 14)

"The heaven departing as a scroll" is the transformation of our thinking.

"The Kings of earth" are our concepts, the ones to whom we give the power to govern us. Similarly are the great men, rich men, chiefs, captains, mighty men, bondsmen and freemen; these are all the types of governing influences we have given power to. (VI: l6)

"The Wrath of the Lamb" is symbolizing Jesus cleansing of the Temple. We all must meet our Self, in mind, in body and in spirit. (VI: l6)

"The sixth seal" refers to the mental activities and memories throughout the body.

'I saw four angels': They are like the physical forces of man's nature. (VII: 1)

"The four corners of the World" are the four centres of interest: hereditary, environment, mental and spiritual. The "angels" are as the forces that would change the direction of the wind (the spirit) whenever it takes a direction that might hinder the operation of the forces on earth and in the sea (water); for they build toward the tree (of life) that becomes our expression. The heredity influences (the wind) are not to hurt (to blow about) the Creative Forces.

"I saw an angel coming up from the Orient": It is the rising of a new consciousness as a force in itself. (VII: 2)

"The seal of the living God" shows that some memories and activities in consciousness are in perfect accord with God, free of our will. Hence they have the right to be sealed in the soul. 'Sealed' means spiritualized. (VII: 3)

"I learned how many had been sealed with the seal: One hundred and forty-four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel" - we saw in a previous chapter that "Israel" is "the one who seeks" -. The twelve tribes are the twelve centres (five physical senses + seven glands) of he who seeks. Twelve thousand children (neurons) multiplied by the twelve sons (centres of interest) equal one hundred and forty-four thousand nervous centres of the human body, centres we must "seal" or spiritualize. Those centres are cellular structures. (VII: 4)

And this is also to consider: a vibration is composed of the 3 elements of spirit, mind (ideas) and purpose. Since Jacob had 12 sons, considered as manifested ideas or influences which relate to other ideas springing from the same source, there is a correlation to the evolutionary forces in this: Time, Space and Patience as measures of understanding moving through the 4 elements: Earth, water, fire and air - hence 3 times 4 = the 12 sons of Jacob.

Their "evolution together" means they influence or move through each other (as ideas) before there can come full understanding. This is shown in the square of 12: 122 = 144. As to the numbers in 144 themselves: The 1 =wholeness, the 4's = cycles of activity through the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual spheres of influences. "0" (zero) is God. It we put these three numbers, I, 4, 0, together, we obtain: 140 or 5 which means: The desire to discover the truth.

"Palms in their hands" refers to the acceptance of a new consciousness. (VII: 9)

"Elders" are shadows of acceptances and rejections that live in our subconscious. They are memories to be spiritualized. (VII: II)

"All before the throne" shows the merging of consciousness and unconsciousness.

"The seventh seal": The recall of memory.

"The sounding of the 7 angels" is as the experiences during physical purification. The 7 angels represent spiritual forces governing the various dimensional planes through which souls pass between incarnations on the earth. The sounding of the seven angels represents the influence of spiritual development during physical purification.

"another angel": The spirit in which we do to one another becomes an angel or a devil according to our intent and purpose. (VIII: 3)

"the angel has a censer, flowers, perfume and fire. The angel fills the censer with fire and throws it on the earth": The images we present before the throne are those we create according to our drives. This shows how our efforts and our images of us are cast into our alchemical furnaces (at the gonad level) for a remolding of our inefficiencies. The fire from heaven is within us. We must purity and transform ourselves. (VIII: 1-6)

"The first Angel sounded": The result of the activity in the body, in the earth forces as we create our desires. At this level we crystallize the forms of our concepts and give them life: Ours. This accounts for the blood and hail mixture. (VIII: I)

"One third of the earth and the trees are burning": Our growth is burned up. We are building the trees of our life. Our burned up temperament is the third part of the vibration concerning our purposes in forming the image raised to awareness.

"All green grass being burned up" refers to the first cause in Genesis wherein the earth grew grass before animals. The angel sounding brings us back to the first of earthly creations, so as to begin again.

The next verses (VIII 8 to 13) refer to the life force principles. The "sea" represents the total unconsciousness of the psyche and relates to what is created and rejected in present life situations.

The "mountain" represents our conflicts and conflicting forces according to our purposes and those held by the angel - the life force, which is mingled with our life, and thus with our blood.

The "creatures" are our imagined ideas. They are in the sea of our unconscious mind.

"A third part of the ships was destroyed": What the ships carried was destroyed or rejected. This can be action born from ideas put into practice.

"A great star" signifies the coming of the influence from without to the influence from within. (VIII: 10)

"One third of the rivers and springs". These rivers are the pathways of the flow of spirit (energy) throughout the body. The fountains are sources in the body from which spring influences which affect memories difficult to digest. (VIII: 10)

"Eagle" = angel = superior spiritual influence warning us to change our selves and telling us of the three superior angels who must also be conquered. VIII: II

"The fifth trumpet" is linked to ideals, will and to the goals we aim at; we shall not really look for physical death, but for the death of our harmful or satanic (negative) instincts. We will want to kill everything that impedes our spiritual growth.

"The Angel of the Abyss": That is our Satan. He will try to lead us into error; it is he we must fight. (IX: 1-12)

"Euphrates River": The kind inner river that calls for the changes that must influence different parts of the body so as to free the emotions and thoughts created by the individual in view of cleaning the paths of the body that Creative Forces take. Change must occur when energetic centres (chakras) open up. (IX: 3)

"The horsemen" are our ideas and dreams: Those of the "I" and the ego; all the self-centered thoughts of the being; the images and the memories of each of our concepts and desires.

"Imminence of final punishment": Another mighty angel: An influence coming to awareness (the conscious mind activity). Consciousness = heaven. (X:1)

"Rainbow upon his head": Literal force or activity in the mind.

"Legs" as columns of fire: Understanding.

"Take the small book": Accept responsibility for our memories and for our past and present actions. (X: 8: II)

"You have to prophecy again before many people and nations and tongues and kings": The memories held by us in the body relating to the body cells which must be spiritualized. The kings and tongues are the ways we react to situations, that which we bow down to, all within us. (X: 11)

"The two witnesses": The Book is the study of the Body, the Mind and the Soul. Once we have eaten the Book, we must come to understand: We may come and drink the Water of Life and be whole in Him. To eat the book is to take responsibility for all we are and did.

"A reed like unto a rod": With what measure ye mete it shall be measure to thee again. Xl:1

"Heaven" is a state of consciousness. The "altar" is a place of self-sacrifice.

The right hemisphere of the brain refers to the "Holy of holies".

"The two witnesses... the two olive trees... the two torches": Those are the two parts of the brain, left and right, the innate and the emotional or the spiritual-mental and the psychological-mental; the subconscious and the super conscious. They are full of our emotions that came from planetary and between-life sojourns in the world of the dead. Xl: 4

"Clothed in sackcloth": Thoughts and actions being the dead and buried past, whether in the earth plane or from between earth lives. Xl: 13

"God of the Earth": Terrestrial forces in the four elements: Earth, water, fire, air = Ego.

"They have power to shut heaven": The bodies of memories, to not remember, or to shut consciousness. XI: 6

"The two witnesses are dead": When we choose not to remember, we are dead to our mental and our divine memory. Our memories are as dead. They can be recalled by thought. We live by the Law but we do not pay attention to the Law. We react in lieu of acting. Xl: I

"Large city, or Sodom or Egypt": They are conditions, circumstances and experiences. Egypt represents liberation from slavery: Sodom and Gomorra. We realize that we have transgressed the Law. "The street on which dead memories lie seems the way of life". XI: 8

"Cadavers kept exposed": To exhibit our dead. Xl: 9

"The residents are celebrating": We are no longer tormented because we don't care what happens. XI: 10

"The witnesses awaken, death is afraid of them". The God in each of us awakens because we want to live. XI:11

"They went up to heaven": The witnesses start to live on spirituality.


I separated the paragraphs about he book and the witnesses for a very specific reason. Although every one can apply Revelation to his/her own life, in every aspect, the passages about the 2 witnesses also apply to 2 very special persons.

Here, I digress from my usual discourse. The Bible and Revelation contain allegorical and historical stories, that is true. But Revelation also contains the deeds of two witnesses actually living on the planet. They witness the spiritual reality of humanity.

The two witnesses are writers. "The two witnesses... the two olive trees... the two torches" are in the process of uniting their brains halves, reason and intuition. They receive, trhrough their dreams, the truths that will be given to the wolrd so that the people know about the spiritual reality of humankind.

"Clothed in sackcloth" (XI). This happened. One of the two witnesses has written a book - The Armoured Key -. This book has traveled the world in sackcloth when it was shipped to Europe. This prophecy has happened.

"They have power to shut heaven". Yes, they do. If the witnesses do not tell what they know, no one will be able to know how the spiritualisation of the human body works nor will they be able to do it.

"The two witnesses will be killed". Well ! Not exactly. They will be in the sense that the Chruch will excommunicate them. Why? Because it will not like at all what the witnesses have to say.

"The witnesses awaken, death is afraid of them". Eventually, the witnesses will be heard and beleived.
Their books will be read and the knowledge accepted.

The twenty-four elders are physical forces.

"The nations" are body/mind cells of memory, which are not spiritualized because they are not yet serving the Son, as are the elders. The body forces must recognize the Son before they can do their portion spiritualizing all the cell memories, the cleansing of the mind/body.

"The temple of God" is the body.

"... the ark of his testament appeared": Refers to how we learn anything.

"The lightning, thundering and voices" are the words of the Creative Forces.

"The earthquake" is the shaking up of all concepts and memories.

"... hail fell abundantly": The crystallization of our ideas and concepts. The words are in the form of hail, which is crystallized water (or spirit) and crystallized spirit is Life manifest.

Let us say something about number 666. John described that number as being that of the "BEAST". No way is it the number of an alleged Satan, outside of us, who would make us do stupid (negative, satanic) things. In reality, it is our number, each and every one of us, big or small.

This number comes down to us from Solomon. During his reign, in a period of one year, he received six hundred and sixty-six golden gifts that he squandered without caring to know where his treasure was going. That number was picked up by John to show us what happens when we misuse our talents.

The "beast" is inside us, when we use our talents to the detriment of society and of those around us, or to project an image taller or bigger than we really are. The symbolic number of the Beast, 666, is showing us someone who uses his talents for self-agrandizement, who is lenient to the self and who glorifies the self. We can say of that person that "his days are numbered", that he is going towards spiritual death, because what is lacking in the person's make-up is God's consciousness.

I sincerely hope this reading will incite you to a deeper search of this book. To better understand it, let everything relate back to the self (you) and you shall see more clearly. Let us not forget that, as is the Bible, the Revelation shows us the way to the work that will take us back to being Children of Consciousness. Also, that everything, every word, is a symbol from dreams. If you know the symbols in dreams and can interpret them, you can interpret theBible correctly.

To remedy things gone awry

Every thing in this World goes awry; how can I remedy the situation?

Everybody says that, everybody asks that question. Listening to the daily news, we are sometimes under the impression that we have an old TV, since it is always repeating the same "old" news. I have been living for over half a century and all I hear are war news, right and left, north and south. I do realize that it is not always the same thing: I note there is an escalation in crimes as in violence done to people and to nations.

We often ask why people can’t make peace amongst themselves. Disciples of a given religious organization fight and take up arms against one another. Members of an army revolt against established authority. Dictators want more power, killing, torturing, blackmailing and threatening their fellow citizens until they get it. – In a word, it is always "me, myself and I", while forgetting peoples’ needs. Do we believe we are more important than our neighbours?

A song by one of our composers, a few years ago, said, "peace starts with we, in my heart". So the first question to ask is: Am I at peace with myself? There are only two possible answers to that question: Yes or no.

If the answer is "no", we will have to work on ourselves. What does that mean? That means that we will have to look ourselves in the eye, examine every last detail, rectify our thoughts, learn to recognize our behaviour in any given situation presenting itself to us; then, we will have to analyze and see if our ways of acting conform to social ethics or God’s, for instance, if we aim to please and become His child again.

After an analysis, we will have to make a stand. Is all that we are living in agreement with our beliefs? Do we want to change? Are we ready to make the necessary efforts?

Again there can be only two answers: Yes or no.

Let’s say our answer is, "yes". Then, the real work begins, for even if our "head" says yes, even if our analyses puts us in direct contact with our inner impulses, it is not necessary that the "beast" in us will let us go. That "beast", the ego as some call it, will not want to change. It will put all sorts of ideas in our head so that we do not start on our study and change. If we do ignore the ego’s injunctions, we may develop physical ills for, when we start cleaning ourselves, all kinds of toxins will come out, annoying us from our former ‘perfect’ life. But, we must persevere; and reach the goal we have set ourselves.

It is also possible that we go through change like a bullet through butter; so much the better! I do not wish anybody to live through the agonies of change. But then again, change makes for a wonderful life with lots of happenings. Often it is the people who opted for change who will be at peace with themselves. These people will join those who said yes to the first question. Together they will express the Light of their being and be able to share their knowledge.

But how can we accomplish this? Prayer is a great help; firstly, to centre in on ourselves, to focus our energy and give it direction. If we pray in groups, the power of each individual’s energy is heightened and has more weight, thus uniting people more firmly. Next, common centres of interest can be formed for people to jointly discover the best way for them, singly or in groups, to spread their energy, and make groups in need profit whether from energy, solutions or food.

Some may laugh at this approach saying, "Come on, prayer never put any bread on the table". This is a big mistake, I say. One must not doubt the power of prayer. Recently, a friend was telling me how she was distressed with the evil recurring on the earth, with violence, stupidity and crimes against Humanity and children. She went to pray, "so that God would do something". Her prayer was heard. She had this vision: "Every time we pray to God, He does something to alleviate misery and a child, somewhere on earth, receives a piece of bread".

Each time we pray, somewhere, something changes. We do not have to know who or what changes. Our work is to change; to pray and be satisfied in knowing that, "Yes, God is at work". When we reach a certain level in consciousness, we naturally transmit a certain type of vibration that is received by people who think as we do. In turn, they send out telepathic messages to those who are in a position to give that piece of bread, to heal that wound, to open one’s arms to someone, to console, to bring some well-being into some one's life and to love.

About Crop Circles

I wish to discuss what scientists call "The Crop Circles Enigma"; those circles made in fields of grain seemingly without the intervention of any outside energy.

In the Introduction of Crop Circle Enigma, Michael Green writes: "The origin of the phenomenon is a marvel in the true sense of the word. This began about [20] years ago in many fields in England. Their origin is a mystery even if the formations show a progression in the designs. It is impossible to resist the impression that these circles show the action of an intelligence. These circles are not ordinary accidents of nature but have serious implications for us all".


I read the book "The Crop Circle Enigma" with great interest, only to find that I knew how and why the circles appeared and continue to baffle scientists.

But first, you should know a little about me. I am a student of Parapsychology. For the past twenty-five years (now more than 30) I studied all kinds of mysteries; and having followed many courses, I have acquired some skills in dealing with strange happenings.

I read the book, only to discover that I have the answers to the questions asked by the scientists. The first thing to strike me was in the Introduction. The circles are not round but have an elliptic shape. Something told me, in my mind, that this shape is due to the earth's rotation.

The second thing was the very appearance of the first circle. Nobody seems to know how or why this occurred, but I have an idea. In order to understand my theory I must go back a long way in time, approximately 16 billion years ago. At that moment, there was...? Nobody knows, or so we generally think. There was a Thing that I call "CONSCIOUSNESS". In It was the Universe and it was no bigger than a pea. That Thing, that Consciousness moved: The Universe came into being. In moving, Consciousness created everything, including beings in Its' own likeness.

These beings have the same Consciousness. They left the center where the Mother/Father lives, to travel and experience their freedom. And they came toward our Earth system, which was prepared eons ago for them to experience materiality.

The beings (or creations) were called different names: Angels, extra-terrestrials, Homo sapiens or humans. Some say they evolved from scratch, others say that Humans descended from the gorilla, some say they were created. Somewhere, all these theories are true. During the time it took the individual consciousnesses (creations) to come to Earth, beings of earthly chemical substance evolved, and other ethereal beings were attracted by the earth's plane, to submit to gravity and wear the suit of physical attributes. This process began to take place 4,5 million years ago. At long last, Man was.

It took Man millions of years to become the Human we know today. In the process Man forgot where he came from, and lost all his extraordinary abilities, except his imagination. It forced him to ask questions about where he came from and where was he going, even though his higher self (Consciousness' likeness) knew the answers. Because of this, Man continued to ask the questions. He developed religions to understand what was going on, and sciences to comprehend his environment. He needed answers.

He kept asking and received. Now, many millions of years later, we have an enigma, or so it seems. As soon as the scientific World finds an answer to the question put by the "crop circle", the mystery changes, and we are left flabbergasted. There is a solution, and I believe I may have the answer. Consciousness has created a problem for us to solve. Consciousness is so creative that It plays with us like a Mother/Father would with their children.

"The circles have multiplied and spread at a rate that in recent years can only be called explosive". (Introduction p. 2)

Consciousness and its multiples (that of Nature itself + that of people's knowledge of the mystery), create, at the unconscious level, at a rapid rate. These Forces are urging us to look for explanations. Because scientific explanations do not satisfy the phenomenon, we must look inward for answers.

"Each of us feels that there is something more momentous than the single hazard to the cultivation of crops is now in question..." (p. 3)

Question: "Why the crop fields?" Because wheat is the basis of our daily nourishment: Bread. This mystery is the "bread" of something deep within us: Our Soul; it (the Soul) needs us to feed it with food of a spiritual nature.

Then I read: "When a hypothesis is put forward, it should be capable of being tested in a scientific manner. A 'hand of God" theory explaining the phenomena as due to the inscrutable purposes of the Almighty is by its very nature irrelevant to science".

I had my doubts about writing to you. But I know my theory is useful, no matter what scientific thought says. My theory does not say the "hand of God" did the trick, but that Consciousness of Nature and of Man, though at the 'unconscious' level, created a way for us to look elsewhere, away from the physical level of things.

"The outcome of"(.) the scientific" process concerning this enigma is a journey on a siding to nowhere. The scientific edifice must rest on facts". (p. 15)

For more than twenty years, no explanation could stand scientific facts and discoveries concerning the crop circles.

In the book it is written: "... but a whirlwind able to 'bounce' three times" (p. 18)

To you, it may seem that I talk nonsense, but an explanation came to me in a flash. As I said at the beginning of this article, Consciousness creates. Just follow me on this. When a Soul is to be born into this World, it visits the new parents. It takes many times to 'incorporate'. It bounces three or four times, lightly touching the mother to be, before it can permanently enter the body-child inside the womb.

Consciousness is teaching us, telling us that everything we live, explore and try to understand, relates to living our lives in It. Consciousness is trying to show us that our being is not of a physical nature, but of a spiritual one. We are not only Humans; we were first born out of Consciousness. Evolving into physical beings we are now on the way to understand that we are made of a higher substance. Consciousness creates from the energy we manipulate according to our physical needs. Our present goal is to travel back to that primordial Consciousness.

"They seem to be increasing a little from year to year, but only to the extent which might be expected from the fact that more people were now looking for them". (p. 21 )

Exactly! The more people become aware, the more they are conscious and interested, and the more circles will be discovered. Consciousness, at the unconscious level, will produce more of them, to alert us of what lies within.

"All the circles found so far were swirled clockwise". Then, you write: "Perhaps "something" read J. Met's article... the wheel began to turn... And acquired a rim... And showed itself capable of anti-clockwise... p. 21

Man is a fool to think he can explain everything solely from the scientific viewpoint, if he denies and subtracts the spiritual aspect of life from his considerations and observations. Consciousness does not play tricks. Consciousness teaches that the mind is the builder (Edgar Cayce). From Pure Energy came the Universe and everything it contains. From Conscious Energy came Man. Man is of Energy. Man, through his thoughts, creates.

Many a researcher, while looking for a specific remedy, found a cure for another illness. At the unconscious level, Man knows things and brings them to the surface and uses them. We are often surprised at Man's ingenuity. Why should we be surprised at Consciousness'?

The twentieth century saw many things come to life, new sciences and new theories about the formation of the universe. We, as human beings, have had to ask questions about our goals our existence our obligations and ourselves. More and more often, science is taking the place ignored by most religions. Science can explain almost anything. Soon, even the human genome with the discovery of the trillion letters forming the DNA sequence will be explicable. Science can explain many things, but not Consciousness and its creations.

Was it not Einstein who said that if God did not exist, we would have to invent Him? God, as Consciousness, exists! But science cannot explain Him because it claims it cannot observe or reproduce Him. We can only observe the Force of His imagination.

Some time ago, A Canadian mathematician (from the province of Quebec) was writing a book proving the existence of God.

"The strong appearance is of something which began to happen in 1980... (p. 26)

Just to verify my theory, I studied the Numerology of this number: 1980 gives (1+9+8+0=18/9): (.) an extremely active person (as in Consciousness) with an unusually vivid imagination. Intense emotions and feelings well up from the subconscious and invade the conscious mind. The circles are, first, thought-forms created at the Unconscious level and manifested on the physical level, in the World of Man.

"We may be dealing with something which has haunted Human consciousness from time immemorial". (p. 26)

Starting with his separation from Consciousness, what is called in the Bible "the fall from Heaven', Man, at the unconscious level, knows where he came from and is trying to find, at the physical level of existence, ways to return home. Circles are a symbol of our unity with Consciousness and Energy.

"How are the circles formed?" (p.28-29)

What Man thinks he knows, he describes: Different reports of the formation of circles mean that different methods are "seen". Consciousness adapts according to what we see and creates different ways to challenge us. James Burke, in a television series called: The day the Universe changed said: "You see what your knowledge tells you to see".

What exactly are we looking for? An answer? 0urselves? What we think, we build. Always. At all levels.

"Some larger conception now seems imperative". (p.30)

Examine mine: Consciousness creates amazing designs from our unconscious thoughts. We must ask ourselves not how they are made, but what does Consciousness want us to see?

CONSCIOUSNESS wants us to see the power WE possess. Power to create wonderful things for humankind. "A development is in train". Yes. We are evolving towards greater Consciousness.

"The traffic between Man and Nature is a two-way process..." (p.34)

Effectively, Consciousness created the Universe and all that is in it. It placed in it others like it and It let them explore, discover, explain. Consciousness must be lived. Science can explain many things. It grows and discovers worlds invisible to the human eye. Consciousness knows that. Science is not a 'religion' that is able to answer everything Consciousness creates, so as to surprise us. Science was born out of a desire to understand our environment and science attempts to discover ways of calibrating invisible worlds. Consciousness created scientific methods, for Consciousness permeates everything, every person, concept and mystery. Everything is within Consciousness.

One day, a circle appeared in a crop field in England. Since then more than 10000 circles (as of the year 2000, there are more than 20 000 designs) baffle the scientific World. One of the conclusions of the book is that an intelligence created these.

The Collective Consciousness (earth energies + those of humans) has chosen to mark the planet to show us a wonder: Ourselves. We, as spiritual beings, are capable of wonderful things. Consciousness asks us now, to look inward for answers instead of always looking outward.

Sadly, the human race is giving up its search for spirituality. In trying to find answers to their questions, people create other means to answer questions about life, evolution, and what they feel and fear. They look outside themselves while trying to find ways of living a better life and an explanation of what they see. We have forgotten that the cause is within us.

The divine Collective Consciousness has decided it is time for arrogant Man to change. Science does not answer every question, partly because science does not want to look at Consciousness and even denies it was born from It. It is time that modern Man knows that "Something" with an extraordinary gift exists within him, a desire and a creative power. Consciousness created a form, a circle. Why a circle? To recapture our sense of unity. As people came to look and read about crop circles, they became aware of these phenomena; the Collective Consciousness created other more complicated forms than the ones before. Consciousness created other designs when more and more people visited and commented.

We are evolving.

I know a way "between magic and mechanism, between the rivals faiths that all is material' and "all is spiritual'" (p. 34)

As I explained throughout these pages, the explanation is through and of Consciousness. We, as spiritual beings, evolved into physicality; we tried every which way we could to understand human and physical nature; now, as "gods in the making"1 we must try to understand our other Nature, the one many have almost forgotten: The spiritual one. Consciousness, within us, tries to make us understand Its Nature and ours. It wants us to grow towards the state we left when we first incarnated or manifested (for a few amongst us). This is what it is all about: Evolution. We were placed on this Earth to understand our true nature, which is spiritual, and to express this side of our being.



For the moment, I am almost done answering questions that claimed special explanations.

I wrote "almost done". After this text, I will be done.

It concerns John Peniel.

Edgar Cayce's reading number 3976-15, 01.19.1934:

"Who shall proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord in him that has been born in the earth in America? Those from that land where there has been the regeneration, not only of the body but the mind and the spirit of men, they shall come and declare that John Peniel is giving to the world the new order of things. Not that these that have been proclaimed have been refused, but that they are made plain in the minds of men, that they may know the truth, the life, the light, will make them free."

Although it is not in italic in the original text, I wrote the word regeneration like this for a specific reason. Those from that land are people from Quebec.

Here are my sources:

Edgar Cayce, who has established the specific migrations of certain people said that the spirit of the Jews in Exodus times found itself into the Greeks about 450 years before Christ, then in Palentine 2000 years ago at the time of Jesus and then again in France during the 1789 French Revolution.

The same spirit, according to a french canadian clairvoyant, is now in the province of Quebec.

Those from that land are from Quebec.

o       Fact: Edgar Cayce said that John and Jacob are both the same spirit.

o       Fact: W.H. Church, in his book "Gods in the making", reports this in the chapter titled: "His name shall be John".

o       Fact: According to Monique Gaudry's dreams analysis and mine, I am John and Jacob.

These facts make me the messenger in question in this reading concerning John Peniel. More than that, as if to prove my point, I appear in people's dreams to tell them things, to teach them. I received many emails to prove this.

Fraternally yours,
Pierre Fortin

For questions e-mail me



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